Solar glitter sparkles.

I live pretty far north of the equator, in Spokane, Washington. In the winter, the sun sits low on the horizon well after dawn. This morning, I looked out the window down the street and rays of sunshine burst out of pink and gold stratified clouds that were sitting on the horizon. The light shone onto planes of glimmering and sparkling flat snowflakes falling out of the trees making air glitter as a soft wind moved them down from pine needles in giant Ponderosas. It was breathtaking and beautiful. You could see the shine all the way down the street from my eyes to the sun. It was great to see that beauty. Beauty in the natural world surrounds us. It can take you by surprise. It can comfort you. It comforts me.

Soon after that I was looking out another window. It was only about 12 degrees outside and a large sparrow with feathers fluffed up to hold warm air next to the sparrow’s skin, was sitting at the top of the dogwood tree. His bold black head faced the sun coming to shine on him, and he sang a song of sun-greeting. He filled me with a sense of hope for the day.

Whatever foolishness has dogged us in 2021, there’s more to being alive than fools and their foolishness. There’s the hope of each new day. We can try to make our lives good by doing good works and appreciating what’s good already. What good work will you do in the new year, 2022?

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PCR testing ends Dec 31st

PCR was never a good test to detect covid because it produces false positives. The dastardly covid narrative has been founded on those false positive tests which have caused many false attributions of covid deaths when death was caused by something else. Whatever pressure is being put onto you unvaccinated out there, the end of PCR testing for covid should end some of the demands for you to inject your body with an experimental treatment. Merry Christmas!

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Start fresh.

What would be a great Christmas gift for everyone? A fresh start. How can we start fresh in the United States? I suggest these five changes:

(1) Set aside the covid treatment protocols; fire Dr. Fauci and his cadres thus ending their ability to profit as they have been doing; end the covid emergency; end public service announcements; stop preventing doctors from prescribing cheaper safer alternatives of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine; end mandatory experimental vaccines and all other mandatory vaccinations.

(2) Close the Federal Reserve and end their decision making authority over interest rates; set the rates at the average they have been during U.S. history before 2008: that is 5%; end derivatives trading.

(3) End electronic voting and dismiss current voting clerks that allowed election cheating: there’s a lot of evidence of cheating; go back to paper ballots.

(4) End income taxation for all income. The official who vouched for the 16th Amendment, saying it had been ratified, lied. It was never ratified.

(5) Set a page maximum for all legislation at 10 pages total; repeal instantly all other legislation everywhere that exceeds this limit.

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The Federal Government isn’t a corporation; Elon Musk was wrong about that.

One of the main ideas in Political Catsup with Economy Fries, the book I wrote that you can buy on, is that politics and economics are different activities. On the one hand, politics works according to rules of governance like those set out by the U.S. Constitution. These rules are based on moral principles connected with people’s happiness. On the other hand, our economy works according to beneficial mutually agreed upon exchanges betweeen groups. Groups find out what to produce based on profit and loss where profits allow the producer to know that more of something is needed and losses say that less of something is needed. Profit and loss or buying and selling isn’t about morality, though a business is supposed to be held to a reasonable standard of not harming those it is supposed to be supplying.

The reason that government is not a corporation is because governments are ethical and they aren’t supposed to be motivated by profit or loss but instead according to moral standards. The United States government is supposed to operate according to rules set out by the U.S. Constitution and the Congress and President are supposed to be elected by voters. Government’s purpose is to act on behalf of the electorate, addressing harms and following policies to maximize opportunity and reduce harms. Harming the nation or the people isn’t allowed.

In a recent interview, Elon Musk, claimed that the U.S. government is a big corporation that is allowed to use force. And he was quick to point out that he isn’t allowed to use force, so the U.S. government is more powerful than he is when he is acting in any of his companies. But although some people from a real politic perspective would applaud Musk’s comment, Musk is wrong. I suppose that the U.S. govenment has been acting in a politically corrupt way in that the 2020 election result was faked. Musk may view the U.S. government as being like a corporation precisely because it is so corrupt. The level of self-dealing money-making and corruption running rampant in Washington includes malfeasance by government officials in high positions of authority. Numerous examples present themselves from Fauci, to Biden, to the MIC the NIH and the CDC.

