If All the Seas Were One Sea…

If all the seas were one sea,

What a great sea that would be!

And if all the trees were one tree,

What a great tree that would be!

And if all the axes were one axe,

What a great axe that would be!

And if all the men were one man,

What a great man he would be!

And if the great man took the great axe,

And cut down the great tree,

And let it fall into the great sea,

What a splish splash that would be!

–Mother Goose

Circumventing voters shows how little is on offer to motivate Americans.

For a long time now, Americans have experienced life at a stand still. IT has been reorganizing how banking is done, how people find work, how people get their information. But what does IT offer people that engages their best potential? What does IT give Americans that enables them to achieve, to grow, to excel, to make progress in their own lives? While the economy has been reorganized by IT, opportunity has been shrinking not growing, the middle class has been going away, and many don’t know how to get ahead in this IT run world where no one is accountable to Americans for the declines that they are facing in income and political power. Somehow, computer algorithms have short circuited the accountability of people who are running those algorithms and ruining people’s ability to hold politicians and bankers and corporate operators accountable.

If Sidney Powell is right, IT voting machines have now manipulated election results to change the apparent outcome of the 2020 election. I’ve read arguments on-line that suggest that the Democratic party had no other choice but to manipulate the vote because they couldn’t field a worthwhile candidate that would beat President Trump. And this argument went on to say that the necessity of winning made cheating necessary too. I don’t believe that that’s the kind of necessity, the necessity to win that matters in this election.

The necessity that matters in our republic is for a President to be elected through voters that approve of him or her because in a republic voters elect representatives they feel will represent their interests. That’s the necessity that matters more than winning. No one will have any respect for any other kind of “winner.” The violence that is reflected in this 2020 election fraud is likely to spread and although others say that they fear more future election fraud, that’s not what worries me. I worry about a wholesale loss of legitimacy in our politics that would eventually lead to a breakdown of order.

The ancient political world cared about necessity and reciprocity as forces that shape political outcomes. Necessity includes a normal human lifespan and the ordinary goals that engage people’s energy and agency. Reciprocity is about how violence or kindness are paid back eventually in human societies. A good political plan would avoid thwarting people’s ordinary needs and would treat humankind with respect in the interests of maintaining a respectful society. It seems like game theory has entered into the political gambits of today. But game theory seems to neglect these ordinary kinds of care for necessity and reciprocity. Peril follows this neglect.

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I’m waiting to see what will happen on Wednesday. Will Congress remember the importance of legitimacy in our nation’s 2020 election or will they evade legitimacy in favor of a different political option that offers the promise of an entirely different political outcome than the one that would have been determined by a legitimate vote? We will have to wait to see what happens. I hope Congress will embrace legitimacy and avoid peril.

Redemption or condemnation…

Fake news can resemble real news for a short time. But then it gives itself away as untrue in the flow of reality that always follows. I noticed that Sidney Powell put a lot of authentic documents up on-line during the long holiday weekend. As the days pass those documents that are evidence of fraud in our 2020 election are still ringing true. They aren’t being swept aside as just another fiction the way that fake news gives way to even more fake news. There’s staying power in the real. Real persists and fake fades right out of our memory.

I guess no one can blame voters anymore for bad decisions being made in the legislature or for that matter bad decisions in any elected office. Congress hasn’t been accountable for their bad decisions and we know that because they pretend every day that they just need to generate even more bad laws and bad policies. I have never heard a single Congress member say that a substantial mistake in policy needs to be fixed. For example, none of Congress wants to undo deregulation. Even with its panoply of problems. Voting for legislative packages in the thousands of pages shows all of us that Congress has turned to the dark side or at least turned against good law making. Printing money that will cause inevitable inflation or collapse of the dollar is unsound policy and now we know not to blame ourselves for any part of it.

What about the governors that have closed down American cities and kept them locked down? Why do they believe that voters should continue tolerating this destructive policy? Do they really think that American voters see them in the same light after widespread voting fraud has been revealed?

When our politicians were thought to be elected by voters, they were our own misguided politicians and we gave them the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t look like they all deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore. Since we can’t tell how many Congress members or others earned their offices through an illegal voting process, the whole lot of them are accountable in a more personal way for their bad decisions than they ever were under a fully legal voting system. If a Congress member got into their office and held onto it with fake results generated by illegal voting interference, then the voter surely isn’t to blame. All the blame belongs to the cheater.

