A book that explains our how we got to our political and economic here and now.

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Mel Scanlan Stahl and I’ve written a book that will help you to understand your political world. If you would like to understand or teach the political ideas underpinning American political choices, Political Catsup with Economy Fries will help you do that.  Many of the political ideas that have affected American politics are ideas that have circled the globe.  It can be interesting to imagine how the same political idea affected the U.S. differently from other nations.  And Political Catsup with Economy Fries makes global connections over time in many nations, examining the political memes that were the underpinnings of political change within the nation state system and some of the financial connections that turned the wheels of the world.

If you would like to understand choices in U.S. finance, Political Catsup with Economy Fries explains how different political groups use money differently but how solvency matters to everyone.  Protecting solvency is often the purpose of financial regulations.  “Financialization” is also defined, its consequences examined, and this analysis will help you understand changes in American business finance over the last thirty years.  It will help you understand political policies that could enhance economic security.

If you want references and non-partisan analysis, Political Catsup with Economy Fries has over 900 endnotes.  Enough references to give you confidence about what you read there.

All text on this blog is copyrighted to Mel Scanlan Stahl.  If you should refer to my blog posts or blog pages please acknowledge me as the source.

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