The Cheating Option is a feature of modern voting machines.

According to a presentation, “Mathematical Analysis of Trump-Biden 2020 Vote Counts in Four Counties in the State of Michigan,” by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Bennie Smith and Phil Evans, in a post on taken from, (,, there are built in features of all modern voting machines that easily lend themselves to cheating.

This option to cheat, the weighted race feature, could be found as early as 2001 in the source code in Diebolt machines. It allows votes for different candidates to be counted unfairly by algorithm.

It can remove votes from an unfavored candidate and grant them unfairly to a favored candidate by algorithm. It can bypass the normal expected requirement of one vote for every voter. It was an innovation that was immediately added to the next generation of voting machines after Diebolt’s source code became known to make them equally competitive in a voting market that valued the option to cheat. According to them, not only are Dominion Voting Machines capable of doing the wieghted race feature, but all modern voting machines are capable of it.

The presentation at the above listed websites shows scatterplot graphs that map votes where the action of an algorithm is clearly removing votes from President Trump in the 2020 Michigan election and giving those votes to Joe Biden. The greater the population of Republicans in a voter district, the more votes are removed and given inauthentically to the other candidate based on that percentage. Thousands of votes were reassigned inauthentically to Biden. The algorithm to reduce Trump votes and give to the Biden tally was not used in some predominantly Democrat precincts. In precincts where the algorithm wasn’t used the scatterplot graph looks more normal, but Trump still got a lot of votes in some of those precincts.

Dr. Ayyadurai, PhD, Fulbright Scholar, Candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, Benny Smith, Election Commissioner, Software Engineer, Data Analyst and Phil Evans, BSEE, have some suggestions to prevent this fraud. You should hear what they have to say at the addresses listed above. My heartfelt thanks goes out the these courageous men who have come forward with their information which took a lot of time and attention to produce. They didn’t produce the information to make money, but instead they generously have provided it to you so you can learn what you need to know. They have helped the cause of honest voting in America.

Their graphs make obvious what was at first invisible in the machine mediated vote count: a lot of votes that appeared on the Biden tally belong in Trump’s tally. Trump won the election in Michigan. I hope that this fact will become common knowledge. I also hope that similar graphic insights can be employed in other battleground states to show us if algorithms reassigned votes inauthentically there as well. I’m sorry to see such a huge effort to cheat our electoral system. I wonder if other races have been affected over our voting history since 2001.

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