What you can do.

During psychological operations with media that is meant to confuse instead of inform, turn that bad media off. Don’t let them make you feel like the world has lost its mind. Instead, it’s helpful to concentrate on doing what needs doing instead of trying to figure things out.

At this point, my opinions are based on information that I trust. I used my education in biology to understand what happened during the covid scare. I used my education in fine arts to understand that I can’t really trust media evidence because of deep fakes. I did a lot of reading and then I wrote a book that helped me to understand politics and economics better. It’s for sale at Amazon: Political Catsup with Economy Fries. Buy one if you want to know more about how the U.S. got where we are right now.

I have looked for confirmation for each opinion as I came to form it. I even bought books about social media to understand something about its influence. Instead of feeling constantly uneasy about politics and economics which look like a mess right now, I’m concentrating on hard work that I can do to improve my life. When so much doesn’t make sense to form a narrative that would offer hope that things are getting better and not getting worse, you can do what I did: take hold of your agency and make your own life better. Be kind to yourself and others. Remember to appreciate your life.

I have a garden and enjoy fresh produce. I’m redoing the front landscaping. I cook great meals. I’m reading about history in the world because history can offer glimpses that illuminate today’s issues and problems. I have mostly stopped guessing what will happen next and I work everyday to make my life better by putting effort into making it better. I live in an ordered environment that is clean and organized. That is a blessing. I am grateful to have that.

Have courage. Courage is part of meeting the challenges that we face. When you use your strength physically, you sleep better. No doubt about it.

Say a prayer for the people who suffer and be strong as you face tomorrow.

The Confusions of Empire Are Limitless.

Today I’ll be writing about the confusions of empire. Most Americans never wanted an empire role for the United States and the role of empire is not designed into the U.S. Constitution. The original resilience of the American political experiment was about empowering individuals and limiting the power of the federal government. The Wealth of Nations was written around the same time as the American Revolution, 1776, by Adam Smith, and it described the invisible hand of vibrant commonwealths where people independent of government interference can build robust economies where many people can collaborate in producing what is needed by people in a prosperous nation. Political activism of Revolutionary times was written into the Federalist Papers and if you want to read about what American politicians thought you can grab a copy and read it. They thought governments are a necessary evil that must be limited in power. In the previous post, I wrote about failures to enforce the rule of law in the U.S. These failures show a desire for limitlessness. What limits do you see operating now?

The U.S. was once a nation that had the rule of law, and political and economic accountability. What happened? After WWII, people working in the federal Government expanded their military and operating budgets, adopted the policy of having secret government organizations and grew the bureaucracy. Hitler had used secrecy and propaganda and moved Germany into a powerful position that challenged the world to defend itself. Some U.S. politicians wanted that kind of power. They believed that when banks and government work together to control and direct an economy, that economy can become ever more powerful and can become an engine of power that can dominate all other powers. Congress began to expand its intervention into economic matters. Small changes in government have brought us now into the malign influence of federal government roles never intended by the Founders and not allowed in the U.S. Constitution.

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“Crowding out” where government spending dwarfs all other spending and dominates the flow of money appears to be the Biden Administration’s goal. In the past it was seen as causing bad economic outcomes. What outcomes do we see now? Small businesses expiring. High unemployment. Powerful monopolies in finance, healthcare, education, energy, information, transportation. Trillions of dollars in spending on various boondogle emergencies. A bailout of college debtors. Open borders. Covid spending. Government spending without a budget or any accounting. Military transfers of equipment to other nations without an accounting. Untrustworthy voting methods. Barbed wire around the Capital building. Pay to play politics. The Greenspan put. Corporations and government working together to perform scary experiments on people by threatening to fire those who refuse to participate. All assets have become coveted by the most powerful. More for themselves and less for ordinary Americans is their plan and the world has seen the ruin that comes from these policies before. For a short time these powerful people will be richer and it will seem that nothing can stop them. That’s where we are right now.

The first confusion of empire is the confusion of imagining a world without borders that would allow a person to infinitely expand their own power. Limits are an ordinary part of biological life and human life. I’ve been reading about Roman history and last week I was reading about Antony and Cleopatra. As Roman influence embraced the power of Empire, Antony became confused in his loyalties. He came under the sway of Cleopatra, fathering children with her, abandoning his Roman wife. He imagined that he could be true to his every ambition without any limits. If Rome were an empire, then its capital could be in Egypt. Why not? If Egypt were partnered with Rome, wouldn’t both be bigger and better than ever? Except that other Romans didn’t see it that way. Cleopatra was an enticement only for Antony, not for every Roman. You know how it ended. Both Antony and Cleopatra killed themselves. They couldn’t say no to their ambitions and they preferred death to being humbled by any limits.

