Fear spatter in radio news.

The press cranked up the fear today.

I was listening to a rock station to get away from fake news. One minute I was listening to Led Zeppelin and the next, there was a report that the governor of Mississippii was threatening to arrest people who live in Mississippi if they don’t get an injection of mRNA and then come up positive on a covid test. Is this story even true?

Of course, almost everyone knows that PCR testing produces false positives. The CDC has agreed to end PCR testing at the end of the year because of false positives. So based on this story, mass arrests are planned in Mississippii? I guess by analogy the threat of arrest is being implied for anyone who doesn’t play along and get an m-RNA injection. And the m-RNA shot doesn’t prevent anything and does increase risks of death or damage by m-RNA.

What is the news trying to accomplish here? Whose interests are served by more m-RNA injections? Certainly not the American public’s.

That moment of absurdity, when the announcer threatened me for not getting an m-RNA innoculation reminds me of political propaganda I heard as a young student back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Back then, I heard someone threaten my privacy if an amendment to make sure that women would get equal pay for equal work was passed. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) failed in part because of propaganda. People were saying that men and women would have no privacy and that all people would have to use the same bathroom in public places. I was too young to see problems with that pretended scenario. I only wondered at it and didn’t recognize it as a cheap shot kind of propaganda. Now we see a similar strategy.

Why raise the stakes even higher today, from request to arrest? Is the press trying to distract me from other problems in our politics and economy? Are they just trying to use up Emergency Use Approved vaccines?

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Does someone really mean to arrest me if I refuse to get an mRNA shot? How about the booster shots that are planned…will a refusal here also lead to arrest? Has push come to shove?

Unregulated banking is harmful to us.

No matter how far you’ve gone down the wrong road, turn around.

That’s what I want to say about our disfunctional banking system and monetary disasters of today. A regulated banking system can support investments into productive outcomes that benefit society and families and individuals. An unregulated banking system only serves the most powerful financial players and it is a disaster to everyone else because although it multiplies the capital holdings of investors it can’t do anything else. Look around at the human suffering and insolvency that has piled up around us. The problems that are growing around us are caused by unregulated banking.

After banking deregulation, we have discovered more government tyranny–that is an increase in government demands about what all of us are thinking and doing. Our voting systems have been compromised. Cars, healthcare, education and homes are too expensive for most people to afford. There aren’t enough jobs for the number of people who want to work. Many of our cities have neighborhoods that are crumbling into rubble. People are becoming more alienated from our workforce because they can’t make the kinds of workplace progress that they expect work to offer them.

We find ourselves listening to foolish fantasies about UBI (universal basic income), and a social credit system that is only about slavery. Financialization, AKA easy-money-policy (low interest loans readily made to many) has led to huge amounts of indebtedness in federal state and municipal governments and among individuals. The promises associated with these programs of UBI and social credit aren’t going to rescue indebted people from their problems. Why? Because there’s no way to protect people’s ownership of their own lives under these imagined programs.

Investment banking isn’t a primary system. It is a secondary system.

What I mean by that is that investment in assets only happens after those assets are created by workers and entrepreneurs.

The notion that financial investment can continue without production is complete nonsense. Also, when the Federal Reserve prints money that isn’t backed by assets, it devalues our currency (it steals the value from dollars created in the past). Currency overprinting can lead to monetary failure and collapse. It’s insane to think that money in an unregulated economy–that is money like we have in today’s Federal Reserve print that isn’t backed up by assets–can accomplish the things money can accomplish in a regulated economy with asset-backed money. It’s just another empty neoliberal fantasy.

Some people suggest that robots can take the place of people in the workforce but there’s a number of problems with that argument. For one thing, who will fix or maintain the robots? For another thing, it was our tax system that made building robots seem appealing in the first place. They are a depreciating asset and human beings aren’t. Robots as a depreciating asset encouraged the mental calculus that led to the manufacture of robots. But robots can’t replace people in any general capacity. Robots are mostly useful within very narrow applications. Their real usefulness isn’t like the fantasy that imagines them as a human replacement.