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A few years ago, a venerable white haired reporter who had covered the news in Washington D.C. for more than thirty years said that Americans fail to see Congress members in their modern role. He thought that Congress was like the most effective group of lobbyists in the nation. He believed that their modern role was to make deals happen by supporting people who also supported them in return. He saw that all kinds of business opportunities got realized through support in Congress. How simple it would be then for Congress to start making deals with foreign interests as well as with American interests. Under globalization, a Congress member could offer their support to anyone in the world who could return the favor with a little extra something for the Congress member. And look at what a shambles acting that way in Congress has made of the United States, if the Biden family rumors are any indication of what really happens in the swamp.

On the 6th of January, when the Congress meets to look over elector slates, I’ve heard that some members are going to reject the democrat voting elector slates from the battleground states that have evidence of fraud. Seven states have submitted two sets of elector slates, knowing that the alternative slate may be called for. That is the job of Congress, to be a backstop that will end an election fraud and support the will of voters. I applaud the smart Congress members who will fight for free elections that are fair. It’s the only way that Congress can get the benefit of the doubt in our American politics of the future. Whatever the advantages of cheating in secret, those advantages ended when the secret of cheating became widespread public knowledge.

Human beings have an evolutionary history and a political history and they don’t cooperate forever with tyranny. Trust is a valuable thing in our society and losing it can be a really bad outcome for our nation. So I hope that Congress decides to board the Redemption Train that’s pulling into the station on January 6th. Last chance, all aboard!

President Trump should veto the Covid relief bill today.

Instead of passing it, President Trump should veto it because it is against the best interests of the United States. Please veto it, Mr. President. It’s over 5000 pages long and Congress didn’t have time to read it before they passed it onto you. It makes a mockery of our legislative processes. It is a trap by our enemies. Veto, veto, veto, veto, please veto.

And please continue to fight the swamp. Use your intelligence and determination to beat back the collectivists who want to destroy our nation. Use foxy stratagems to defeat the defeatists who want to destroy all that is good about our nation and all of us. Don’t be trapped by logicians that argue you should concede. Ignore them all and use your chutzpah to win despite those who plot your ruin and our ruin.

Continue fighting the usurpers of our Constitution. You are winning even if people say that you will lose. You won’t lose. Just keep up the good fight for the nation that you love.

And Merry Christmas, Mr President.

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This quote from George Washington came from https://www.iceagenow.info/the-plot-to-steal-america-video/

“The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether
Americans are to be freemen or slaves;

whether they are to have any
property they can call their own;

whether their houses and farms are to
be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of
wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them.

The fate of
unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct
of this army.

Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice
of brave resistance, or the most abject submission.

We have, therefore,
to resolve to conquer or die.”

George Washington

Address to the Continental Army before the Battle of Long Island | Tuesday, August 27, 1776

The article that comes before the quote is titled: “The Plot to Steal America, Video” by Robert, published 19 Dec 2020. It’s worth reading. The accompanying video has been disabled but there’s a summary.

ADDENDUM: 23rd Dec 2020: President Trump put his veto on that Covid relief bill. Thanks Mr. President!

Politics isn’t a game for sissies.

What is politics? Politics is who gets what. What has gone wrong with our politics that has led us to despair for our republic? The answer isn’t all that hard to understand. Here are some perspectives that you can use to look at our problems from a useful and strategic angle.

We started as a republic under an ideology called classical liberalism. It is the ideology that believes that political freedom requires economic freedom. Contrast that with today’s neoliberal ideology where the government is constantly interfering with our nation’s economy. The idea that the federal government should pick economic winners and losers is something that would have left the Founding Fathers fuming and warning us not to do that. Look at the results.

Look at all the businesses that governors are mandating closure of. Covid restrictions are attacking all of us for no reason except spitefulness. These governors making up oppressive rules should be recalled right out of office. I’ve read that a signature campaign to get rid of Governor Newsom is well underway.

