2023 Calls for Courage.

Happy New Year. It’s almost the turn of the year today. What can we say about this moment?

As we have gone through 2022, dire medical consequences of the covid vax have been unfolding. Most people know someone who took the injection who has become ill or died. It’s with a heavy heart or maybe a sense of fear that we look on these terrible outcomes. Broadcasting media continues public service messaging that everyone should keep getting boosters and this shows terrible and deadly corruption in our nation because medical studies have abundantly shown that the covid vax has an adverse outcome rather than offering any kind of benefit. Corruption runs rampant in government and it’s hard to know what to do about a large system failure. Many people have been incentivized into criminal acts.

No matter what happens as we move into 2023, remember to have compassion for your neighbors, friends and family. Look on adversity and track its cause. Consider how politics can work towards harm or benefit. Imagine how to restructure government to offer the least harm. Remember that other people have tried to discover how to assemble a less harmful government as a goal. Many of them have left a written history of our human struggle to unite without causing tragedies. And of course, history can guide us.

In 2015, I wrote a book called Political Catsup with Economy Fries. I was hoping with that book to warn and to join Americans together in a better understanding of our history and our political and economic successes and failures. In reading recently about ancient Celtic traditions, I read that Celts (before Rome invaded their society) would welcome a new baby by saying “thank you for coming to this difficult life and joining us in the struggle.” Lets all join together in the struggles of 2023.

I heard that Thomas Sowell, the famous and reliable author of Basic Economics, once said that only a liar can satisfy people when they prefer magical thinking to an honest assessment because what they want isn’t possible. If you’ve been gullible and listened to liars in the past, it’s time to stop doing that. Don’t be persuaded by fancy promises that aren’t achievable.

No matter what we think is already baked into the 2023 pie, there will be some surprises. Keep your good humor intact as you face whatever happens and remember that loving is one of the most powerful human traits. We can all keep learning as we go forward. We will all need our brains, our hearts, our souls and our courage to do good in 2023.

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Restoring prosperity dominates American concerns.

Our days are now loudly filled with media coverage of unimportant arguments about things that don’t matter to most Americans. For example, non-issues: these are the ones where Americans split 50% on both sides and for which an agreement can’t be achieved except to respect people’s differences. Non-issues like abortion have reorganized rhetoric in both the Democrat and Republican parties, and generated a lot of discord but not any kind of detente. There are also pet issues, those like pronoun usage in the support of a small population of loud voices. Also there are fantasy issues, issues that are made up out of fictions based on sciency arguments that aren’t factual, like claims that humans have caused global temperature warming based on CO2 in the atmosphere, now renamed climate change after the temperature failed to increase.

These topics get constant play in media. People in media and politics like these issues because they are kinds of unsolvable problems. Since they are unsolvable, small interest group based or fantasy based, media pundits and politicians don’t have to do anything except constantly regurgitate these issues as a useful waste of time to distract from the issues of who gets what and who isn’t getting anything of political advantage. It gives them something to talk about even though Americans mostly don’t care about that stuff. So much media passion-for-nothing is what these issues amount to. With carnival-like enthusiasm, with shrill fake-concern, our media goes back and forth reheating and re-serving these same left-over topic-arguments again and again. This is part of why media in America is losing money and audience numbers.

Americans instead want to know how to get ahead economically and politically. They want to know how to make a living based on their own real competencies while they are confronted instead with a bewildering job climate full of churn which has suddenly started prying into people’s private lives and personal opinions. They want to know how to create more wealth and generate more security for themselves as they age or as their children grow up. They want to know how to restore confidence in voting during American elections and how to get rid of vote mis-counting by fake balloting and illegal electronic vote-transferring. They want to know how to restore the rule of law. They want better prices for real estate that match what people can afford to pay. They want inflation and money overprinting to end with a sounder monetary policy approach. They want an end of clown-world and chaos-politics.

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Americans want restored prosperity through better policies based on sound money, the American Constitution and rule of law, and ending undeclared wars and proxy wars. They care about their local communities and their neighbors. They don’t want to argue with them. They just want to join them in getting on with life.

Many Americans avoid network news programs because when viewers start enumerating the lies they tell us it is too irritating. Many find that the social connections they used to have that enabled them to get a job don’t exist anymore. Many find inflation burdensome and think saving for retirement isn’t possible. Many believe that government is better with limitations on government power as it is supposed to be in America. They know that the government isn’t supposed to declare that non-essential workers must stay home as has been done historically during political takeovers. They know that food should not be used as a political and economic weapon. When they look over VAERS data or check published studies they discover that the rna-vax is poisonous and harmful: sort of like throwing sand in the gears. They know the vote is supposed to have fidelity with what Americans choose when they cast their choices during elections.

We all look for and hope for better choices to be made in the future to restore the Republic that once knew prosperity.