Drone assasination demonstrates barbarity.

In the previous post, I mentioned failures in the rule of law and the dire consequences that are ensuing because of that. In the United States failures of the rule of law started with undeclared warfare through global policing. The Empire goal of becoming the global police force has led to out-of-control spending and the roll-out of private mercenary armies. Then and concurrently with global policing, came deregulation in communication, energy, finance and transportation and the result of that has been Fake News, unrealistic Green Energy goals and technology, Too-Big-to-Fail Banks and now Inflationary Gas Prices and Restrictions in petroleum powered trucking which we rely upon to ship goods across the nation. After that, voting fidelity was undermined with electronic voting and mail in ballots. After a Fake election in 2020 that installed a Fake President, there was an attack against military training and military discipline with all kinds of Transgender shenanigans, Woke ideology, mandatory vaccinations with an experimental vax that has led to reduced fitness and deaths of military personnel or resignations. The mandatory experimental vax also injured police, firemen and medical workers or drove them out of the workforce. People have started referring to these absurdities and others that happened earlier as Clown World. Assasination by drone without arrest and trial is another change that is part of Clown World.

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When the Obama Administration started doing drone assassinations, I read a criticism of that action by a woman from the Northeast. She said that it was an immoral barbarity to not accuse and try a person in a court of law but instead to simply kill them. I have read others saying that murder is the easiest political recourse but what most of us realize is that it doesn’t make friends or establish trust in politics. In politics, your friends are at least as important as your enemies. Friends are often more important than enemies in politics because they build relationships that can strengthen society’s resources and provide new positive avenues for better options that you might not ever discover without your friend’s help when building a better future. Murder by drone as a political expedient does none of that.

Barricading the White House won’t save our government officials in a Drone Assasination World. In fact, although we hear stories every so often about some crazy person shooting up the White House, the advance of drones will eventually replace any would-be assassin with a simpler political expedient that would perhaps be harder to defend against because drones will eventually be smaller and perhaps deadlier in their payloads. So whenever I hear someone bragging about drone assasination and how politically useful it is, I have to say I disagree that it will work for better political outcomes. It would be better to stop it right now before it gets more deadly as drone technologies advance.

I wonder sometimes if this series of absurdities happening in politics and the economy now is really just a new kind of warfare without widespread infrastructure destruction. Instead of attacking buildings and people directly, nodes of control and communication are attacked. I have to say that destroying people’s better options by destroying the conscientious use of the rule-of-law in a functioning polity seems like a warfare tactic that differs from actions taken during WWI and WWII. I’m sure that these techniques have been used in recent foreign wars but their practice here is new in the United States to most people. I suppose that we have computer technologies, game theory and probably some government organisations to thank for these strategies. I don’t applaud this undermining of social infrastructure. I predict that Clown World won’t end well for anyone.