Bad behavioral genes and failures of rule of law governance threaten all.

Hello All. This posting uses science as part of an analogy that describes today’s politics. It isn’t very technical and if you will read all the way to the end, it may reach out to you and explain where we are in a new way. Hang in there everyone.

I once worked in the field of cytogenetics looking for cancerous cells in bone marrow and describing changes in cancer cell chromosomes. Some of those changes could indicate specific stages of cancer progression and identifying those changes could sometimes help a doctor to tailor a treatment and a prognosis plan. At least that is why we would go to the trouble of describing the changes. We were hoping to help the doctor to help the cancer patient.

One of my collegues observed once that genes exist without an ethical envelope. He said that a gene just wants to express itself. People suffering from cancer hope that their body can fight against the cancer. We have cancer suppressor genes that help prevent cancer unless they are damaged. Our immune system can stop cancers from growing by recognizing them and killing them before they get out of control. We wish that people’s good genes could always stop cancer. However, sometimes a great number of mutations in a cell can make cancer unstoppable. The mutations help the cell grow without restraint. An impairment of the immune system can also allow a cancer cell to grow. Cancer that grows and spreads can be the result. Death comes from cancer because out of control cancer cell growth ruins the living systems that keep a person alive.

I’ve also heard the saying, “Crime that pays is crime that stays.” We use rule of law to discourage the unrestrained growth of crime. Crime can be like a cancer that eats out the heart of society.

Among humans, behavioral genes are not well understood. But most of us realize that restraining humanity’s worst impulses is important for people to live together. The criminal mindset is “I want what you’ve got and I want it now.” We have rule of law to prevent people from harming each other by providing a penalty system that applies equally to everybody. When a criminal gains an advantage by hurting others, they are punished and stoppped.

Deregulation that got going during the Clinton administration has now allowed unrestrained abuses of society in banking, transportation, communication and energy. There are bankers guilty of fraud in the 2008 recession that have never been arrested and prosecuted. They got around prosecution by contributing to the political machinery of Washington D.C.

The Nordstream pipeline was destroyed back in September. The Biden Administration, according to Seymour Hersch, is guilty of having ordered and executed the destruction of the Nordstream Pipeline, a provocation that could cause WWIII. I don’t know if the Biden Administration ordered the destruction. I only know that Biden threatened to destroy the pipeline. Whoever destroyed the pipeline, Nordstream’s demise has raised the price of petroleum products everywhere. Nordstream destruction assaulted the transportation and energy system all in one fell swoop. How do we stop such power to destroy when rule of law restraint is clearly failing? What is noticeable is the lack of credible investigation and the lack of credible follow-through in the courts. The Biden Administration denies its involvement in Nordstream’s destruction.

Assaults on our communication system include the FBI’s Twitter news suppression campaign and Bills now being drafted in certain state governments (my home state of Washington included) that are trying to curtail American First Amendment rights to write or speak otherwise than the published curated narrative which ignores reality in favor of continuing a criminal spree. The Covid narrative apologists don’t want to be prosecuted for fraud, so they want to say every narrative but theirs is a false one. Thousands of ongoing deaths is the result.

Right now some of our worst behavioral genes that code for selfish behavior are running amok. We don’t usually think of our behavioral genes running amok but without rule of law, there’s no ethical envelope to stop crimes from happening. Rule of law is the immune system of society and without it corruption grows like a cancer.

Human beings like to keep whatever advantages that they currently possess. But the advantages that some groups enjoyed under financialization, where they used money to make more money, are coming to an end. Those were superlative advantages, no-chance-to-lose opportunities. Priviledged groups don’t want to lose those advantages. There’s a behavioral gene set for that.

For years, financialization made it easy for insiders in government, banking and industry to make enormous quantities of capital. They borrowed money, bet it in a stock market and externalized their losses with the Greenspan Put. These insiders also made other risky investments using capital that they borrowed with no or low interest loans. They would just refinance their loan with more low interest loans. No one who benefited wants the financialization game to stop. Wealthy advantaged insiders have raided the value of American companies, used monopoly pricing to bid up the price of housing, healthcare, education, transportation, etc. Powerful insiders that have damaged our economy want to destroy our current money system and substitute a slavery CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) system in its place so that they can keep going, never losing the advantages they’ve enjoyed over decades of time.

The problem with financialization is that it leads to massive malinvestments leading to losses. Externalizing the losses to the public doesn’t undo economic damage. Less wealth and less prosperity and less economic stability can lead to tragic results for most people. The criminal mindset doesn’t care. That’s where we are and financialization won’t continue because it can’t continue. Building a CBDC as an alternative to financialization will provide advantages to insiders that are even worse for most of us than those that have damaged the larger economy during financialization. Our vulnerabilities will increase under CBDC to the point of extinguishing freedoms that Americans have enjoyed over the whole span of our American history since and before we became a nation. Our freedom to own property, to own a business, to own our own body, to protect our family and our assets are endangered by an CBDC system. The American life as protected under the Constitution is now endangered. Ordinary freedoms under the Bill of Rights are endangered. Abundant evidence exists to show that a powerful group of insiders want to foist CBDC onto all of us no matter how many harms it brings to most of us.

We had finance laws in place that were once enforced to protect Americans from this kind of predatory behavior. With so many insiders operating outside the rule of law, Americans and other people across the world have become vulnerable to out-of-control, worst behavioral genes. We have to restore rule of law in order to restrain these worst human impulses.

Recently there’s been talk about expanding the biosecurity state. I detest this plan. Enabling a biosecurity state is just another attempt by advantaged insiders to continue and expand lawlessness, harms to others and mass murders. It’s humanity’s worst behavioral genes running amok. We can see it. We have to find a way to stop it.

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