Opportunity online search top hits are all programs brokered by government.

I decided to look for opportunity in America. I did a search for American opportunity online. What came up on the first page of my search was only hits about government programs. Nothing else appears to be happening in the world of American opportunity.

According to my dictionary, the word opportunity has two meanings. The first is “a combination of circumstances favorable for the purpose; fit time.” The second is “a good chance or occasion, as to advance oneself.” Just above the word opportunity is the word opportunism. My dictionary says for this word, “the practice or policy of adapting one’s actions, judgments, etc. to circumstances, as in politics, in order to further one’s immediate interests, without regard for basic principles or eventual consequences.”

Having government policies entwined with opportunity causes opportunism. Opportunism is how I describe the key characteristic of neoliberalism. Opportunism is destroying opportunity in America.

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Where is opportunity in America without government involvement? How can we get rid of government’s entanglement in our opportunities? How did we get to the place we are where government makes our choices for us without regard to the consequences?

A fantastic insight about this topic comes from the classical liberal era. American Founders believed that political freedom requires economic freedom. Economic freedom from government interference is something we could use more of right now. Because government can’t create opportunity. Governments can’t make people creative or productive. They can tax us. They can close down our businesses under (bogus) covid restrictions. But they can’t be the dynamo of energy found in Americans who want to work to make the nation better and freer. The more government gets in the way, the poorer we all become in terms of opportunities and outcomes.

I have read that 50% of all American economic activity is now brokered by government. People get government checks to provide income that they may not be able to get any other way in our current economy. This is not at a time of economic growth but rather economic shrinkage. Even if you want to open a business after covid restrictions are over, the government will want to tax every dollar that you make as soon as you make it.

Paul Harvey has been off the radio since 2008 but I still remember him saying that the levels of taxation in the United States destroy people’s incentive to start a business. I seem to remember that he said as soon as taxes go above 17%, incentive to work begins to diminish. Now there are so many taxes and bossy regulations, so many middlemen and thieves wanting to steal the fire right out of the heart of the furnace of production that a lot of would-be entrepreneurs can’t see a way to get anything started. And financialization diverts money from productive uses to investment uses. People naturally want to get things done with their lives. Misguided voices who say that they want to have Universal Basic Income take the place of productive living have lost track of humanity’s wish to strive and accomplish. UBI is a monster that will sap every good thing out of people’s life legacy. And UBI won’t magically produce prosperity as it claims.

The question “Where is opportunity in America without government involvement?” There isn’t any such opportunity. But we can change things back to having opportunity by removing government’s involvement in people’s opportunity. Stop all the government oversight. Government should just stop minding our business and start minding the duties and obligations of governing.

“How can we get rid of government’s entanglement in our opportunities?” Stop rewarding people in government jobs that are regulating and spying on American businesses. End those jobs. I heard that Anthony Fauci makes $419,000 per year and he shouldn’t make that money. Fire him and all of the others like him.

“How did we get to the place we are where government makes our choices for us without regard for the consequences?” We let the government grow incrementally larger as a sign of progress until it has now eclipsed all other incremental growth in the nation. Cutting back the government by firing most government employees, returning to certifiable voting systems so that bad actors in Congress can be removed, reforming the monetary system and getting rid of financialization so that money can return to productive investments, reducing taxes on work that reduces the incentive to work, all of these things would return us to greater opportunity in America.

Non-performance of Constitutionally mandated Congressional duties; breach of contract.

Remember when Newt Gingrich publicized his Contract with America? At the time, I thought that the language was just a publicity stunt. Back then, I was focused on the idea that the Constitution limits the powers of Congress and I wasn’t thinking about their having a contract with America under the Constitution that describes duties that they must perform. When Congress fails to perform its duties, is it in breach of contract? Can Congress be prosecuted for non-performance?

