Ban the covid experimental shot.

NO more vax. According to a growing number of sources, the deathrates and adverse events are much higher than that being reported in VAERS. Military sources ( are reporting much higher adverse events (organ system disorders including cardiovascular system disease, cancers and neurological system disorders) and deathrates for example. Also insurance companies are reporting an elevated deathrate among working age people that is well outside what would be expected for a safe treatment. The VAERS data was already many times more than sufficient to indicate that the vaccine should be prohibited. It isn’t safe and it isnt effective at preventing anything. It is a poison that is harmful to people. End the vax. Do it today.

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No more involvement in Ukraine.

The Biden presidency will not be improved by going to war in the Ukraine. He already has a poor performance rating. No one will think better of him for entering the U.S. in a foreign conflict in the Ukraine. We shouldn’t send more troops but instead, we should remove our troops today. Russia has a longstanding interest in the Ukraine which we don’t have. The U.S. should get out now.

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Truth will come to dinner.

What is true? Where can anyone go to find out what is true? Is a story we hear only a matter of who pays more to the media to say whatever? As we face conflicting stories in media, as our friends and family adopt whatever story-of-the-moment seems true to their own opinions and sensibilities, we all wait for that dinner meal where truth sits at the table with all of us. Pass the peas or the bread, we will sit in the company of no mysteries when we see whatever has transpired in an uncontroversial way.

It may happen later this year or perhaps next year. I don’t know when exactly. Eventually, the information waterfall of fake news will be over. Dead or alive when that day arrives, eventually those who remain will know the score. Existential fears will end, we’ll stop being afraid of losing our place; we’ll find our place again and stand firm and we’ll face whatever comes with whatever courage we can muster. In the meantime, hold your fears at bay because they can’t help you.

Only the truth after it becomes clear to us, only the move from it towards a better pathway to progress will satisfy us after we know. And this truth won’t come from politicians or from media but from our own lived experiences. We will stand on common ground. Then, we will look over at stolen elections and laboratory designed virus and a longstanding labor blockade, to manipulated stocks and currencies, biowarfare, cyberwarfare, information warfare and various crimes against us and we will recognize that the aggression was both purposeful and harmful. We will eventually know who, what, where, when, how and why it all happened. Then it will be time to start again to rebuild a society that is stable and that respects human dignity.

I know that truth doesn’t automatically banish aggression. But when lies are no longer good camouflage and chaos doesn’t rule the day, powerful people can’t hide anymore from the harms that they have caused. They will no longer hold sway and they will gradually slink into the shadows. At last, the aggressors who have caused so much trouble for so many will be gone or at least silent. In the meantime gather together your own sense of what you value most in life and hold on tight. A reckoning is on the way.

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Lost signal.

We see now what happens when government and industry lose the signals that are useful in monitoring their progress and achieving either the end of good governance or good economy.

In the case of our government, the people working in politics need the signals that voters give them in elections to tell them what is needed and what people do and don’t want. Government is supposed to be ethical and monitor people’s happiness. What happens when voting doesn’t determine elections is that an important signal is lost and people acting in government become lost in a jumble of chaotic competing demands with no way to organize what is important and valuable.

Similarly, when markets don’t work because of cash stimulus money overprinting beyond an amount justified by GDP and under persistently low interest rates, money loses it’s representation as a store of value. And markets stop functioning to tell producers what to produce. Without a market, malinvestment without penalty takes over and wastes capital resources. Money blooms past a useful quantity and can no longer achieve what it once could easily do. It can’t be a store of value so people can save money for the future. It can’t pay labor costs to produce goods and services. It can’t buy commodities to build a better future.

When government and industry become the only important power players, ordinary people fail to keep their lives going. As government and industry ignores signals from voters and from markets, they get in the way of the very progress they otherwise would be able to aid. They have lost the signal that tells them which option is better and which options are best for society because they are ignoring the signals that would ordinarily tell them what to do. Their greed has eclipsed their role as legislators, executives or judicial determiners of better government and among the captains of industry deals don’t make important things happen either in the long or even in the short term.

In seeking absolute power the most powerful people ignored the very imputs that guide wise choices. Their power has displaced that of ordinary people who just want to live an ordinary life with its small gradual gains. Now we see stupid decisions being made and stupid arguments being made to defend those stupid choices. Falsified numbers, flimsy arguments, phoney news.

This results in tragedies great and small that are breaking out everywhere like an itchy and painful rash that will bleed out a lot of people and destroy our society.

Only fools applaud this:

Experimental mrna shots that are killing elite athletes and making healthy people sick.

An insolvent government and banking system careening toward a spectacular crash and burn.

Continuing insistence about innoculating people against their better judgement after thousands have been killed by mrna shots.

Firings of skilled and well trained doctors and nurses and teachers and other service persons.

Dismissals of military personnel who refuse to get an mrna shot.

Mass innoculations for no clear benefit and substantially indicated harm.

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Good will and ill will: telling the difference matters.

Hello out there and welcome to 2022. Have you ever wondered why you have a big brain? One of the reasons is because you have a need to discern the difference between people of goodwill and people of ill will. Human beings are a predatory species and sometimes we prey upon each other while at other times we cooperate and support each other. Humans are thought to evolve faster than some other species because we compete against and with each other.

According to my copy of the Webster’s New World Dictionary, goodwill is a “friendly and benevolent attitude,” or having “a cheerful consent or readiness,” or at the organizational level, the “positive reputation” of a business or group “beyond its tangible assets.” To have ill will is to have “ill intention, an unfriendliness, hatred or dislike.”

Considering the times we are living in, it seems that discerning whether someone has a friendly or unfriendly intention matters a lot. It matters who your friends are. What about organizations? Don’t they also have good will or ill will toward you and others? Look carefully and don’t assume that an organization that says it has your welfare in mind really does.

You can tell the difference between good will and ill will by seeing what comes out of the actions of organizations and individuals. Do they help others or cause harm to them? Will they help you or hurt you? Are they an ally or an enemy? Will they have an impact on your life or are they of little importance to you? How will you affect them? Will you be a helpful influence?

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Peaceful snow day.

Today I noticed the media trying to pull us in opposite directions with opposing claims. On one hand, Biden is calling us to be vaccinated or die and on the other hand, others are saying that vaccines cause fatalities and you should not get even one let alone boosters which may kill you. Opposing viewpoints being presented simultaneously can make you feel less able to make a decision. It can be a technique to bamboozle you.

Whoever is making these opposing claims, you don’t have to jump onto their wagon. Although it has been said that people tend to believe either what they most fear or what they most desire, at times like these it may be better to focus on a more natural timeline. An easy choice instead of feeling pulled in two instant-by-instant is to remember time also exists at a geologic or an evolutionary pace. Instead of panicking in the moment, remember the slow pace of gradual change over the span of human evolution. Remember that many illnesses have come and gone and humanity continued trudging along with or without whatever remedies. We will continue. Ignore the carnival-like atmosphere in the media coverage.

Look instead at the natural world. Where I live there is a beautiful snowfall today. It has snowed like this for millions of years. It is a far better kind of snow than the media snow-job.

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