Corrupt people act without ethics and now also in our government without legitimacy. Eventually, it will be seen that they are illegitimate government actors. They also aren’t corporations because self-dealing under the rubric of government officialdom isn’t legal, isn’t protected by law. Corporations are protected by law but also responsible to legal requirements.

Corrupt people in government aren’t part of government in that they don’t act within an arc of ethical considerations. Instead these corrupt people guilty of malfeasance are temporarily in power for a short time as criminals with a shortened career that will be over. No one will be sad when they are finished except we will all be sad about the tragic messes that they leave behind. As individuals, corrupt government actors won’t be seen as sucessful in either government or economics and they will even fail as criminals.

To have a stable government, politics and economics need to work well together without either one trying to do the other’s job. Politicians and corporations are supposed to have totally different goals and means of carrying out their jobs. A stable commonwealth is possible only under 3 basic conditions: a stable and solvent banking system, an army that is war-ready but conducts mostly no warfare, and law that is published and applies equally to everyone. For more information about this topic, buy a copy of Political Catsup with Economy Fries, available at

What makes the most sense to me?

At a time in my life when a lot that I counted on isn’t working anymore, what still makes sense? Lets look at this two part question.

What isn’t working?

My vote didn’t matter in 2020. I don’t know how to accomplish securing our votes as what matters again in American politics.

Jobs aren’t being offered based on who can do the job. Lots of other criteria are being used to pick employees and these other criteria don’t get the best people into the job.

Christmas has changed from a splurge into a holiday of greater financial restraint.

People are considering what changes to make in their lives as 2022 approaches; change is accepted as part of today’s reality.

Media offers less. Internet media sources and broadcast news offers less. Published news matters to people less too. Television isn’t America’s past-time. The fracturing of storylines about our day to day lives has ruined messaging altogether. People are moving away from entertainment and they don’t trust information.

Maintaining ordinary basics of life has become a greater preoccupation for some people. Things like: food, shelter, water, basic quality medical, safety, financial security.

The for profit medical model has failed us during covid. People aren’t trusting that the medical establishment cares about them.

Universities and public schools have abandoned American principles of education. How can a school educate without meaningful discourse?

A lot of people left their jobs when their jobs abandoned basic American values. Fraud has undermined many professionals.

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Despite what isn’t working, I believe the following:

A voting public is a force for better politics. Politics is messy because so many viewpoints come into conflict. But no smaller group of elites are smarter about what everyone needs than the voting public is. When politicians care about voters, better policies result.

Hiring based on who wants to work the job and who can do the job is the better way to hire, far superior to any other method of selection.

It’s ok for Christmas to be less about consumerism or spending. It’s ok for it to be different from one group to another. It’s ok for Christmas to matter to Christians as a special religious holiday. It’s ok to think about beautiful religious art and Christmas traditions from the past. We don’t need to remake Christmas for the now.

Americans sometimes hate change and sometimes like it. They like to know what’s in it for them. In any case, it makes sense to try to make the most of changes as they happen in the hope of improving.

As media begins to matter less, friends and family matter more.

Planting a garden can help to provide extras for your family and your neighbors. It gives you an excuse to have a conversation and to share with others. Exercise is more important than before and gardening is a good exercise.

Learning about how to have better health can be as simple as a trip to the library. No one is more responsible for our health than we are ourselves.

A library at home of references that will help you to understand the world better is a resource that you can turn to again and again. Start seeking out that information. Ask your friends what they trust.

The people who left their job because they experienced a conflict of values with their employers are a resource waiting to be tapped for the better America of tomorrow. Remember them.

Values matter and help us to steer our way along to better outcomes.