The neoliberal era that we live in has become a litigious era. In fact it’s so legally busy that many political attacks happen in the courts. You can notice this when you consider the legal attack of Leutenant General Michael Flynn, for example. You can also see it in the examples of legal hoaxes and made up charges against President Donald Trump. If legal attacks have replaced assasination as a prerogative of political power, that’s probably a good thing. The unfortunate mess that our legal system is in, its various failures to act within the bounds of justice, are however, really a bad thing. Since what comes around goes around I can’t help but wonder. When you consider Congress’s actions and failures to act appropriately, is Congress vulnerable to legal charges of non-performance and breach of contract?

Many witnesses came forward during the 2020 election to write legal affadavits describing what they believed was election fraud. The FBI turned away from claims that fraud happened and failed to follow-up with appropriate investigations. There were other examples where courts turned away from the material merits of cases being made about election fraud and the material evidence was not heard in court. Court cases were denied based on standing. But does America have standing in a court of law to insist that Congress is failing us? Can we use the Department of Justice to make a claim of non-performance or breach of contract? Since we have DOJ failures and FBI failures, can we use common law expectations for Congress to perform its duties to charge them with non-performance or malfeasance?

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If a class action lawsuit were filed on behalf people who want Congress to do its job, who would hear the lawsuit? Can America censure Congress and declare that it is in non-performance?

When you look at the proscribed duties of Congress listed in the United States Constitution, Congress is in breach-of-contract in Article 1, Section 5: “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections…” because they refused to hear evidence or do an investigation of election fraud in 2020. Some members of Congress opposed validating the elections and wanted to do an investigation. Those few Congress members have been harried and attacked. That puts most of Congress in breach of contract and a few Congressional heroes in a compromised position from which they should be rescued for trying to do the right thing.

Congress is in breach of contract in Article 1, Section 8, “The Congress shall have the Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the Untied States…”; the covid restrictions clearly have harmed the welfare of the United States and Congress is failing to pay debts as it inflates the U.S. dollar through its various monetary policy experiments.

Congress is in breach of contract in Article 1, Section 8, “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…” because they have failed to control the U.S. border and prevent illegal immigrations.

Congress is in breach of contract in Article 1, Section 8 for failures “To coin Money, and regulate the value thereof…” continually deferring to the Federal Reserve as it destroys the value of the dollar, instead of stopping monetary abuses that have continued since the Great Recession and that have harmed American families and especially the elderly.

Congress is in breach of contract in the same Article 1, Section 8, for failing “To Provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.” Printing dollars beyond the productivity of the nation and locking down “non-essential” business to furthur impair production is breach of contract by failing to protect the general welfare.

Congress is in breach of contract for Article 1, Section 8, “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations.” Covid restrictions especially in the context of what some claim is an engineered virus and an unnecessary follow-up with m-RNA vaccine experimentation on Americans is against the Law of Nations with respect to offenses against the United States and also other Nations. A failure to recognize or investigate the possibility of biowarfare is breach of contract.

Congress is in breach of contract in Article 1, Section 8, “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.” Antifa and BLM have been attacking American cities in 2020 and have been linked to the attack on the Capital building. Congress has failed to do its duty to defend the United States in two ways: by falsely claiming in their recent impeachment trial that President Trump caused the Capital attack and also their 2020 claims that Antifa/BLM city riots were a kind of free speech.

Many people see Congress is failing the nation. There are legal remedies for a failure to perform and breach of contract. Even Congress should be called to account for itself.

No friendly voices on the radio this morning.

This morning for my exercise period on the stationary bike, I turned on the radio. Just for company. As an alternative to radio broadcasting, this week I’ve been listening to a David Sedaris CD set for some humor. But I’ve pretty much exhausted it now. So back to the radio I went. I was disappointed. It was just nonsense and propaganda. Fake stories about the Trump phony impeachment trial lacked any truth telling anywhere to be found. Too bad. Truth always gives us opportunities while propaganda doesn’t do anything but waste our listening time.

I haven’t heard any progress toward changing from electronic voting to a reliable system of voting like with paper ballots. I still hear radio stories about how Americans can address political rascals by voting them out of office. Of course, that is clearly no longer true. Too bad about that. Tragedy stalks us all because of fraudulent voting.