We have abuse of the monetary and financial systems to the point of national and state insolvency. We have abuse of the legal system, for instance the Covid relief bill that’s over 5000 pages long and no one has time to read it. We have abuse of the military with military bases scattered all over the world and never-ending conflicts in the Middle East. We see expanding abuses of your money (printing beyond real production), your job (closing some businesses), your opportunity (outsourcing jobs or bringing cheaper labor from abroad), your President (phony investigations, groundless impeachment), your right to have your vote counted (cheater voting machines and ballot stuffing), your freedom to choose whether to wear a pointless mask or get a vaccine (when covid isn’t more deadly than other illnesses we have encountered that we never needed oppressive rules to deal with), healthcare mandates (because they want to hurt and humiliate you). Washington D.C. is full of people who want to tell you where to go and what to do even though it’s not supposed to be any of their business.

We have constant mockery these days when we encounter a free press that gives us fake news all the time. We have fearful reports of ordinary illnesses that are blown out of all proportion. Humans have lived with illness for our whole history and the level of real illness with covid isn’t as large or as severe what it’s cracked up to be under PCR testing that produces 90% fake positives. Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake Russia interfering with the election stories. Fake global warming/climate change stories. Fake covid-is-killing-even-more people stories.

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Politicians have too much power over us and it’s time to end it. Deregulation started this kind of politics that is now a ball rolling towards the precipice of infinite capital and infinite stupidity and infinite destruction.

What can be done to fix our nation and put it back together? End deregulation of banking, communications, transportation and energy. Re-regulate. Re-institute Glass Steagall separation of investment and commercial banking. End derivatives trading. Require fair and balanced reporting or remove the license to broadcast. Regulate energy as a public utility. Regulate transportation for commercial ends and not environmental goals. End monopoly medicine and stop advertising medical drugs on the public airwaves. Stop broadcasting public service announcements that are unveiled propaganda–end free public service broadcasting. Rein in over-zealous prosecutors, end plea bargains, reduce sentence lengths for crimes. Make voting audits commonplace and get rid of electronic voting. All of these changes require a Congress that cares about the voter. It requires Congress to retreat from neoliberal deregulation and legislate to restore common-sense government regulation. What if Congress doesn’t care?

Washington D.C. can’t be the center of our politics. Local politics matters more. We the People are supposed to run our own lives. We don’t need Washington or State government to close businesses so that Washington can pass a trillion dollar aid package to prove to us how helpful they can be in Washington D. C. (as they destroy the dollar). People have natural rights. A lot of today’s political mixture is evil and destructive to ordinary people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Congress doesn’t seem to care about America. Whatever promises are being made by the globalists, they’re lies. Enemies have come to occupy positions in our state and federal government and valiant President Trump has been fighting the swamp for four years. Will he prevail in his fight to be recognized as the winner of the election of 2020? I hope so. But I don’t imagine that he alone can save the republic. What’s needed? Our nation needs to address voting fraud. If electronic voting fraud has provided voting insurance keeping bad government elected officials in office, it has hurt us and it needs to end.

More and more people are saying that the swamp can’t be drained. Restoring fidelity in voting is a step towards having a legislature that responds to the voters. Just as Sidney Powell has stated, a full inquiry into election fraud should be made (and possibly an historical inquiry). Changes should be implemented to restore confidence in the ability of citizens to remove bad actors by using their vote. A full revamp of voting methods is needed. Whenever ballots are processed electronically a full audit should be administered every time including statistical methods to suss out fraud (as Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai suggested in an earlier post). Records of the vote should be kept for 2 years as required by law. Paper ballots might be best.

Broken simulacrum.

More people all the time believe that Joe Biden’s election numbers were cheated and that President Trump won the election. I hear and read a lot of on-line chatter and hear a lot of radio chatter about how there isn’t really proof of a stolen election because the proof isn’t perfect enough. But evidence is already substantial enough to convince most of us despite the deleted logs in the Michigan Dominion machines. The question is what will happen now.

The make-believe world where Americans lose more of their freedoms when Joe Biden is inaugurated is one that most people don’t want any part of.

President Trump isn’t a perfect candidate. He’s not trying to convince anyone that he is perfect. Instead he has shown us again and again that he is fighting for Americans against the globalists. The globalists offer Americans gradual decline but President Donald Trump offers us what we’ve always wanted…a Great Nation under God.

