Public service health and broadcasting aren’t helping.

Before I get going on this topic, I should pause and admit that most of the information that I have garnered about covid has been found on-line. It could be of questionable veracity because it’s easy to fake audio, video and information that is available on-line. I try to double check where I can by getting more information from other sources. I don’t work in healthcare right now but I once did. I have an education in microbiology and genetics and that also informs my on-line source materials. I have new books and old textbooks that help me to understand. I think that covid is being used to serve political and economic interests that mostly aren’t aligned with actual healthcare that helps people. What is their true purpose?

It looks like the purpose is economic disruption and political power grabbing.

It has become obvious lately that public service announcements and public health departments aren’t serving the public anymore. They blare, they distract, they engineer fearfulness but they serve no other purpose with regard to covid. They no longer satisfy their original purposes to inform and guide the public to help people stay healthy. They ignore information from real doctors and real patients. And there’s no reason to keep them operating today in this new context. Covid restrictions are unwarranted.

I heard an audio clip of people in Idaho a few days ago. Some people in Idaho on the clip are saying we should shut-down public health offices because those offices aren’t serving the public’s interest. They want to close down the offices and chain the doors. Do you agree?

Many people consider covid restrictions to be tyranny. Why?

Because officials that say masks are necessary to prevent infections are lying to the public. Because the PCR test for covid infection has been deliberately misused to create 90% false positive results which then lead to unnecessary quarantines. Because covid tests are fraudulent. Because a vaccine against covid isn’t necessary when the disease deathrate peaked in April. Because the covid deathrate is much lower than it was once thought to be and for most people represents a low risk. Because effective outpatient therapies would be available using hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin or ivermectin, except that doctors have been prevented from using these drugs.

Because our lives and families have been harmed by these covid public service antics. Because no one in history has isolated healthy people instead of people with active symptoms. Because, according to a Johns Hopkins economic analyst, covid hasn’t raised the overall deathrate this year.

Because a quarantine restriction isn’t indicated as a policy priority when a disease shows that it can’t be contained by a quarantine. Covid hasn’t been contained. Because a positive covid test is meaningless. Because a lot of people are immune and can’t get sick from covid.

Because such illnesses have always been a part of life on earth and restricting people’s livelihoods is wrong. Because all professions are essential and arbitrary restrictions of some professions and not others are unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment. Because in the U.S. federal and state governments aren’t supposed to be all-powerful and they are overstepping their allowed powers.

Because these covid fear mongering public servants don’t serve our interests or help people to be healthy. Because covid may have been used to initiate other tyrannies like election fraud. Because tyranny always has its reasons but none of them are adequate to continue tyranny.

Public service announcements should be informative. But covid announcement aren’t informing the public about facts. Instead they are supporting testing fraud and policies that aren’t based on health rationale.

Some would say that it isn’t the employees of these facilities that are at fault. Why should their jobs be lost for doing what they were told to do?

We saw something like that with Arthur Andersen. At Arthur Andersen when accountants failed to follow generally accepted accounting principles, hiding Enron’s bankruptcy, they undermined their own employment. That destroyed the retirement incomes of many. Arthur Andersen employees, once highly admired and successful, lost their jobs because they didn’t serve to protect the public as they were expected to do. We see a similar circumstance with covid policies that don’t support the public’s health and welfare.

Close all the public health offices down. Chain the doors.

End free public broadcasting: charge a fee for that propaganda.

Fire Fauci and Birx and all the other tyrannical mouthpieces.

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Ignore the media until we get to election fraud resolution.

I think that there’s a lot of harm in how our media is talking about or denying the various instances of election fraud that are now common knowledge but that still remain to be addressed in our courts.


Every time an American looks to on-line media to find out what’s happening there’s some source that claims that Biden will ascend to the Presidency and reinstall Obama-like strategies and there’s another source that claims that Trump will continue fighting and possibly remain for a second term continuing Trump Administration strategies.

It is painful to be pulled in such opposite directions with rhetorical positions that are creating discord and discomfort in a lot of hearts and minds with an unknown outcome that will impact our lives so differently.

I am hoping that our elections can be counted-on to be fair and to reflect the American voter’s choice. If they haven’t been fair this time, they might not have been fair for a while. And if they aren’t fair then they need to be fixed.