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I have heard more information about m-RNA vaccines posing a variety of threats. It seems that the jab may be more than a mere inconvenience. Encountering a wild type virus after priming the body to recognize viral spike proteins may lead to a quick and fatal end from something called antibody or immunity enhancement. M-RNA codes for proteins, and is usually present in small quantities in our cells. Our body has t-RNA and r-RNA also. M-RNA is usually around only 10% of all RNA in the body–a relatively small amount that is deactivated after the protein is made. Many animals in earlier pre-Covid m-RNA vaccine studies died after getting a vaccine of m-RNA after they later encountered a wild virus (some studies had 20% death rate, some 50% death rate and some as high as a 100% death rate). Death happens because the spike protein expressed in cells causes the immune system to attack the body’s cells that express that spike protein. Since coronaviruses are so common, it is risky to jab m-RNA into the arms of people to cause their cells to express a viral protein.

Of course we are already hearing of quicker fatalities of through other fatal mechanisms caused by the M-RNA jab. Some people are dying before they encounter wild-type viruses. We hear of death a few hours or days after a person has been injected with the m-RNA jab. We also hear of autoimmune disorders that develop hours, days or weeks later and complicate people’s lives with life-changing illnesses. We know from animal studies that imune enhancement caused deaths in animals that were in other m-RNA studies. And we don’t hear that the m-RNA jab does what vaccines are supposed to do. At best we hear that it may shorten illness time with covid-19 which is already mild or unsymptomatic in most people. That it may shorten illness by killing the m-RNA recipient isn’t emphasized.

If a lot of old people died after getting the jab, they couldn’t cash out their retirement investments and medicare wouldn’t be charged for late-life care. That would shift money away from going to pensioners. I wonder if that would be celebrated by money managers and insurance brokers in some circles. It would take some pressure off of Wall Street, currently being propped up by the money-printers. It would take pressure off the medical system, too. Murder through medical mishap isn’t supposed to be the recipe for enhancing national prosperity. It’s a kind of malfeasance when officials tell people they should get a dangerous m-RNA jab when ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine and zinc are already a safe and proven effective treatment.

So if you are old and you’re thinking, “All of my friends are getting the jab, and I can’t imagine living without these wonderful friends so why shouldn’t I get the jab too?” I hope that you will change your mind. And talk to them and try to change their minds. In America, we have FDA approval procedures for vaccines and although the FDA studies lack long-term rigor and are in some cases already recommending dangerous medical procedures, at least the FDA can usually stop medical abuse like we are seeing with the m-RNA jab.

The m-RNA jab is experimental. It isn’t FDA approved. It requires the Covid emergency to continue excusing it even though there’s no need for a declared emergency now. No animal studies were done for the covid-19 m-RNA jab even though earlier animal studies after m-RNA exposure proved significantly deadly because of immune enhancement. Healthy people have already died from getting the m-RNA jab. Don’t get it and risk joining them.

How to satisfy a spiritual appetite.

When I look at today’s political problems I can’t help but notice that our leaders have destroyed their souls. Why would I notice that? Well, I think that when a person becomes powerful there is usually the possibility for them to transition from physical power, from intellectual power to finally a kind of spiritual power. What if our leaders have become spiritually bankrupt and they can no longer make that transition? What I’m seeing around us all in the year 2021 can be easily explained when you realize that our leaders have lost their soul’s connection to a life of the spirit that would serve to connect them to the world with a sense of what’s valuable.

I got on this train of thought when I noticed Congress’s loss of power. Congress is supposed to do tasks assigned to this body by our Constitution. I’ve noticed that Congress as a body isn’t doing its job. Members of Congress aren’t taking care of the way our nation spends money. They aren’t overseeing our voting systems to make sure they have fidelity. They aren’t writing legislation that nurtures our country. They aren’t solving problems. They are a group of people presiding over a wasteland of failed projects. They fight and bicker and threaten. The longer they stay in power, the more disconnected all of them seem from all of us. How sad. They exist in a land without a spiritual connection to all of the valuable things in life. It isn’t hell but it’s a place where none of them can make good things happen anymore.