What differentiates President Trump from most of Washington’s politicians is that he tries to follow-through on whatever he can that he has promised Americans that he will do. Some are mad because he didn’t meet every goal that he talked about during the campaign running up to 2016. But running politics isn’t like writing a screenplay. It isn’t so easy these days to get something done in Washington D.C.

President Trump cares about your vote while Joe Biden said in an on-line video I saw that he didn’t care about your vote because he has had a fraud team in place to take care of the election. And many are fighting now trying to stop the steal. Will we succeed?

We have all watched President Trump battle on in Washington for four years. He deserves another term as has been validated by the vote even though others have tried to cheat him out of it. He deserves another four years and they deserve a jail cell.

I know there is an illusion from massive voting fraud that America is split down the middle in a close election. But there are so many holes in that illusion that it has mostly frayed away. We can see right through it and we know that Joe Biden doesn’t have half of the nation standing up for him. Instead, the United States went for another President Trump term.

I’ve been reading a book published in 1997, titled, Imagined Worlds, by Freeman Dyson, the famous scientist. He recently died only just this year and lived into his late nineties. He said that when Hitler invited Churchill to make peace after France was invaded, Churchill said, “What kind of people do they think we are?” I’ve been thinking the same thing.

When Americans see the amount of fraud in our 2020 election and some of us collect an enormous amount of evidence to fight against the fraud, we aren’t giving up no matter what Mitch McConnell says. Do globalists think that our nation can just go back to what it was before we knew that our voting systems are completely untrustworthy? Just what kind of people do the globalists think we are?

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The list of those fighting 2020 election fraud is growing.

Seven members of the Security Operations Group in Michigan

William Bailey, citizen fighting in Michigan

Rudi Juliani, attorney fighting in Michigan and elsewhere

Sidney Powell, attorney fighting in Georgia and elsewhere with cases pending in Supreme Court

Matthew DePerno, attorney fighting in Michigan

General Michael Flynn, still fighting after his Pardon of Innocence

Lin Wood, attorney fighting in Georgia

Jenna Ellis, constitutional attorney, author

John Ratcliff (?) Director of National Intelligence, report on foreign interference in 2020 election due 18 Dec; he failed to issue the report, saying that other agencies weren’t ready because of new information.

Ken Paxton, attorney Texas, part of Texas Lawsuit with support from 17 other states

Judge Kevin A. Eisenheimer Michigan 13th Circuit Court Judge

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator-elect Tommy Tubberville, Representative Mo Brooks Representative Paul Gosar, Representative Lance Gooden, Representative Bob Gibbs, Representative David Rouzer, Representative Brian Babin, Representative Ted Budd, Representative Ralph Norman, Representative Andy Biggs, Representative Jody Hice, Representative Jeff Duncan, Representative Greg Steube, Representative Mike Garcia, Representative Scott DesJarlais, Representative Randy Weber, Representative Mike Kelly, Representative Mike Rogers, Representative Louie Gohmert; (According to the National File, as of 16 Dec, these members of Congress have indicated an interest in signing a letter calling for election integrity hearings to investigate 2020 election fraud.”

Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona GOP Chair

Lauren Witzke, previous candidate for Delaware Senate

Jerome Bell, candidate for Second Senate Seat Virginia

Patrick Colbeck, engineer and former Michigan State Senator, and Poll Watcher: he has signed an affadavit that states that Michigan voting systems in Wayne County Detroit were connected to the internet

There are more people fighting 2020 election fraud and I will try to add them as I find them.

There’s a world of difference between an authentic vote tally and a fake one. The vote has repercussions for all Americans.

I expect this list of defenders and fighters to grow now that Dominion Machines in Michigan were found to have produced 68% errors. 68.05 % of ballots were sent for adjudication even though that number of ballots certainly would not require adjudication. During adjudication, the ballots can be altered. The report came out yesterday morning. It concludes that Dominion machine errors invalidate the certification of the 2020 election in Antrim Michigan.