I wish that our media would focus more on how our elections are being maintained or repaired so that they can truly represent the people’s will. Our media sounds so much like propaganda and psychological warfare as it fails to address issues of concern to us all regarding the integrity of our voting system. The activist media is a terrible thing to listen to. I don’t trust them.

I recently read an argument where someone said that cheating an election to get a phony result could be moral. The argument was that if you knew that cheating would prevent a Hitler, then cheating would be ok. Knowing the future will only happen in a Stephen King screenplay like the one for The Dead Zone. But that’s fiction not politics in the real world. And it isn’t moral in The Dead Zone, it’s supernatural.

In real world politics, we keep good governance with the nation state system’s constitutions in each nation. Instead of relying on foreknowledge, we rely on a represenatative vote and the power of voters to remove an elected official if they fail to serve the public’s interest. When they fail us, we vote them out of office.

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Some people say that election fraud is common and nothing to worry about. But if our votes are being changed by algorithm to completely alter election results, that’s a bigger problem than what we have seen before. It’s big enough to ruin us all and the nation state system as well.

Some assert that Real Politik requires politics by any method. I don’t think that’s better in the long run. What we see with neoliberal methods is destruction instead of growth. We get better politics with bounded instead of unlimited power options and we then get a better run social system.

Fair and representative elections are an important characteristic of American government. Authentic votes to determine winners and losers prevents tyranny. A representative vote matters everywhere in every voting nation.

There’s only a few weeks before we will know how this election fraud will shake out. I suggest we should all tune out the media most of the time as a saner choice. It’s important to keep political concerns from being overwhelming. Soon we will reach a condition of political resolution. I hope that it will allow us to understand and address the fraud that has happened.

Addendum: According to Sidney Powell in an interview on Newsmax, Nov 21st, claims of election fraud will be filed in court in several states on Wed or Fri of Thanksgiving week. Fraud was observed in several states and each one is slightly different in terms of the evidence collected. According to Powell it is completely reasonable for lawyers to take the amount of time necessary to prove fraud in court where evidence will be shown to prove the case. In no way does Powell believe that she owes evidence presentation to the media before the court date. Many await these court cases to discover more about fraud in the 2020 election. Election race outcomes of other candidates besides the Presidential candidates, according to Powell, may be affected.

Juliani and Powell present outline of election fraud.

Thank you to Rudi Juliani and to Sidney Powell for coming forward on a rushed schedule to tell Americans about election fraud. Many Americans have felt uneasy about the obvious cheating that occurred in 2020’s presidential election. Many realize that cheating in the election is an attack against our representative government. These attacks are a grave and terrible danger to the people of the United States.

Covid fear declarations continue to wail at all times during our daily public service announcements as radio broadcasting does what it can to distract Americans from the recent attack against the authentic vote, for which there is abundant evidence. There’s evidence through legal afidavits signed by witnesses of election fraud in counting rooms. There’s evidence of wrongdoing through mathematical analysis of vote trends over time. And there’s observations by experts in voting machine hacking and programming who can recognize the tell tale signs of fraud by algorithm. Some witnesses working for Dominion Voting Machines have come forward with testimony about vote fraud using Dominion machines. Several witnesses have said that Dominion machines were illegally connected to the internet. Dominion offices have been abandoned and a Dominion lawyer refused to meet with an investigative committee in Pennsylvania.

Juliani and Powell have already performed astonishing feats of evidentiary analysis as they race to assemble evidence to prove election fraud in court while they are budgeting their analysis to meet the Electoral College deadline. Media sources ridiculed Juliani’s appearance rather than commenting on cyberwarfare in our elections. Cyberwarfare should be the headlining story to cover because it affects all Americans.

President Trump fired the head of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security Expert, Chris Krebs on Nov 17. Krebs had claimed there’s no evidence of election fraud despite the Head of the Federal Election Commission stating that there’s election fraud. Even I, a person far from the election fracas in election vote counting rooms have to ignore claims by Krebs because I saw evidence of fraud in Michigan in Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s presentation, “Mathematical Analysis of Trump-Biden 2020 Election Vote Counts in Four Counties in the State of Michigan,” where three software engineers showed scatterplot graphs revealing vote switching ( I think that Krebs must have known about election fraud and lied to us, hence his dismissal. Despite Krebs dismissal, I heard a radio announcer today declare that the Department of Homeland Security says there’s no fraud, probably quoting Krebs without saying that he’s been fired. We obviously can’t rely on many U.S. media sources to keep us informed about the 2020 election.