Empire aspirations by United States insiders and influencers and investors abroad have led many in industry and government to imagine that they could expand into every global marketplace. Think of all those potential customers! The problem is that not everyone can profit in a system meant only to make investors richer. Global espionage also continues to erode patent protections in developed nations. How many inventions have left one nation and spread outward away from investors? Security problems have also been growing with computer chips being produced abroad. Wouldn’t other nations and industries value a backdoor into American systems? In addition, military sales to increase the potential of wars breaking out all over doesn’t have the same dividend as peacetime. And wartime money laundering isn’t such a great thing either for the United States.

We have the problem now of expensive energy. It is scary to every powerful person. GAAP principles were abandoned in accounting, leading to problems like the collapse of large companies. As we face energy problems in our economy, some think why not abandon fairness in energy? Why can’t the consequences be externalized to the less powerful? Can’t you just tell them that they can’t drive anywhere? Make cars too expensive to afford. Can’t you tax their carbon output and stop them from spending precious expensive and limited resources? Tell them that they can’t spend energy! Carbon tax them out of economic activity. Inflation, inflation, inflation. And change the banking industry to a social credit system: CBDC’s Central Bank Digital Currency. Mark every expense. Total control. The ultimate power. Infinite-ultimate never-ending power for those in the right position. But it won’t solve the problem of expensive energy and it will spread penury. This is what you get when a group tries to live without limits.

Why is living large so very bad? I wonder about that. Human beings evolved in the face of serious challenges to life and limb and within the context of limits. Living without limits disconnects us from the natural world and from normal sanity. An existence where being responsible matters for survival is one that at least makes sense. When a powerful person externalizes consequences to the less powerful, it seems at first that they escape the bad consequences that others suffer. But when you take a closer look, living without sanity and responsibilty doesn’t lead to a good place where people are valued and where they value each other. And people living without consequences for harmful decisions do not live well themselves. Without a budget of sensibility they get lost and can’t help themselves to reform. It’s not a good life. Only an enemy of the United States would choose to operate our nation the way it is being run by the Biden Administration.

Confusions of empire: no rule of law, no loyalty, no markets, no voting fidelity, health experiments without care, no reliable information, insolvent banking, rampant theft, monopoly, limitlessness. Don’t you think that there is a better life with limits than without them?

Drone assasination demonstrates barbarity.

In the previous post, I mentioned failures in the rule of law and the dire consequences that are ensuing because of that. In the United States failures of the rule of law started with undeclared warfare through global policing. The Empire goal of becoming the global police force has led to out-of-control spending and the roll-out of private mercenary armies. Then and concurrently with global policing, came deregulation in communication, energy, finance and transportation and the result of that has been Fake News, unrealistic Green Energy goals and technology, Too-Big-to-Fail Banks and now Inflationary Gas Prices and Restrictions in petroleum powered trucking which we rely upon to ship goods across the nation. After that, voting fidelity was undermined with electronic voting and mail in ballots. After a Fake election in 2020 that installed a Fake President, there was an attack against military training and military discipline with all kinds of Transgender shenanigans, Woke ideology, mandatory vaccinations with an experimental vax that has led to reduced fitness and deaths of military personnel or resignations. The mandatory experimental vax also injured police, firemen and medical workers or drove them out of the workforce. People have started referring to these absurdities and others that happened earlier as Clown World. Assasination by drone without arrest and trial is another change that is part of Clown World.

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When the Obama Administration started doing drone assassinations, I read a criticism of that action by a woman from the Northeast. She said that it was an immoral barbarity to not accuse and try a person in a court of law but instead to simply kill them. I have read others saying that murder is the easiest political recourse but what most of us realize is that it doesn’t make friends or establish trust in politics. In politics, your friends are at least as important as your enemies. Friends are often more important than enemies in politics because they build relationships that can strengthen society’s resources and provide new positive avenues for better options that you might not ever discover without your friend’s help when building a better future. Murder by drone as a political expedient does none of that.

Barricading the White House won’t save our government officials in a Drone Assasination World. In fact, although we hear stories every so often about some crazy person shooting up the White House, the advance of drones will eventually replace any would-be assassin with a simpler political expedient that would perhaps be harder to defend against because drones will eventually be smaller and perhaps deadlier in their payloads. So whenever I hear someone bragging about drone assasination and how politically useful it is, I have to say I disagree that it will work for better political outcomes. It would be better to stop it right now before it gets more deadly as drone technologies advance.