So whenever someone says that we are merely transitioning to a new and better world where no one has to work, don’t believe it. Restrictions of your freedom are an attack against you and your interests. Over human history, slavery has never been a better system and it isn’t a better one now.

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Living in the time of dollar devaluation: by permission only.

The dollar continues losing its value and its power.

It had already lost more than 90% of its value before the Great Recession 2008 which was caused by derivatives in real estate.

Overprinting dollars well beyond national productivity in the context of financialization continues harming our economy by decreasing the power of the dollar and by creating huge amounts of unpayable debt in governments, in corporations and among individuals.

This insolvency caused by unpayable debt has the ability to break the monetary system and destroy our economy.

Our economy is stuck: high centered over failures of Federal Reserve and Treasury policy. They refuse to stop their harmful policies.

As economic harms unfold, there has been an increase in state barriers to people’s opportunity.

First were price increases in everyone’s expenses for food, cars, houses, healthcare and education.

Then, pandemic declarations were made before anyone knew how dangerous a laboratory-made virus would become.

A lot of workers were prohibited from working at their jobs.

It proved out that most people aren’t endangered by that new virus because they already have natural immunity.

Prohibiting work was unnecessary and harmful.

Leftover restrictions are barriers without a purpose or even a rationale.

There’s talk of restrictions for anyone without an mRNA innoculation.

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are safe alternatives to the experimental mRNA shot in treating the virus if a person were to become sickened by it.

A lot of people have been harmed by the mRNA shot and ongoing harms may continue.

Barriers will stand in your way if you don’t allow experimentation on your body with mRNA. According to the press barriers to travel, education, and social security stipends are being considered.

In a working monetary system, dollars hold value. As our monetary system is destroyed it appears that government permission is meant to take the place of money.

Our voting system has been compromised and now permitted people are perhaps meant to take the place of voters.

Yet, any kind of pandemic emergency is done because the virus ran its course already.

The notion that you require permission to educate yourself, travel or receive social security payments is a wrong notion.

The notion that you can’t say no to mRNA is a wrong notion.

There’s malfeasance in the way that our politics and economy are being run.

How can we stop it?

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Are we facing the bitter end of the Enlightenment?

Henry Kissinger said that he thought that having AI would put an end to the Enlightenment. Let’s revisit the Enlighenment and consider the fruits that it gave the Western World and by extension under globalization the fruits that it shared with other parts of the world outside of the West.

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First of all, the Enlightenment was the crucible that formed modern nation states with limited powers of government under legislative agreements. Enlightenment thinking led people to believe that the notion that kings have divine rights is an absurd notion. Rationalism helped people to understand that no human being has perfect knowledge or infinite power. For this reason, kings shouldn’t be granted unlimited powers.

It was Enlightenment thinking that helped us understand that different people want different things. Enlightenment thinking relied on humanism and rationalism. Humanism recognizes the ability of people to choose a better life for themselves and their children. Rationalism assumes that people can think for themselves and understand the world around them. When the Enlightenment joined forces with the scientific revolution the West enjoyed a technology boom that improved the way humans live.

Today, many are imagining another boom under artificial intelligence while others see AI as a threat. Apparently Kissinger, in saying that AI could cause the end of the Age of Enlightenment, believed that AI is a threat to humanism and rationalism. He may also have seen it as a threat to the nation state and and existential threat to all of humanity.

Books about social media talk about chaos stirred into politics under curated online content. People get different information when they access online sources and their information feed is supervised by algorithms that are meant to increase engagement and by extension, increase profits. An algorithm isn’t AI and yet algorithms are already making political accord more difficult to acheive for all of us.

Some of the propaganda about mRNA inoculation isn’t remotely rational and is even an affront to rational discourse. Whatever you think about it, remember the fruits of the Enlightenment as you engage with that irrational messaging. Remember how wonderful humanism and rationalism are for human communities. Ask yourself if propaganda messaging accords with the traditions of humanism and rationalism.

Is there an AI program promoting a new political agenda free of humanism and rationalism? Maybe it’s just monopoly power in a political system being damaged by large money interests in concert with gross corruption among political players.