Let me make this a little less woo woo for you. Think of the covid restrictions. None of them accomplished the stated goal of preventing infection. When infection wasn’t prevented, the restrictions should have been removed. Instead they were increased. Even now they continue as a form of compliance without belief. This makes people in politics feel powerful as they fail to create social value with their decrees. See…no spiritual transition to a simple question like “What good thing can be done now?” Instead we continue under bad leadership toward processes that create no value. Only control without value.

You would be technically correct to point out that covid restrictions have been put into effect mostly by governors after President Trump said it was up to them to decide what to do on a state by state basis. Governors aren’t in Congress. Treasury policy isn’t Congress either. Abuse of the monetary system in the Treasury and Federal Reserve is overseen by Congress but it isn’t done by Congress. Yet, Congress is the sovereign body of the United States. Corrupt tyrant sovereigns own responsibility for mismanagement more than any other body in governance.

So what I’ll say is that our leaders now serve as an example of what not to do…what not to become. Perhaps not every member of Congress is soulless. But Congress as a body isn’t soulful. Don’t you go that way. Just because Congress has given up most of its cosmic sovereign purpose doesn’t mean that you should do likewise. Keep in mind the importance of our fellow men and women and the importance of our natural rights. Remember that Congress is supposed to protect the life, liberty and property of its citizens. It’s failing us.

Congress has lost a connection to bringing value into the world. They are destroyers of value instead. When Congress promises you a new healthcare program, imagine looking into their soulless eyes when they tell you that. Say no. When Congress promises you an experimental mrna vaccine supposedly to save you from an illness, imagine their empty vacuum filled hearts and say no to that. Get some exercise and good nutritious food instead. When Congress promises to give you money after they destroy your ability to make a living, I know you might have to cash a check or two from them, but don’t plan on it becoming permanent. Someday soon the checks from Congress will all bounce. Because Congress lost its soul and without having a spiritual connection to what human beings value, Congress can no longer lead the nation toward anything of value. Whatever Congress promises to do for you, hear them with the knowledge that they are destroyers now. Not builders. Say no to that world of destruction.

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You can turn away from that soullessness. Humans know what is valuable because we are born with that knowledge and many are nurtured in that knowledge. Were you? Don’t make deals that lose for you your connection to others and to our beautiful living world. Keep your soul healthy. Look at religions and find the technologies that can save your soul’s connections to what is really of value. Put your life’s energy into those kinds of connections. Don’t get talked out of having a spiritual life by a Congress that’s multiplying money without installing any value in it or in anything they are doing. Congress is destroying our nation. When Congress acts scary, remember that their behavior doesn’t recommend itself to you. Because having a soul matters.

Who is waging infowarfare against America?

I can see information warfare in media stories. Information warfare provides a competitive advantage to some viewpoints over others and can often make people feel confused or disheartened or by contrast, overconfident about a viewpoint without a valid reason. Some people try to define fake news by putting all the sites with stories they don’t agree with in the fake news site category. That’s not, however, how most of us think of fake news. So to be clear, I think that fake news is media on the internet, or in the publishing world that puts false narrative side by side with true narratives. Often this can confuse issues and raise passions, polarizing the nation. It can control outcomes in our political landscape but without a valid foundation. Only after an event has happened can a media consumer find out what was true and what wasn’t and then only if they have a copy printed of the story they were following.

Information warfare guided by bots on social media can inflame some topics by making one point of view appear more popular or more widely accepted than it really is. Social media, a phenomenon that is only about 15 years old is reshaping public opinions and making viewpoints more extreme. Think of it as a Hegelian argument on steroids. The Hegelian argument isn’t like the Greek dialectic. Greek arguments are about discovering what is true and what is false or what is good vs. what is harmful. The Hegelians don’t argue that one point is better or more true. Instead, every argument is treated as having similar value and nothing gets decided…only considered. That sounds so open minded which seems good at first, but what it can lead to is that some arguments that are false don’t get discarded when they should be discarded.

