Were the police in Uvalde ordered to stand down?

Is being a team player in American jobs now broadly about abandoning the raison de etre for every job in America? Over the last few years, we have seen doctors during the covid problems prohibited from prescribing inexpensive medicines for a genetically spliced lab designer coronavirus. Doctors also weren’t allowed to see patients during a year long period of the covid problems. We’ve seen teachers required to teach a scam about global warming and also a revisionist history about critical race theory and new grammatical rules regarding transgender pronouns and a curriculum of inappropriately too early sex topics. Now we see police in Uvalde have failed to defend kids being shot by a man who had already engaged with police and who was a known assailant. This is crazy. This is rules being laid down to destroy our nation. This is the misuse of public institutions to harm the public. What does it require of us? What should we do?

It makes sense now to stop trusting public institutions to protect and serve the public. And also it makes sense to stop taxing people to support those failing institutions.

Whatever economic and political problems are hurting us, these problems are causing terrible decisions to be made by people making policies in public institutions. Close them down.

Public schools aren’t serving parents or kids. They are harming them instead. During a past blog post, I said that public schools that don’t protect kids from mass shootings must be closed. I stand by that opinion. Kids have been harmed not only by violence but also by crazy bad curriculum and by harmful vaccines and mask mandates. Kids deserve better.

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We should find new solutions outside the public school system for educating kids. Our schools spend enormous amounts of money without successfully teaching kids. Education in America is so bad that some are saying that the purpose of public schools is to provide jobs for teachers instead of to teach kids. Others suggest that a program of anti-rational indoctrination has now flooded American public schools. If either of those things are true it’s bad enough. But if kids aren’t safe in schools, then close them. Stop funding them and taxing the public for them. It’s time to try something different.

I also think that it’s a good time to close the CDC and the other public health institutions. They have been experiencing conflicts of interest that prohibit good decision making. Close them down. Stop supporting them with public funds. People rely on police and fire support, but lets get rid of the added on SWAT teams and military style add-ons. Who really needs them when they delay direct police action? We don’t need that. Get rid of it.

Doom porn undone by funny.

Are you tired of information warfare steeped in doom. How many negative movies are out there right now? Movies where even the sets are dark. The costumes are dark. Cheerless fiction is a downer.

I bet you remember old cartoons and movies that used to make you laugh. One of my favorite cartoons is Gary Larson’s work, a nerdy juxtaposition between logic and humor. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson is often funny and enjoyable with its reflections on childhood enthusiasms. Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis has some entertaining moments that are relevant for today’s wierder quandaries. How about Groundhog Day, a movie that has influenced so many copycats? Or 50 First Dates? Or Ghost Busters? Do you remember spending more time laughing and less time worrying? I can.

The Riddle Master trilogy was published in 1976 and it was a wonderful fantasy story that I’ve read and enjoyed many times. It was written by Patricia A. McKillip. In that story, there was an ancient on-going war that no one knew about except as history. Suddenly violence began to affect everyday life. Warfare turned out to be something erupting from the long ago past. What appeared to be happening was so puzzling and it didn’t make sense when viewed in the context of recent life. Big change can be puzzling that way. A character in the story was attacked and the attacker spoke a poem as part of his attack:

“Withering your voice, as the roots of your land are withering. Slow your heart’s-blood slow as the dragging waters, the rivers of Hed. Tangling are your thoughts as the yellow vines are tangling, drying, snapping underfoot. Wither the life of you as the late corn is withering…Dry, dust dry, the earth, the earth of you, land ruler lord of the dying. Parching the fields of your body, moaning the wind of your last work across the waste of them, the wasteland of Hed.”

I sometimes feel reminded of that attack in the Riddle Master trilogy when people come out to say in the press that various dooms are nigh. There are so many existential threats due to basic malfeasance that isn’t being addressed. As we face change, it’s helpful to wait and see. Don’t believe negative stories predicting your inevitable doom. It’s better to ignore the doom sayers.

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One of the best things you can do instead of watching or listening to doom-porn is buy books that have been published with old funny comics in them. Buy the ones that you remember liking the most. Buy a book with a collection of your favorite old cartoons or grab some old comedy movies that make you laugh. Doing that will reduce your stress and lighten your information content. Make laughter part of your day.