That means that Michigan Democrat electors may not be valid if they are based on the bad tally. An alternate set of Republican electors are already waiting in the wings in seven states to cast their votes if the Democrat electors are cast out. The states that are sending two slates of electors to Congress are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

On Friday the 18th, the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe may have more to contribute. Under the 13848 Executive Order that President Trump passed in 2018, he is required to submit a report evaluating foreign election interference 45 days after the election. We are eagerly awaiting the report to find out if the 2020 election was affected by foreign influences that may have precipitated fraud.

Meanwhile, Sidney Powell is still fighting by filing four cases with the Supreme Court. Some have said that the Supreme Court isn’t the best venue because Justices there aren’t elected. But in the context of on-going election frauds involving voting machine ballot processing that alters vote totals, perhaps over many years, it may be that the Supremes are a better choice right now than the legislature. In election fraud cases, courts do offer remedy from time to time. Come on Supremes, let me see you come up to the plate and bat. Hear the evidence with your own ears.

According to 100percentfedup.com, in Clark County Nevada a similar number of ballot scanning errors, (about 70 %) was found. About 70% of ballots in Nevada were sent for adjudication where they can be altered. Once again there certainly weren’t truly a total of 70% invalid ballots. Similar fraud in Clark County Nevada Dominion machines has been observed as what was seen in Antrim Michigan. I expect this information and more election fraud information to snowball even though the mainsteam media is neglecting to cover it.

ADDENDUM 17 Dec 2020: There’s an online thread reporting that Sidney Powell’s Michigan lawsuit has made it onto the Supreme Court docket. I haven’t heard a date yet, but hopefully there will be more information soon.

Waiting for the Dominion evidence.

I’ve been waiting. I’m waiting for the Dominion machine fraud evidence to become public knowledge. Will it? I’ve been hearing that the evidence has been collected but is being withheld. It’s easy to imagine why.

There are a lot of people who would suffer harm to their reputation as elected officials if it could be proven that their office was awarded based on a fee they paid to a company that would fix the vote and guarantee a win. When I think of that, I imagine that this could be the outcome of true globalism. Instead of authentic representation, offices would be awarded on a cash and bargain basis to global interests.

What kind of world would that mean for all of us Americans and would it look like what we see now?

If you look back at the time before electronic voting, it’s probably true that most Americans respected elected officials in the legislature or some other elected office more than they do now. The voting public had a relationship with elected politicians based on the knowledge that votes got elected officials into office and would either keep them or remove them from that office. That kept channels of communication open because elected officials needed to know what the electorate needed from them. How could they do a good job representing the home constituency? There was energy flow of information and intention between the electorate and the candidates that won an office.

I think that it feels different today. I feel that there’s a sort of panic to discover what people want from legislators today. There are myriad surveys. There are townhall meetings. There are polls. But these words that we say about what we want (among those of us willing to be interviewed) are only rhetoric and we know that what we say doesn’t affect outcomes or intentions or plans in Washington D.C. We all know that whatever we want, it won’t make a difference to what happens in Washington D.C. because federal government has become concerned with global and not local goals. Overspending for local favors might happen but not a real plan where local economic health really matters.

Global opportunities instead of opportunities in the United States occupy the most time and attention of our legislators. And though I have read many times that legislators are busy meeting with lobbyists and others to insure their reelection, I’m not so sure they do that with the idea of being re-elected. At least some may be pursuing new opportunities for themselves on a global stage. I’m amazed when I hear that they don’t even read the legislation that they sign but I’m guessing that they don’t have to read or do anything for me and you if their election has already been purchased. Maybe many of them aren’t busy working for me and you at all.

If the voting machines have been fixing vote outcomes, it would be much easier to pursue global goals even when those goals harm Americans. All kinds of harmful policies could come into consideration. And that would make a lot of global deals less risky to politicians setting global policies. It would open up new avenues of deal making in foreign nations, as we hear has been happening in the Biden family. But we’d heard of that in the Clinton family and probably in a lot of other political families and political groups. A legislator could pursue any gain without having to worry about getting voted out of office if electronic voting insured re-election.

Not that long ago I read about an experiment to guess the number of marbles in a jar. You might have heard about it. If you collect a whole lot of guesses from a lot of people and take their average you’ll get close to the right answer for the number of marbles. Even when some guesses are way out of range. A large group’s average guess is often better than one person’s guess. And that’s why one politician’s gamut based on his or her opinion or avarice or crazy political goal isn’t as good as hearing from a lot of constituents about what they want and then making a political guess about what to do to benefit more people. And caring about the home constituency may be exactly what hasn’t been happening if voting machines have been altering the vote totals in elections.