An example of Hegelian narrative is what happened in media stories after the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse. Mainstream media in broadcast tv and radio never got around to explaining what went wrong or how to prevent a recurrent financial collapse. Instead, there were numerous know nothing points of view on display in a constant Hegelian cycle of endless discussions. I got the information I wanted about the 2008 financial collapse from a book titled All the Devils are Here: The Hidden Story of the Financial Crisis, by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera. But most Americans never saw a copy of that book. Online and broadcast media sources endlessly discussing topics in finance failed America. Only McLean and Nocera gave Americans the information they needed to understand.

Social media does something similar to Hegelian discussions… every argument is available and some are spread more widely than other arguments that might be more valid. Bots pose as people liking a post and it can look like thousands or millions of people approve of a post when there aren’t many at all. Any claim can appear to be of greater value than another based on bot likes. Sadly, this assay of Hegelian value isn’t based on evidence that might prove that viewpoint is valid. It isn’t even based on authentic opinion. It can serve to convince people that an invalid viewpoint is widely accepted.

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Jaron Lanier says that social media can be used as a kind of behavoir modification strategy that influences people to subtly change their viewpoints, gradually making them more and more extreme. He specifically warns against using social media. He says that people should ban it from their lives.

Since the 2020 election inauguration day, on the 20th of January, media sponsors have limited the discussion of vote fraud by media pundits. No one is allowed to raise that topic in radio or on tv. A multitude of public concerns have come up. The public now doubts the fairness of our electoral process. Many Americans have become concerned about electronic voting fraud and that concern is also my greatest one. But there were many other forms of fraud from ballot stuffing to backdating ballots to fake ballots being printed without being processed through a real voter and cast in the 2020 election. Many witnesses gave afidavit testimony. Crimes appear to have happened and none were prosecuted.

Unfortunately, America’s voting concerns haven’t been addressed by the American justice department. Despite massive evidence, no one has been arrested. I visited some of my neighbors this week. Some of them are so worried that they are not able to sleep. They think that our government is full of cheats and liars. Are they right? And how will their concerns be addressed? Will electronic voting be fixed?

At the beginning of the IT revolution, people were hoping that society would benefit from the new technologies. We weren’t expecting social media to be weaponized as a technique of mass behavioral modification that creates polarizing viewpoints and discord. At this point, none of us should trust social media or the information revolution to be benign. Some of our experience shows us that it can be really harmful and destructive of social neighborliness. Social media and broadcast media are failing to serve us as resources that help our society come to agreement about what might be best for us. Instead they make us freak out, and fear our neighbors.

This is infowarfare. Who is behind it? To be sure, we can name corporate sponsors in broadcast media that are squelching discussions about voter fraud. We know that portions of our government ignored voter fraud and appear to have accepted it or denied that it happened. Broadcast media reports about government in the new Biden Administration are actively threatening people who raise concerns with cancel culture plans against ordinary people asking reasonable questions. And of course, there’s social media companies that have been actively censoring discourse on their platforms.

All of these groups appear to prefer globalization to Make-America-Great strategies that many advocated for America because so many everyday Americans outside of the political and IT groups have experienced economic decline under globalization, financialization and neoliberalism. Are globalizers also plotting against nation states? Nation states are the only political entities in the world that protect natural rights. They are the world’s most stable strategy for peace since the Peace of Westphalia established nation states in 1648. Nation states help to prevent religious wars like the Thirty Years War. Nation states also invented diplomacy based on Italian City State strategies which has reduced the frequency of wars. Global institutions don’t do that.

Who else is networked with the globalist corporations, governments and social media companies? How many foreign powers have influenced our 2020 election? There appears to be a coordinated network attempting to block discourse and vote fraud resolution. How can we get around this blockade?