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Our nation is under attack in our 2020 elections. I hope our attackers are arrested and get the penalty that they deserve for voter fraud which is a federal crime. According to an attorney who is an expert in election fraud, Trump’s legal team has already met the minimum standard for election fraud worthy of a trial. That minimum standard is having enough provable fraud to change the election result. There’s plenty of that. The attorney specializing in election fraud also said that when Republican Election Observers were banished from counting rooms that was illegal and of great concern. Congress has signed a declaration that at this time, there’s no President-elect because the election has yet to be certified.

Impatience for a court ruling on computer software vote alterations.

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know what kinds of legal arguments and legal evidence our courts will consider with regard to vote cheating by algorithm. I feel impatient for our courts to rule on voter machine election fraud because I’m hoping that the courts will be able to rule in a way that restores the public’s confidence in our voter processes and puts election fakers in federal prison. That’s a reasonable thing to hope for but will our courts achieve it? And I hope that we can prevent voter fraud in the future despite the number of people in government who seem to hunger for it.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s presentation,”Mathematical Analysis of Trump-Biden 2020 Election Vote Counts in Four Counties in the state of Michigan,” (see: ) convinced me that voter machine fraud has really happened. His scatterplots tell a story of how to use a computer to fake an election outcome. In fact, I’m worried about all the races, not just the Presidential race and even races in previous election years.

Meanwhile, I’m hearing some wild stories. I’ve heard two stories in different cities about how a person uploaded a memory card or inserted a thumb drive into a voting machine to alter the outcome of a political race by adding thousands of votes. That’s different from what I would expect to happen during the tally phase of voting.

I’ve heard of improper updates performed on voter machines illegally during a vote count or right before the counting started even though the machines had already been inspected and no other vote programming updates were allowed at those times. Some of these updates were blamed for vote machine crashes that happened during the count.

And I’ve read about routers that connected voting machines to the internet illegally. The voting machines aren’t just suspected now of fraud. They stink to high heaven of fraud, and the response in the press and in Washington D.C. seems to be one of quiet restraint or even disinformation that may show both collusion and foreknowledge. But there’s still more to trigger vote suspicions.

In several battleground states that were counting votes in the middle of the night, the vote count was stopped and then resumed in a way that looks like an improper procedure. Some people assume that the stoppage allowed a vote inventory so that more fake votes of a necessary but not excessive amount could be added to change the election result.

I’ve read that U.S. vote tally information was sent across our national border to vote control centers that adjusted the votes in Barcelona and Frankfurt to accomplish an inauthentic vote count total.

Today I read about another memory card in Georgia with untallied votes that was discovered, “look what I found,” and those votes were just added to the vote tally there during a recount two weeks after the vote time deadline. That sounds wrong to me too. Supposedly that card was there all along and it failed to be loaded on vote day. That doesn’t sound within the bounds of appropriate voting rules. Georgia seems hell-bent on doing the same wrong voting practices that were seen during the official vote counting period. Georgia’s procedures are so flawed that people have lost confidence in the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State.

In the meantime, I hear a lot of radio conversations about the element of human error instead of the element of human fraud. The fraud seems no accident to me and human error doesn’t satisfy as any kind of explanation for the wrongdoing that has become widely known across the nation.

I don’t know if all the stories I read are true but there are sure a lot of them that sound similar.

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What do I think? I think that computer mediated vote tallies with algorithms that make cheating easy can lead to dystopia. A dystopic form of government is one that gives perks to people with the most power and that doesn’t repair harms to others who have little power. When you by-pass the feed-back loop of voter approval and a voter’s power to vote against bad governance, you destroy the human mediated control of governance. This bypass breeds tyrants.

Because an algorithm doesn’t care about voters. And before you know it, instead of good governance, we have government corruption and predation. And we already see that. We’ve seen Obamacare with mandates and shorter American lifespans and doctors committing suicide and healthcare inflation. We’ve seen covid restrictions of ordinary people to keep them from earning money in jobs outside government in the ordinary commerce of life. We’ve seen covid restrictions of natural rights, like the right for healthy people to go to church and to gather together. So many hungry kids–I hear between 20% and 35% of children are hungry. Not enough jobs for those who want one. People losing ground economically. And now with voter fraud, people losing ground politically. So how long has this kind of voter fraud been going on?