Maybe. We’re waiting for evidence.

When I look at the public’s fondness for President Trump, it’s kind of amazing. There’s been years of press attacks and fake reports. Even an impeachment effort. There’s a site called welovetrump.com. I bet there’s no welovepelosi.com or weloveschiff.com. When I compare people’s response to President Trump with the lack of love garnered by other politicians, I think that many politicians must feel empty inside to know that no one loves them. This is what our other politicians have been missing out on.

I’ve heard that Trump won his first election by targeting his efforts and campaigning harder in the states that he needed to win. It had been a long time since Americans had seen this kind of effort. And this year of 2020 saw an indefatigable President Trump campaining like crazy. President Trump was trying to win the vote and he apparently did win an amazing number of votes from Americans. His vote total was so high that the Biden campaign cheated in every way to phony up their vote totals and defeat the true champion. But there’s a world of difference between real votes and fake votes. Trump’s votes were from real Americans. A lot of Biden’s votes were from fake ballots… gathered from cheaters for a cheater who isn’t for America at all and from algorithms that don’t even have a beating heart.

If our electronic voting machines have been fixing our elections over the last 10 or 20 years, it would explain why no one gives love or even respect to politicians anymore. It would explain how Congress continues with many of the same people at 3% approval ratings. It would explain the heavy handed covid nonsense. It would explain the politics of the cold shoulder and un-Americanisms. And if electronic voting machines have been fixing election outcomes which have become progressively more independent of voter choices, that would be unethical. That would be immoral and unjust. And that’s another reason why it maybe feels bad for politicians to do that and to live with it. It is a really bad thing to do. What if cheating in elections is how most elections are won in America all the time?

I’m waiting for the Dominion evidence. I hope that it comes soon because while I wait, I’m wondering about what it might be. I’m looking for signs of what cheating has already meant for America.

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ADDENDUM: 14 Dec 2020: Some forensic results from Antrim County have been publicly reported. A Michigan judge ordered release of the information at 8:30 this morning, that was previously gathered by IT pros and blocked from release by the state’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel. The evidence shows that the Dominion machines were programmed to create errors. Dominion voting machines in Antrim County MI show an error rate thousands of times the allowed error margin. The actual rate of error is 68.5%. This large error margin wasn’t the result of human error but instead was deliberately programmed in. According to IT forensic analysis, Dominion machines can’t relate an accurate count and the votes tabulated by them can’t be certified.

Dismay at Supreme’s decision to deny standing to Texas election lawsuit.

The Supreme Court, much like many other courts across the nation, today refused to hear the merits of the Texas lawsuit. Other lawsuits also have been refused in our nation’s lower courts without evidence and not on their merits. The harmful consequences of fraud committed against the nation’s electorate based on improper election vote procedures will not be heard in the Supreme Court nor apparently in any other lower court in the land. How can this be?

Perhaps part of the answer lies in President Trump’s strategy to have isssues surrounding election fraud be heard by the Supreme Court. Rudi Juliani didn’t allege fraud. Instead he tried to get his cases addressed on the basis of recent inappropriate changes to election procedure and 14th Amendment equal protection concerns stemming from inconsistent county to county election procedures. This strategy of attacking the fraud indirectly through procedures was expected to demand less from the courts because the court wouldn’t have to rule directly upon the direct evidence of fraud. Was an opportunity missed by not alleging fraud early in these cases? Maybe. But the courts don’t seem to be disposed to rule on inappropriate election procedures.

Will they be willing to address fraud if that is charged directly? I wonder if that strategy could succeed.

What’s left? I’ve heard witness testimony on-line of fraud and I’ve become convinced that fraud happened in the 2020 election. I believe that a court should hear this evidence of crime. More than half the nation believes that fraud happened during the 2020 election. I’ve read computer expert’s affadavits on-line saying that there was fraud in the Dominion voting machine tally. I’ve read that foreign nations influenced our 2020 election vote counts through nodes in the Dominion machines. I’ve heard from witnesses about USB drives that were used to alter vote counting algorithms illegally. I’ve read about illegal modems and illegal routers that connected Dominion machines to the internet illegally. How can these legitimate concerns and multiple kinds of damning evidence of fraud continue to be ignored?