I wonder sometimes if this series of absurdities happening in politics and the economy now is really just a new kind of warfare without widespread infrastructure destruction. Instead of attacking buildings and people directly, nodes of control and communication are attacked. I have to say that destroying people’s better options by destroying the conscientious use of the rule-of-law in a functioning polity seems like a warfare tactic that differs from actions taken during WWI and WWII. I’m sure that these techniques have been used in recent foreign wars but their practice here is new in the United States to most people. I suppose that we have computer technologies, game theory and probably some government organisations to thank for these strategies. I don’t applaud this undermining of social infrastructure. I predict that Clown World won’t end well for anyone.

Impossible futures.

Impossible futures are today’s topic. What is necessary for future events to unfold? The whole world is poised to move onto whatever comes next. What will that be? What ideas and what goals inform our trajectory? Who will lead us and where are we going?

Ever since computers started writing the news, it seems to me that there are fewer human centered ideas in everyday reporting. There are certain views, however, that have now become realizable to a lot of people. A loss of sovereignty in government is one of them.

This notion isn’t all that surprising if you remember reading that the global financial world was buoyed up with US dollars transferred abroad during the Great Recession. That movement of finance has had lingering consequences which are ongoing. With regard to sovereignty, I heard Catherine Austin Fitts say on solari.com that Congress has lost its sovereignty to banks. Could that be true? Is it true that deregulation of banks (which was completed in the US with the final death of Glass Steagall regulations during the Clinton Administration) has now made banks sovereign? Congress is of course supposed to be the sovereign US government body because it writes federal laws. Has Congress lost its sovereign power to the power of money and influence wielded by untethered banks? Maybe it has.

Austin Fitts’s argument that Congress is no longer sovereign goes back to failures to prosecute bank frauds and RICO frauds that happened during the Great Recession. Banks were allowed to get away with massive fraud in real estate loans and in derivative misrepresentations to their clients that caused a failure of liquidity that crashed and destroyed hundreds of banks all across the nation, as well as causing a 30-40% crash in real estate value. Our nation’s prosperity has been declining ever since.

Now of course, many real estate properties are owned and their price elevated and maintained by investors who have moved money into real estate holdings. Investors aren’t living in the homes; they are holding them and supposedly selling them even when the price is unaffordable. That’s probably what is keeping the real estate market from crashing. (American housing is also declining in real value. Many properties are now offered “as is” sometimes with unfinished flooring except for a cement foundation in several rooms and leaking roofs, yet still at a premium price. Investors owning real estate at high prices to elevate and maintain the price isn’t working to maintain the use-value of American homes).

Also, observe that those computer news-making algorithms aren’t very inventive if they had anything to do with naming the Great Recession and the Great Reset: the acronym GR could stand for either or both. The Great Reset has been the reach for global power through covid WHO sponsored plague-law rules (like the ones the Medici’s used to sieze power in 14th century pre-Italy). Covid was engineered in a lab and it was supposed to make way for plague-law hegemonies and the supposedly inevitable sequelae of utopian outcomes for everyday people when their governments would stop being important and Charles Schwab and his acolytes could run the world in a new improved way without pesky laws, or voters or markets. Of course the Great Reset seems now to be an impossible future for many reasons not least of which is the historical importance of voters, markets and rule of law.

Voters, markets and rule of law have been useful influences that have been making sense of the world filled with complexity and billions of people. People are happy when they are safe, sheltered, well fed, healthy, family centered, employed with useful tasks. All of that is enabled with rule of law, markets and voters. No ruling group is able to interpret the complexity of all that is happening in the world without voting which makes sense of what people want politically, markets which makes sense of what people want economically and rule of law which makes sense of what people think of as justice. Deregulation has been a mistake that is now carried even further by the Great Reset which is a colossal disaster that looks more and more like a death cult.

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The Great Reset in a sense has been born from failures to prosecute during the Great Recession, therefore a failure in the Rule of Law generally. I myself have observed that Congress seemed to have lost its soul after it failed to meet the challenges posed by a stolen election season in 2020, but Congressional failure is like other governance failures that have supported globalization profitting economically without any political globalization governance. What was missing during this romantic foray was the rubric of global legal oversight. The whole push for globalization seems to have more in common with criminal desire to get more through whatever means, than it does with governance. Many are now observing that our government looks more like a crime syndicate run by a grifting fake President than it resembles an elected Chief Executive enforcing our nation’s laws. Is it any wonder that so many can now imagine that enemies have been holding the strings of the US Presidency?