Another thought: if our votes don’t count because an algorithm can intervene and change vote counts, who is choosing our election results and if not the interest of voters, than what interest is at play? If our votes don’t count then this is cyber warfare. And it may involve enemies of the United States at home or abroad. Can we stop this war with the technologies of the past? Perhaps we must all fight against computer mediated tyranny with computers. According to Sidney Powell, the algorithm that was used to alter the election result has been elucidated. Will this discovery be enough to restore authenticity and fight off this cyber-warfare attack? Are our courts ready for the 21st century?

ADDENDUM: Here’s a source just published on 18 Nov 2020, at We Love Trump by Travis, “2020 Election Truth Voter Fraud: “Sidney Powell on President Trump’s Vote Total After Investigations: “I think Well Find He Had at Least 80 Million Votes,” Sidney Powell: “The only reason the glitches happened in the system is because he was so, had so far many more votes than they had calculated in advance.”;, accessed 18 Nov 2020.

AG Barr and FEC Chairman Trainor acknowledge fraud in 2020 election.

The Department of Justice, DOJ, Attorney General Barr admits that there’s credible claims of fraud in the 2020 election. Trey Trainor, head of the FEC, or Federal Election Commission says that he also believes that fraud has taken place in 2020 and that the 2020 election is illegitimate.

When you see on-line claims that there’s no fraud in 2020, be aware that Barr, and Trainor disagree with that claim.

Richard Pilger, the previous head of the Department of Justice’s Voter Crimes Unit resigned his position when Barr sent out a memo of concern about voter fraud in 2020. Was this professional cowardice? Wasn’t election fraud investigation an important role that he once promised to perform?


Fitsnews: Independent. Unapologetic., Nov 10th, 2020.

SGT Report: The Corporate Propaganda Antidote,, Nov 13, 2020.

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Justice Alito believes covid overreach is bad for the U.S.

The Federalist Society recently hosted Justice Alito as a speaker and he gave a virtual speech. Alito says in his speech that covid overreach harms the American way of life including a number of our natural rights.

He expresses hope that such power overreach can be prevented in the future by changing state statutes that gave overly generous emergency powers to Governors and too much credence by far to scientists and so-called experts. Alito believes that legislators act more responsibly at the federal level than technocrats do.

He does not support lockdowns in the current period, but he says that we all await the end of the pandemic so that legal change can revise and reduce the powers that have been over-used to hurt the U.S. economy and restrict people’s freedoms.

Meanwhile some media outlets suggest that covid restrictions should become permanent.

Even the CDC has suggested that quarantine restrictions should be abandoned after an infectious agent proves uncontainable.

Historically, quarantines have isolated only sick people with sick symptoms, not healthy people.

The death rate for covid peaked in April and has been declining despite rumors of increased infections. After hospitals opened their doors to inpatient surgery and other emergency hospitalizations, their patients undergoing emergency care increased by as much as 60% according to one source, but only a small percentage of them, 3%, are sick from having covid.

Despite Doctor testimonials about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, people can’t always get access to those helpful medicines early in the course of their covid illness when those drugs can do the most good.

Recent news of vaccines becoming ready for people who want a vaccination against covid have raised hopes that covid restrictions will end sooner rather than later.

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Mark Twain’s “Corn-pone opinions.”

Back in 1901, Mark Twain wrote an essay titled, “Corn-pone opinions.” In this essay he said that people often vote like their friends do. I think that’s still true in 2020 as much as it was in 1901.

He said that politics for Americans is much like fashion. You look around to see what others are doing or saying and you try to do it or say it too. If your friend does something or believes something you feel in accord with them. As we face a media that sows discord among us, this Twain essay comes to mind.

Here’s a few quotes from Twain’s essay that seem as perfect to describe our politics today in 2020 as they were in 1901.

“A political emergency brings out the corn-pone opinion in fine force in its two cheif varieties–the pocketbook variety, which has its origin in self-interest, and the bigger variety, the sentimental variety–the one which can’t bear to be outside the pale; can’t bear to be in disfavor; can’t endure the averted face and the cold shoulder; wants to stand well with his friends, wants to be smiled upon, wants to be welcome, wants to hear the precious words, “He’s on the right track!” Uttered, perhaps by an ass, but still an ass of high degree, an ass whose approval is gold and diamonds to a smaller ass, and confers glory and honor and happiness, and membership in the herd.”