If All the Seas Were One Sea…

If all the seas were one sea,

What a great sea that would be!

And if all the trees were one tree,

What a great tree that would be!

And if all the axes were one axe,

What a great axe that would be!

And if all the men were one man,

What a great man he would be!

And if the great man took the great axe,

And cut down the great tree,

And let it fall into the great sea,

What a splish splash that would be!

–Mother Goose

Circumventing voters shows how little is on offer to motivate Americans.

For a long time now, Americans have experienced life at a stand still. IT has been reorganizing how banking is done, how people find work, how people get their information. But what does IT offer people that engages their best potential? What does IT give Americans that enables them to achieve, to grow, to excel, to make progress in their own lives? While the economy has been reorganized by IT, opportunity has been shrinking not growing, the middle class has been going away, and many don’t know how to get ahead in this IT run world where no one is accountable to Americans for the declines that they are facing in income and political power. Somehow, computer algorithms have short circuited the accountability of people who are running those algorithms and ruining people’s ability to hold politicians and bankers and corporate operators accountable.

If Sidney Powell is right, IT voting machines have now manipulated election results to change the apparent outcome of the 2020 election. I’ve read arguments on-line that suggest that the Democratic party had no other choice but to manipulate the vote because they couldn’t field a worthwhile candidate that would beat President Trump. And this argument went on to say that the necessity of winning made cheating necessary too. I don’t believe that that’s the kind of necessity, the necessity to win that matters in this election.

The necessity that matters in our republic is for a President to be elected through voters that approve of him or her because in a republic voters elect representatives they feel will represent their interests. That’s the necessity that matters more than winning. No one will have any respect for any other kind of “winner.” The violence that is reflected in this 2020 election fraud is likely to spread and although others say that they fear more future election fraud, that’s not what worries me. I worry about a wholesale loss of legitimacy in our politics that would eventually lead to a breakdown of order.

The ancient political world cared about necessity and reciprocity as forces that shape political outcomes. Necessity includes a normal human lifespan and the ordinary goals that engage people’s energy and agency. Reciprocity is about how violence or kindness are paid back eventually in human societies. A good political plan would avoid thwarting people’s ordinary needs and would treat humankind with respect in the interests of maintaining a respectful society. It seems like game theory has entered into the political gambits of today. But game theory seems to neglect these ordinary kinds of care for necessity and reciprocity. Peril follows this neglect.

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I’m waiting to see what will happen on Wednesday. Will Congress remember the importance of legitimacy in our nation’s 2020 election or will they evade legitimacy in favor of a different political option that offers the promise of an entirely different political outcome than the one that would have been determined by a legitimate vote? We will have to wait to see what happens. I hope Congress will embrace legitimacy and avoid peril.

Redemption or condemnation…

Fake news can resemble real news for a short time. But then it gives itself away as untrue in the flow of reality that always follows. I noticed that Sidney Powell put a lot of authentic documents up on-line during the long holiday weekend. As the days pass those documents that are evidence of fraud in our 2020 election are still ringing true. They aren’t being swept aside as just another fiction the way that fake news gives way to even more fake news. There’s staying power in the real. Real persists and fake fades right out of our memory.

I guess no one can blame voters anymore for bad decisions being made in the legislature or for that matter bad decisions in any elected office. Congress hasn’t been accountable for their bad decisions and we know that because they pretend every day that they just need to generate even more bad laws and bad policies. I have never heard a single Congress member say that a substantial mistake in policy needs to be fixed. For example, none of Congress wants to undo deregulation. Even with its panoply of problems. Voting for legislative packages in the thousands of pages shows all of us that Congress has turned to the dark side or at least turned against good law making. Printing money that will cause inevitable inflation or collapse of the dollar is unsound policy and now we know not to blame ourselves for any part of it.

What about the governors that have closed down American cities and kept them locked down? Why do they believe that voters should continue tolerating this destructive policy? Do they really think that American voters see them in the same light after widespread voting fraud has been revealed?

When our politicians were thought to be elected by voters, they were our own misguided politicians and we gave them the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t look like they all deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore. Since we can’t tell how many Congress members or others earned their offices through an illegal voting process, the whole lot of them are accountable in a more personal way for their bad decisions than they ever were under a fully legal voting system. If a Congress member got into their office and held onto it with fake results generated by illegal voting interference, then the voter surely isn’t to blame. All the blame belongs to the cheater.

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A few years ago, a venerable white haired reporter who had covered the news in Washington D.C. for more than thirty years said that Americans fail to see Congress members in their modern role. He thought that Congress was like the most effective group of lobbyists in the nation. He believed that their modern role was to make deals happen by supporting people who also supported them in return. He saw that all kinds of business opportunities got realized through support in Congress. How simple it would be then for Congress to start making deals with foreign interests as well as with American interests. Under globalization, a Congress member could offer their support to anyone in the world who could return the favor with a little extra something for the Congress member. And look at what a shambles acting that way in Congress has made of the United States, if the Biden family rumors are any indication of what really happens in the swamp.

On the 6th of January, when the Congress meets to look over elector slates, I’ve heard that some members are going to reject the democrat voting elector slates from the battleground states that have evidence of fraud. Seven states have submitted two sets of elector slates, knowing that the alternative slate may be called for. That is the job of Congress, to be a backstop that will end an election fraud and support the will of voters. I applaud the smart Congress members who will fight for free elections that are fair. It’s the only way that Congress can get the benefit of the doubt in our American politics of the future. Whatever the advantages of cheating in secret, those advantages ended when the secret of cheating became widespread public knowledge.

Human beings have an evolutionary history and a political history and they don’t cooperate forever with tyranny. Trust is a valuable thing in our society and losing it can be a really bad outcome for our nation. So I hope that Congress decides to board the Redemption Train that’s pulling into the station on January 6th. Last chance, all aboard!

President Trump should veto the Covid relief bill today.

Instead of passing it, President Trump should veto it because it is against the best interests of the United States. Please veto it, Mr. President. It’s over 5000 pages long and Congress didn’t have time to read it before they passed it onto you. It makes a mockery of our legislative processes. It is a trap by our enemies. Veto, veto, veto, veto, please veto.

And please continue to fight the swamp. Use your intelligence and determination to beat back the collectivists who want to destroy our nation. Use foxy stratagems to defeat the defeatists who want to destroy all that is good about our nation and all of us. Don’t be trapped by logicians that argue you should concede. Ignore them all and use your chutzpah to win despite those who plot your ruin and our ruin.

Continue fighting the usurpers of our Constitution. You are winning even if people say that you will lose. You won’t lose. Just keep up the good fight for the nation that you love.

And Merry Christmas, Mr President.

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This quote from George Washington came from https://www.iceagenow.info/the-plot-to-steal-america-video/

“The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether
Americans are to be freemen or slaves;

whether they are to have any
property they can call their own;

whether their houses and farms are to
be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of
wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them.

The fate of
unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct
of this army.

Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice
of brave resistance, or the most abject submission.

We have, therefore,
to resolve to conquer or die.”

George Washington

Address to the Continental Army before the Battle of Long Island | Tuesday, August 27, 1776

The article that comes before the quote is titled: “The Plot to Steal America, Video” by Robert, published 19 Dec 2020. It’s worth reading. The accompanying video has been disabled but there’s a summary.

ADDENDUM: 23rd Dec 2020: President Trump put his veto on that Covid relief bill. Thanks Mr. President!

Politics isn’t a game for sissies.

What is politics? Politics is who gets what. What has gone wrong with our politics that has led us to despair for our republic? The answer isn’t all that hard to understand. Here are some perspectives that you can use to look at our problems from a useful and strategic angle.

We started as a republic under an ideology called classical liberalism. It is the ideology that believes that political freedom requires economic freedom. Contrast that with today’s neoliberal ideology where the government is constantly interfering with our nation’s economy. The idea that the federal government should pick economic winners and losers is something that would have left the Founding Fathers fuming and warning us not to do that. Look at the results.

Look at all the businesses that governors are mandating closure of. Covid restrictions are attacking all of us for no reason except spitefulness. These governors making up oppressive rules should be recalled right out of office. I’ve read that a signature campaign to get rid of Governor Newsom is well underway.

We have abuse of the monetary and financial systems to the point of national and state insolvency. We have abuse of the legal system, for instance the Covid relief bill that’s over 5000 pages long and no one has time to read it. We have abuse of the military with military bases scattered all over the world and never-ending conflicts in the Middle East. We see expanding abuses of your money (printing beyond real production), your job (closing some businesses), your opportunity (outsourcing jobs or bringing cheaper labor from abroad), your President (phony investigations, groundless impeachment), your right to have your vote counted (cheater voting machines and ballot stuffing), your freedom to choose whether to wear a pointless mask or get a vaccine (when covid isn’t more deadly than other illnesses we have encountered that we never needed oppressive rules to deal with), healthcare mandates (because they want to hurt and humiliate you). Washington D.C. is full of people who want to tell you where to go and what to do even though it’s not supposed to be any of their business.

We have constant mockery these days when we encounter a free press that gives us fake news all the time. We have fearful reports of ordinary illnesses that are blown out of all proportion. Humans have lived with illness for our whole history and the level of real illness with covid isn’t as large or as severe what it’s cracked up to be under PCR testing that produces 90% fake positives. Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake Russia interfering with the election stories. Fake global warming/climate change stories. Fake covid-is-killing-even-more people stories.

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Politicians have too much power over us and it’s time to end it. Deregulation started this kind of politics that is now a ball rolling towards the precipice of infinite capital and infinite stupidity and infinite destruction.

What can be done to fix our nation and put it back together? End deregulation of banking, communications, transportation and energy. Re-regulate. Re-institute Glass Steagall separation of investment and commercial banking. End derivatives trading. Require fair and balanced reporting or remove the license to broadcast. Regulate energy as a public utility. Regulate transportation for commercial ends and not environmental goals. End monopoly medicine and stop advertising medical drugs on the public airwaves. Stop broadcasting public service announcements that are unveiled propaganda–end free public service broadcasting. Rein in over-zealous prosecutors, end plea bargains, reduce sentence lengths for crimes. Make voting audits commonplace and get rid of electronic voting. All of these changes require a Congress that cares about the voter. It requires Congress to retreat from neoliberal deregulation and legislate to restore common-sense government regulation. What if Congress doesn’t care?

Washington D.C. can’t be the center of our politics. Local politics matters more. We the People are supposed to run our own lives. We don’t need Washington or State government to close businesses so that Washington can pass a trillion dollar aid package to prove to us how helpful they can be in Washington D. C. (as they destroy the dollar). People have natural rights. A lot of today’s political mixture is evil and destructive to ordinary people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Congress doesn’t seem to care about America. Whatever promises are being made by the globalists, they’re lies. Enemies have come to occupy positions in our state and federal government and valiant President Trump has been fighting the swamp for four years. Will he prevail in his fight to be recognized as the winner of the election of 2020? I hope so. But I don’t imagine that he alone can save the republic. What’s needed? Our nation needs to address voting fraud. If electronic voting fraud has provided voting insurance keeping bad government elected officials in office, it has hurt us and it needs to end.

More and more people are saying that the swamp can’t be drained. Restoring fidelity in voting is a step towards having a legislature that responds to the voters. Just as Sidney Powell has stated, a full inquiry into election fraud should be made (and possibly an historical inquiry). Changes should be implemented to restore confidence in the ability of citizens to remove bad actors by using their vote. A full revamp of voting methods is needed. Whenever ballots are processed electronically a full audit should be administered every time including statistical methods to suss out fraud (as Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai suggested in an earlier post). Records of the vote should be kept for 2 years as required by law. Paper ballots might be best.