Impossible futures have little to offer anyone. What is possible? We can go back to what works: rule of law. We can go back to legitimate voting (paper ballots at election centers). We can pause the globalization project because what has been done started as a romantic goal of uniting the world through trade but now, because of lacking a legal structure, it is only wrecking the world. One thing that we can do to reign in corporate crimes is we can get rid of holding companies and start holding corporations accountable instead of letting them wiggle free into new enterprises to escape reasonable reprisals for reprehensible acts that harm others.

Impossible futures are today’s topic. What is necessary for future events to unfold for a better outcome? We can do what works. Consensus through voting. Rule of law where we respect and apply the law equally. We need rule of law to be applied even to banks and officials in government and large corporations. We need rule of law to apply in civil and criminal court cases involving even ordinary people but without the steep price tag that ordinary people can’t pay.

The whole world is poised to move onto whatever comes next. What will that be? Opportunities that nurture human potential for good would be a step in the right direction. What ideas and what goals inform our trajectory? We are better served by informed consent in healthcare instead of mandatory injections. We are better served by education that enriches people’s potentials and aptitudes and doesn’t indoctrinate. We are better served by regulated and decentralized banking.

If the people behind the Great Reset continue in their project, if governments around the world continue to tolerate usurpers of the rule of law, the vote and the operation of markets, then I suspect that an explosion of violence and death will be inevitable. Unfortunately.

Who will lead us to a better place and what good end can we get to? We need to end secresy in government. The alphabet soup of secret organizations haven’t been answering to a standard that protects human life. Also, organizations like the CDC that have departed from their public service role through regulatory capture and politicization can be shut down. Public private partnerships fail to serve public interests and get taken over by greed. Get government out of regulatory roles that interfere with people’s lives. Hold agencies accountable for harms they are causing and shut them down. Human beings behave better when they are held responsible for harms they cause others and when they have freedom to make good choices for themselves without co-opting the public’s purse to accomplish personal gains. Also, federal interventionism in our economy where the government decides economic winners and losers needs to end. It leads to collectivism that serves an elite cadre that stives for domination that only ends in destruction and death. Vaccine manufacturer’s immunity needs to end.

Copernicus and others have said, “Bad money drives out the good money”. Easy money low interest rate financialization has run its course and it is ending. Investments in the 3-D world are on their way. Malfeasance and malinvestment can end when losses are realized and not ignored or subsidized by our federal government. Losses are real and have to be realized. Good leaders will come back into prominence when the corruption stops paying and criminal networks shut down. You can’t have crime and good leadership at the same time. Lots of good people want to lead the nation. We should restore the rule of law so that they can.

Were the police in Uvalde ordered to stand down?

Is being a team player in American jobs now broadly about abandoning the raison de etre for every job in America? Over the last few years, we have seen doctors during the covid problems prohibited from prescribing inexpensive medicines for a genetically spliced lab designer coronavirus. Doctors also weren’t allowed to see patients during a year long period of the covid problems. We’ve seen teachers required to teach a scam about global warming and also a revisionist history about critical race theory and new grammatical rules regarding transgender pronouns and a curriculum of inappropriately too early sex topics. Now we see police in Uvalde have failed to defend kids being shot by a man who had already engaged with police and who was a known assailant. This is crazy. This is rules being laid down to destroy our nation. This is the misuse of public institutions to harm the public. What does it require of us? What should we do?

It makes sense now to stop trusting public institutions to protect and serve the public. And also it makes sense to stop taxing people to support those failing institutions.

Whatever economic and political problems are hurting us, these problems are causing terrible decisions to be made by people making policies in public institutions. Close them down.

Public schools aren’t serving parents or kids. They are harming them instead. During a past blog post, I said that public schools that don’t protect kids from mass shootings must be closed. I stand by that opinion. Kids have been harmed not only by violence but also by crazy bad curriculum and by harmful vaccines and mask mandates. Kids deserve better.

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We should find new solutions outside the public school system for educating kids. Our schools spend enormous amounts of money without successfully teaching kids. Education in America is so bad that some are saying that the purpose of public schools is to provide jobs for teachers instead of to teach kids. Others suggest that a program of anti-rational indoctrination has now flooded American public schools. If either of those things are true it’s bad enough. But if kids aren’t safe in schools, then close them. Stop funding them and taxing the public for them. It’s time to try something different.

I also think that it’s a good time to close the CDC and the other public health institutions. They have been experiencing conflicts of interest that prohibit good decision making. Close them down. Stop supporting them with public funds. People rely on police and fire support, but lets get rid of the added on SWAT teams and military style add-ons. Who really needs them when they delay direct police action? We don’t need that. Get rid of it.

Doom porn undone by funny.

Are you tired of information warfare steeped in doom. How many negative movies are out there right now? Movies where even the sets are dark. The costumes are dark. Cheerless fiction is a downer.

I bet you remember old cartoons and movies that used to make you laugh. One of my favorite cartoons is Gary Larson’s work, a nerdy juxtaposition between logic and humor. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson is often funny and enjoyable with its reflections on childhood enthusiasms. Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis has some entertaining moments that are relevant for today’s wierder quandaries. How about Groundhog Day, a movie that has influenced so many copycats? Or 50 First Dates? Or Ghost Busters? Do you remember spending more time laughing and less time worrying? I can.

The Riddle Master trilogy was published in 1976 and it was a wonderful fantasy story that I’ve read and enjoyed many times. It was written by Patricia A. McKillip. In that story, there was an ancient on-going war that no one knew about except as history. Suddenly violence began to affect everyday life. Warfare turned out to be something erupting from the long ago past. What appeared to be happening was so puzzling and it didn’t make sense when viewed in the context of recent life. Big change can be puzzling that way. A character in the story was attacked and the attacker spoke a poem as part of his attack:

“Withering your voice, as the roots of your land are withering. Slow your heart’s-blood slow as the dragging waters, the rivers of Hed. Tangling are your thoughts as the yellow vines are tangling, drying, snapping underfoot. Wither the life of you as the late corn is withering…Dry, dust dry, the earth, the earth of you, land ruler lord of the dying. Parching the fields of your body, moaning the wind of your last work across the waste of them, the wasteland of Hed.”

I sometimes feel reminded of that attack in the Riddle Master trilogy when people come out to say in the press that various dooms are nigh. There are so many existential threats due to basic malfeasance that isn’t being addressed. As we face change, it’s helpful to wait and see. Don’t believe negative stories predicting your inevitable doom. It’s better to ignore the doom sayers.

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One of the best things you can do instead of watching or listening to doom-porn is buy books that have been published with old funny comics in them. Buy the ones that you remember liking the most. Buy a book with a collection of your favorite old cartoons or grab some old comedy movies that make you laugh. Doing that will reduce your stress and lighten your information content. Make laughter part of your day.

Memes promise and then persuade.

According to The Lucifer Principle, by Howard Bloom, memes act on the world because they are ideas that persuade people. Memes promise something grand that a lot of people want. Then they act as a uniting force in the context of a specific worldview created by the meme among believers. The meme promises tremendous gains. Even if the meme’s promises can’t be realized, the meme can be successful if it is appealing to enough people…if it can unite them in a common purpose. If you put a meme behind a con, you get a more effective way to con people. Isn’t that what we are seeing today?

I try to keep up with our political and economic changes. Some of these changes are supported by memes that stand behind cons and become part of crimes committed against most Americans. Election fraud in 2020, for example, involved memes of inclusiveness while excluding legal votes and substituting fake ones. Covid guidance promised protection but sold injections that have caused harm instead.

Since 2008, I see a criminal element behind political and economic change in America that is obviously outside the intent of American law’s public protection role. A common strategy in today’s con is to change the law and then implement a different new law that undermines the protections offered under the old law.

We saw that with recent changes in election law and with new covid rules. Closing down small business in America under covid restrictions was only possible by redefining “pandemic” from a serious life threatening disease to any disease that crosses international borders even if it couldn’t make most people sick. It isn’t helpful to define a pandemic in this way and we can see that doing that didn’t serve public health.

Before 2020, healthy people weren’t quarantined during respiratory epidemics. Before 2020, businesses weren’t closed when a flu came. People weren’t sorted into groups of essential vs. non-essential. Public service announcements during the covid scare didn’t serve the public’s interest. Instead the radio, television and internet broadcasts threatened people. Broadcasts threatened that they endagered themselves and others if they didn’t comply with various policies that were later shown to be ill founded. And employers threatened people with job loss if they didn’t get an experimental injection. That injection had significant risks. Some people refused the injection and lost their job. Some got an rna injection and died or became disabled. None of that has been good for the U.S. overall but it did increase market share among some on-line businesses while destroying many independent restaurants and small businesses. It increased misery. It made money for pharmaceutical companies.