“Men think they think upon great political questions, and they do; but they think with their party, not independently; they read its literature, but not that of the other side; they arrive at convictions, but they are drawn from a partial view of the matter in hand and are of no particular value. They swarm with their party, they feel with their party, they are happy in their party’s approval; and where the party leads they will follow, whether for right and honor, or through blood and dirt and a mush of mutilated morals.”

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This Twain essay also reminds me of some summer reading I did.

One of my summer books was Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of A Good Society, by Nicholas A. Christakis. In this book there’s a discussion of a study involving people of various ages but especially children that showed that people all seem to have a propensity to grab onto a group affinity. They will self-sort based on a characteristic as simple as t-shirt color. If someone hands out four colors of t-shirts, the people wearing each color will group together. And they seem to want special things just for their group to mark it as a special group to belong to. They don’t just want to out-compete others in a contest but they also want perks that no other group gets. It is a human characteristic to bear in mind as we face political turmoil today.

A few days ago, I was thinking about the negative views that are being expressed all across society today. Some groups are described as bad and others are good. And as we hear these sentiments expressed as hatefully as possible, I hope that you will think of Christakis’s book’s study and of Twain’s essay. Keep in mind that you may be suceptible to believing negative viewpoints that are fashionable among some today but that hold little real merit or truthfulness.

I heard a Special Forces General speak on the radio a few days ago and he said that he sees psy-ops tricks being played against Americans in our press and in our public today. I looked up psy-ops operations against America on-line and I found a long list of examples that seem familiar in the everyday news. You could do well to look-up that topic of psy-ops on-line too.

When you consider these three sources of information, I hope they will influence you to set aside your strongest feelings and beliefs as you watch political strife in earnest trying and sometimes succeeding to tear us Americans apart.

Take time away from on-line social media or main stream media. Focus on another philosophy in Western culture, the “do unto others as you would like them to do unto you” belief set. Make space in your heart if you can for tolerance. Tolerance and the idea of avoiding doing harm to another person is an idea that is separate from Twain, Christakis and Special Operations Generals. It’s an old technology of humankind’s past that can help people to look out and prevent doing harm to others today and everyday.

Sources: Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Atwan eds, The Best American Essays of the Century, Mark Twain, “Corn-pone opinions,” copyright 2000, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, New York.

Nicholas A. Christakis, Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of A Good Society, copyright 2019, Little, Brown Spark, New York, Boston, London.

The Cheating Option is a feature of modern voting machines.

According to a presentation, “Mathematical Analysis of Trump-Biden 2020 Vote Counts in Four Counties in the State of Michigan,” by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Bennie Smith and Phil Evans, in a post on taken from, (,, there are built in features of all modern voting machines that easily lend themselves to cheating.

This option to cheat, the weighted race feature, could be found as early as 2001 in the source code in Diebolt machines. It allows votes for different candidates to be counted unfairly by algorithm.

It can remove votes from an unfavored candidate and grant them unfairly to a favored candidate by algorithm. It can bypass the normal expected requirement of one vote for every voter. It was an innovation that was immediately added to the next generation of voting machines after Diebolt’s source code became known to make them equally competitive in a voting market that valued the option to cheat. According to them, not only are Dominion Voting Machines capable of doing the wieghted race feature, but all modern voting machines are capable of it.

The presentation at the above listed websites shows scatterplot graphs that map votes where the action of an algorithm is clearly removing votes from President Trump in the 2020 Michigan election and giving those votes to Joe Biden. The greater the population of Republicans in a voter district, the more votes are removed and given inauthentically to the other candidate based on that percentage. Thousands of votes were reassigned inauthentically to Biden. The algorithm to reduce Trump votes and give to the Biden tally was not used in some predominantly Democrat precincts. In precincts where the algorithm wasn’t used the scatterplot graph looks more normal, but Trump still got a lot of votes in some of those precincts.

Dr. Ayyadurai, PhD, Fulbright Scholar, Candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, Benny Smith, Election Commissioner, Software Engineer, Data Analyst and Phil Evans, BSEE, have some suggestions to prevent this fraud. You should hear what they have to say at the addresses listed above. My heartfelt thanks goes out the these courageous men who have come forward with their information which took a lot of time and attention to produce. They didn’t produce the information to make money, but instead they generously have provided it to you so you can learn what you need to know. They have helped the cause of honest voting in America.

