Fear spatter in radio news.

The press cranked up the fear today.

I was listening to a rock station to get away from fake news. One minute I was listening to Led Zeppelin and the next, there was a report that the governor of Mississippii was threatening to arrest people who live in Mississippi if they don’t get an injection of mRNA and then come up positive on a covid test. Is this story even true?

Of course, almost everyone knows that PCR testing produces false positives. The CDC has agreed to end PCR testing at the end of the year because of false positives. So based on this story, mass arrests are planned in Mississippii? I guess by analogy the threat of arrest is being implied for anyone who doesn’t play along and get an m-RNA injection. And the m-RNA shot doesn’t prevent anything and does increase risks of death or damage by m-RNA.

What is the news trying to accomplish here? Whose interests are served by more m-RNA injections? Certainly not the American public’s.

That moment of absurdity, when the announcer threatened me for not getting an m-RNA innoculation reminds me of political propaganda I heard as a young student back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Back then, I heard someone threaten my privacy if an amendment to make sure that women would get equal pay for equal work was passed. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) failed in part because of propaganda. People were saying that men and women would have no privacy and that all people would have to use the same bathroom in public places. I was too young to see problems with that pretended scenario. I only wondered at it and didn’t recognize it as a cheap shot kind of propaganda. Now we see a similar strategy.

Why raise the stakes even higher today, from request to arrest? Is the press trying to distract me from other problems in our politics and economy? Are they just trying to use up Emergency Use Approved vaccines?

Buy a copy of Political Catsup with Economy Fries available at Amazon.com. It will tell you the nuts and bolts of how American politics have been changed from the Founder’s intentions.

Does someone really mean to arrest me if I refuse to get an mRNA shot? How about the booster shots that are planned…will a refusal here also lead to arrest? Has push come to shove?

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