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There was a meme that arose during modern liberalism that said that governmental interference with the economy by promoting some businesses was good economics. That interference is called interventionism. Interventionism has intensified and become more violent under neoliberalism. Interventionism is a meme that empowers people in government to pick winners and losers in the economy. Interventionism supports covid restrictions in order to move the U.S. into a new business climate. I’m reading about new strategies where people work from home and take experimental genetic treatments and eat new GMO foods produced in giant greenhouses and laboratory grown meats. None of this was approved by voters. But it is expected to make money for some investors. It is supported by government. It isn’t good economics but instead redistributes opportunities among favored groups.

Interventionism is a meme that justifies interference in the economy. That’s why what succeeded in the previous economy is under attack. Out with the old, in with the new. Your brain is being assaulted by meme after meme that seems to justify the new politic without voters and the new economy without choice. Please look at those memes carefully. You don’t have to believe them.

Deregulation is leading now to totalitarianism.

Remember when people said that deregulation was a good thing? Deregulating the financial industry, for example, was expected to bring about greater efficiencies that would lead to a more profitable financial system. That’s not what has happened.

While people in finance have been able to grow their capital after deregulation, the reason their capital is growing is that they are externalizing capital losses onto the public. Harms to the public aren’t remedied by charging the people who caused them or by letting them go out of business. After the gobal recession of 2008, banks that broke the law weren’t prosecuted. Restrictions that once benefitted the public were removed with the negation of Glass Steagall and the beginning of the Big Bang (London’s opening of global capital flows).

Now huge bubbles have been inflated in the stock market, in real estate and in many other areas of our economy. Directed inflation through the externalized costs of high frequency trading has increased costs piled onto ordinary people, until people are unprotected as financial fraud overwhelms gains and losses continue to accrue onto the public. Monopolies have also increased costs. Malinvestments have led to disasters piled onto disasters as growth in low cost loans has led to reckless investing and huge amounts of debt.

Further monetary policy malfeasance from the Federal Reserve is leading to another form of inflation as the value of the dollar is falling because of overprinting. Also, as the dollar loses global reserve status and the petrodollar fails to be supported by oil trading because other nations are trading oil in their own currencies, the floating dollars in the global economy will come back to the U.S.; this will further crash the dollar’s value.

All of this scenario has been practiced over historical time multiple times and leads to this same result: the grand heist of people’s savings and assets and the failure of the monetary system. Bank robbers extraordinaire embedded in government and finance are planning to take everything for themselves. With new social media tools at the disposal of technocrats, it appears that these criminals are planning on getting away with stealing it all.

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Covid controls are another strategy that was used in the historical past by the Medicis: Plague Laws. Plague Laws can be used just like Covid Restrictions to muzzle resistance to a new criminal syndicate taking over civil governance. It’s all a part of an old play book for total power.

After the 20th century’s giant world wars, a further screw was added to the giant leverage axis of power players and that was totalitarinism using communication by propaganda and school indoctrination. Social media just strengthens this propaganda technique. Deregulation of communication plays into this just like deregulated finance plays into monetary malfeasance.

Deregulation of transportation and energy and reregulation under the Green New Deal furthers a total control agenda. Increasing energy costs are meant to hobble the public and further oppress them in their everyday lives.

Don’t doubt it: deregulation has been harmful. Already you can see people walking around with a sense of hopelessness. Retired people going to the grocery store have less and less money to use to buy what they need. What will happen to them as this giant undermining of assets and money continues? Their grocery store basket keeps shrinking. How will they pay their food and energy costs?

Vax labor blockade.

People don’t want to get an experimental genetic treatment as a condition of employment.

Many sources monitoring the result of vaccination in the people who received at least one shot list more than a million adverse events, thousands of permanent disabilities and thousands of deaths due to the covid vax already.

Even the mechanisms of harm are now known. They have been published and you can find them in journals and online.

Over the long term, many people now dread the ultimate death toll of the covid vax.

Since the covid vax is ineffective at preventing covid infection and many sources now say that it increases the risk of early death for many reasons, there’s no health reason to get vaxed.

The covid vax, much like covid restrictions before it is a labor blockade that serves no purpose. It is banning prudent people from working. It is showing us who the bad guys are.

It is and has been all along a crime against humanity.

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