Their graphs make obvious what was at first invisible in the machine mediated vote count: a lot of votes that appeared on the Biden tally belong in Trump’s tally. Trump won the election in Michigan. I hope that this fact will become common knowledge. I also hope that similar graphic insights can be employed in other battleground states to show us if algorithms reassigned votes inauthentically there as well. I’m sorry to see such a huge effort to cheat our electoral system. I wonder if other races have been affected over our voting history since 2001.

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Why Dominion votes going awry matters.

There’s already a lot riding on the outcome of the 2020 election. Two candidates each have their supporters, even though right now we don’t know how many of them there are.

More than a week after the election, the presidential race outcome has been deliberately forestalled by several voting scandals of different kinds. Just about every kind of voting fraud that a person can imagine has been used in the 2020 election in specific battleground districts. There are so many scandals that the appearance of impropriety has now been widely accepted across America.

It matters a great deal to our country who wins the presidential race. It matters to people whether American votes are correctly tabulated to reflect the one person one vote standard. It matters whether ballots are authentically cast by a living voter registered in that state where the vote is tabulated. It matters whether observers are able to confirm voter signatures, and accurate vote transcription when a ballot is recopied because it was stained or disfigured. It matters whether voting machines tally votes accurately.

The policy package of each candidate seems to be drastically different from the other candidate’s policies. The road to our American tomorrow in the U.S. is now overshadowed by this massive attempt to thwart an honest voter tally. And a deadline approaches that will lead to a conclusion that is presently unknown. It seems that the legal avenues of remedy are choked with obstacles and that resolving this election to a fair and true outcome may not be possible either because of time constraints or because only some categories of fraud are easy to prove.

People shopping at the grocery store or doing their jobs in their working places have worried expressions today and a sense of unease. But even though the presidential election outcome is a lot to worry about, there’s even more to worry about.

Think about the potential for mass voter fraud in Dominion Voting machines. That Dominion Voting machines have ties in their purchase to the Clinton Foundation might raise an eyebrow. Ownership in the Dominion business among Congress members or close relatives of Congress members would raise the potential specter of nationwide voter fraud on a massive scale and perhaps over a long period. There are on-line reports of Congress members being affiliated with the voting company through ownership of Dominion.

I have read statements made by programmers that the kind of error that switched 3000 votes from Trump to Biden would only happen with programming. A few days later I read that that mistake was caused by human error, but I still don’t believe that human error would cause that kind of error.

The story was that a clerk entered an update at the wrong time, that the results of that update lagged behind. But that explanation doesn’t say how the vote went over to the wrong candidate. That’s the crux of the matter. I keep hearing attempts to minimize problems with the Dominion machines. They worry me because I don’t want programming fraud to ruin free and fair elections.

What kind of stakes and potential outcomes could erupt from massive voter fraud caused by rogue programming? Would Congressional races and Presidential races over several years in the past be proven to have been altered away from the will of the authentic vote? How much could this hurt the reputation of politicians in charge of the vote or in office now because of an inauthentic vote tally in the past? Would the courts or the legislature have the courage to be honest about rogue programming? Would steps be taken in remedy or would politicians prefer a cover-up? Would anyone go to jail? Where would the blame rest? Maybe elected politicians see it as a huge advantage that votes can be ignored so that they can have the power to pursue policies that harm their voting constituency without the voter having any recourse. If that advantage is held by some and not others, it would enhance the power of that political group.

What a tangled nest of problems.

If real votes are being manipulated by programming to steal elections, then voters don’t matter. That’s important because our nation supposes that votes matter in choosing the outcome of elections. Our system relies on the removal from office of representatives that don’t do the will of the people. That’s the system’s feedback loop to control bad governance. It is natural to assume that if a legislator or other elected person doesn’t serve their constituents then the electorate would replace them by voting for someone who would be a better representative of the will of the voting public in that district. If Dominion Machines can keep an inauthentic office holder in office without voter support, then there’s no way to remedy the problem of bad legislators and bad office holders.