Is a different strategy still available and where should this fraud evidence be addressed? Can the Trump team more aggressively attack frauds by a series of direct accusations of fraud in a court of law?

We know the judicial system hasn’t helped us so far to get faulty election procedures addressed. And it would be proper to address election fraud as a crime. But if a state’s Attorney General won’t address state fraud, how can it be rectified?

If states won’t prosecute fraud, can it be addressed in military courts when it involves foreign interference in U.S. election infrastructure? Election infrastructure has been classified as critical to national security. Perhaps the military will address foreign election interference.

Where can Americans turn to right this wrong?

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ADDENDUM: 12 Dec 2020: According to the National File, Sidney Powell has filed four more cases with the Supreme Court in which her plaintiffs have standing. These cases involve four state elections in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin. She continues to fight the fraudulent election votes tallied by Dominion voting machines in algorithm directed error.

Election fog.

Today, the election fog was thick.

Many sources continue to claim there is no evidence of fraud despite several legal affidavits which describe particular instances of fraud. They are a form of evidence. When a video surfaced in Georgia showing ballot stuffing, it was purported to have been debunked and then the debunker was debunked. Is that video now bunk or not bunk…probably not bunk. Were there any arrests for that ballot stuffing?

In spite of Dominion machines failing to pass tests measuring fidelity, Georgia officials continue to pursue election certification. Where is the FBI and why aren’t they arresting anyone for the federal crime of defrauding an election? I hear of Dominion machine findings that show algorithms at work cheating the election yet I don’t hear about any arrests. Why are there no arrests of the people in charge of certifying the machines? Dominion failed to attend a fact finding trial in Pennsylvania. Are the owners of Dominion under arrest?

Judges and lawyers continue to squabble about legal details. Widespread reports are making fun of various actors in this harlequin election dance. We seem to be moving away from real issues and true information. Jesters get your hats in order, put bells on your shoes because there’s no sign of sanity in the narrative. There’s no orderliness in the legal processes and there many not be any time soon.

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ADDENDUM: 08 Dec 2020: The Supreme Court has primary jurisdiction when one state sues one or more other states. In the nick of time, Texas has just filed suit against Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan and subsequently, Louisiana joined in that suit. Their suit is based on the idea that election frauds in other states damage the votes of Texans and Louisianans. There are two parts of the suits and both argue that the four Battleground states listed in the suit performed voting that was unconstitutional. The first part is the accusation that improper voting procedures outside the state legislature’s requirements were instituted as prompted by the executive or judicial in those Battleground states when the legislature has the only valid standing to change election procedures. That makes the new procedures invalid according to the suit. The other part of the suit is a 14th Amendment Equal Protection argument that says that procedures must be consistent in each county but during the 2020 election, different standards of care were implemented in some counties as compared to others over issues such as signature verification and absentee ballot processing. The Supremes have agreed to take arguments for the lawsuit into consideration. So now election wrangling has another avenue of exploration which may lead eventually to some sort of repair for reported election frauds. Hopefully the Supremes will accomplish it without too many more jester hats and bells from the media.

ADDENDUM: 10 Dec 2020, right now there are 17 states that have joined in the Texas lawsuit. For now, the defendant states have been told to submit their replies to the lawsuit by Thursday afternoon. What will be the outcome? We all shall soon know. Meanwhile, the results of Dominion voting machine forensic investigations are still pending and we all await their announcement which could come at any time. Will these efforts help us to have more honest elections in the future? Will they resolve the election troubles of 2020? I hope so.

ADDENDUM: 11 Dec; the Supreme Court decided that the Texas lawsuit didn’t have standing to be heard. A lot of evidence has yet to make a court appearance because no court has yet heard evidence of fraud and all of the court cases to date have been rejected not on the merits of the cases but rather on issues only of standing. Will a more aggressive lawsuit that directly addresses fraud be more successful? Perhaps that will be the next step. Perhaps also, state legislatures will intervene because issues of fraud are becoming known by the public more widely.