Several states have been so unhappy with their legislators in Congress that don’t seem to do the will of the people in their state and yet that stay in office term after term that they have proposed amending state constitutions to limit Congressional terms of office. The Supreme Court has ruled that only by changing the U.S. Constitution can the terms of legislators become limited ones. Changing the U.S. Constitution is harder to do than changing a state constitution, so it hasn’t happened yet. The Supreme Court’s ruling assumes that voters can remove a bad legislator by voting them out of office. It has seemed completely inexplicable why our Congress with such a constantly low voter approval continues to field the same group of elected officials year after year. If it’s caused by a rogue algorithm, then the long tenures of Congress members who are disfavored by voters may be easily accounted for. That worries me.

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On November 6th, Sidney Powell gave an interview where she said that Dominion machines fidelity in tabulating votes is now in question. Sidney Powell is looking into it and I hope that she has a lot of help. Let’s all send positive wishes to her and carry on ourselves this week with this refrain…GoSidneyGoSidneyGoSidneyGoSidneyGoSidney………

Here’s a good source for more details about Dominion Voting Machines and why they have garnered so much suspicion:

Jeanne McKinney, Lawyer Sidney Powell: Democrats used Dominion Machines to Steal Votes,”Communities Digital News,, 10 Nov 2020, accessed 12 Nov 2020.

Addendum: Apparently, there are two vote machine companies in the 2020 U.S. election that have been associated with voter fraud. One is Dominion and another is Scytl, a vote machine company headquartered in Spain that according to the following reference, has been associated with election frauds in Australia, Ecuador, Norway and Switzerland. Here’s the source:

Great Game India, “Why 2020 US Election Votes Were Counted By A Bankrupted Spanish Company Scytl,” Nov 13 2020, accessed Nov 13, 2020, .

Addendum: According to Patty McMurray, writing from, Scytl counts Dominion collected votes. Also according to McMurray, at, Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp’s previous chief of staff has worked as a lobbyist for Dominion, and according to McMurray, Rudi Juliani says that Dominion voting machines were designed to cheat elections in Venezuela. And finally, the Executive Board Member, William Kennard, who bought the company that supplies Dominion Voting Machines was a former EU ambassador in the Obama administration. Here’s the source:–member-of-private-equity-firm-that-acquired-dominion-voting-systems-in-2018-is-barack-obamas-former-eu-ambassador/, Nov 13, 2020.

Addendum (13 Nov 2020): I just watched a long video on with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, and two others speaking about pattern analysis scatterplot graphs that demonstrate election fraud in thousands of votes in several counties in Michigan in 2020. That’s the state that he’s talking about in his presentation but there may be similar stories in other states. His presentation is long because he takes time to carefully explain the graphs. It is worth every minute because it can provide to you an opportunity to understand more about our election processes and their problems. Please set aside some time to watch this video where you can get into the nuts and bolts of our election voting system problems and discover his suggested solutions to those problems:, Nov 13, 2020.

Ramping up for totalitarianism.

Vote tampering to steal the 2020 election marks another step towards an unfree America. The globalists have struck blood in this assault on our freedom.

Part of what has caused a power imbalance in our nation is the advance of IT. The Clinton Foundation reportedly bought a lot of Dominion Voting machines that have been installed in many states, both before and after Hillary Clinton’s run for the Presidency. I have read reports that Dominion machines can connect to the internet and yesterday I read that an illegal router connecting Dominion machines to the internet was found in Detroit. A router connection would allow voter fraud to be carefully coordinated. Those machines have been shown to glitch in specific ways that favor the illegitimate candidate. It is through them that voter fraud may have advanced in America. Dominion Machines causing voting errors now show us that voter fraud may have been set up and in play for decades.

Many who want to prevent inaccurate vote counts are now calling for a change back to manual vote counting. That shows growing distrust for digital voting systems. It shows that people believe now that IT can be abused to steal an election. And of course, remedying the inaccuracies caused by Dominion machines in 2020 calls for a manual recount right now in every state that has Dominion machines.

Several kinds of election fraud have been identified in 2020. Examples of fraud include hundreds of thousands (I read over 450,000) of mostly blank ballots marked only with Joe Biden’s name dropped off in the middle of the night in Detroit. There were several instances where vote tally observers were banished from vote counting rooms so that they couldn’t verify vote authenticity. Another likely source of fraud, as already mentioned, is the use of Dominion Voting machines in several states. The state of Texas decided not to use Dominion Voting machines because they didn’t like the machine’s ability to connect to the internet. One of those machines has been found by a careful county clerk to have removed 3000 Trump votes and put them on the Biden side giving Biden a 6000 undeserved vote difference. Thanks to that vigilant county clerk, those inaccuracies were fixed to award Trump a win in that county. Where’s the follow-up with other Dominion Machines? There should be follow-up. Another voting fraud has been backdating late ballots at the post office which is being investigated where whistle-blowers sounded an alarm. But wait, there’s more. There were four arrests in Texas for false ballots being filed from retirement centers where caretakers were filling them out under the names of senile elderly residents. And of course much has been said of zombie votes by deceased people.

Numerous civil and criminal lawsuits are being filed today.

I’ve been an Independent voter most of my voting life. I decided long ago that picking a party wouldn’t be wise because neither party had a platform that I agreed with completely. For many years, I’ve been carefully reading what each Republican and Democrat candidate says that they favor in terms of policies that I can support. Then I pick the best one that suits my policy preferences. But how can anyone, any Democrat, any Republican or any Independent voter favor fraud in an election? How can I trust anyone in politics if this is the new way to play? Politicians that support this outcome without question and say that it’s already in the rearview mirror, betray us all.

What’s the take-away?

On the bright side, this felonious cheating shows me that most Americans want something different than the Totalitarian Democrats current program. The Totalitarian Democrats seem to see this election as their only chance to participate in politics of the sort they prefer…a political plan which deviates from American culture.

I have read that both Trump and Biden beat Obama’s voter turnout. That’s obviously false. We know from the level of cheating on the Biden side that he didn’t break Obama’s vote popularity record. Only Trump did. In fact, a huge amount of cheating was the only chance to advance the Democrat party agenda by getting Biden into office.

Cheating is how totalitarian systems advance to harm republics. It’s why people who’ve immigrated from socialist and communist countries to the U.S. are so frightened today in America. Anyone with sense should be frightened by this.

So even though the press has continued all year to describe a divided America with 50% on either side of the 2020 Presidential vote, that’s probably not a true representation. In fact, there are far fewer Americans that support the New Totalitarian Democrats. That’s why the Democratic Party is willing to commit fraud to stay in the game.

There’s another take away from the 2020 election’s rampant fraud that involves not just the hidden fraud of IT where digital voting machines have been inaccurately reporting votes, but also old obvious methods of filling out blank ballots illegitimately, backdating late and probably phony ballots, filling out ballots for senile retirement home residents and for the dead. That is this: Hillary Clinton’s failure to be installed as President in 2016 shows that Dominion machines aren’t always enough to phoney up an election. More cheating has been required in 2020 because so many don’t like the Democrat Party’s plan. And the notion that Hillary Clinton barely missed the Presidency because of the Electoral College isn’t true and she also didn’t win in terms of the 2016 popular vote. Her popular vote tally may have appeared large only bacause of Dominion Machine innaccuracies that affected the voting totals in 2016. No wonder Hillary Cinton was so surprised that she lost. Her Presidency was supposed to be in the bag!

We are waiting to see justice done in the courts to address the obvious frauds in the 2020 election. If they are addressed, I think it likely that the 2020 election result is Trump as the legitimate president by an overwhelming vote majority.

I hope the courts do a better job this time than they did in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case of 1857 which precipitated the Civil War. Courts often choose wrongly and when they do that, tragedy sometimes follows.

America is bleeding now, but we are also waiting for this phony election to be restored to Trump, the real winner. December 8th is the deadline. That’s less than a month away. Will our courts deliver an honest election or will they favor the fakers?

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Addendum: According to Rose Taylor, writing for, another ballot “glitch” , now in Wisconsin has been corrected. The correction moves 19,500 back onto Trump vote totals. Here’s the reference:

Rose Taylor, “Dominion voting systems, Hammer and Scorecard And the US General Election,” 11/dominion-voting-systems-hammer-scorecard.html, Nov 9th, 2020, accessed 10 November 2020.

Addendum: According to Sydney Powell, in an interview at, the pre-election digital count may have been altered in states using Dominion Voting Machine. The algorithm altering votes may have corrected votes to give Biden a 3% vote majority in some precincts resulting in numerous balloting errors. A full hand audit is now needed to suss out the real results of elections wherever Dominion Voting Machines have been used including all the key battleground states. Specific states mentioned included Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina. According to Powell, specific programming is required to cause such balloting errors. It isn’t just a “glitch”; instead it’s part of a plan to steal the election. Here’s the reference: