Opportunity online search top hits are all programs brokered by government.

I decided to look for opportunity in America. I did a search for American opportunity online. What came up on the first page of my search was only hits about government programs. Nothing else appears to be happening in the world of American opportunity.

According to my dictionary, the word opportunity has two meanings. The first is “a combination of circumstances favorable for the purpose; fit time.” The second is “a good chance or occasion, as to advance oneself.” Just above the word opportunity is the word opportunism. My dictionary says for this word, “the practice or policy of adapting one’s actions, judgments, etc. to circumstances, as in politics, in order to further one’s immediate interests, without regard for basic principles or eventual consequences.”

Having government policies entwined with opportunity causes opportunism. Opportunism is how I describe the key characteristic of neoliberalism. Opportunism is destroying opportunity in America.

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Where is opportunity in America without government involvement? How can we get rid of government’s entanglement in our opportunities? How did we get to the place we are where government makes our choices for us without regard to the consequences?

A fantastic insight about this topic comes from the classical liberal era. American Founders believed that political freedom requires economic freedom. Economic freedom from government interference is something we could use more of right now. Because government can’t create opportunity. Governments can’t make people creative or productive. They can tax us. They can close down our businesses under (bogus) covid restrictions. But they can’t be the dynamo of energy found in Americans who want to work to make the nation better and freer. The more government gets in the way, the poorer we all become in terms of opportunities and outcomes.

I have read that 50% of all American economic activity is now brokered by government. People get government checks to provide income that they may not be able to get any other way in our current economy. This is not at a time of economic growth but rather economic shrinkage. Even if you want to open a business after covid restrictions are over, the government will want to tax every dollar that you make as soon as you make it.

Paul Harvey has been off the radio since 2008 but I still remember him saying that the levels of taxation in the United States destroy people’s incentive to start a business. I seem to remember that he said as soon as taxes go above 17%, incentive to work begins to diminish. Now there are so many taxes and bossy regulations, so many middlemen and thieves wanting to steal the fire right out of the heart of the furnace of production that a lot of would-be entrepreneurs can’t see a way to get anything started. And financialization diverts money from productive uses to investment uses. People naturally want to get things done with their lives. Misguided voices who say that they want to have Universal Basic Income take the place of productive living have lost track of humanity’s wish to strive and accomplish. UBI is a monster that will sap every good thing out of people’s life legacy. And UBI won’t magically produce prosperity as it claims.

The question “Where is opportunity in America without government involvement?” There isn’t any such opportunity. But we can change things back to having opportunity by removing government’s involvement in people’s opportunity. Stop all the government oversight. Government should just stop minding our business and start minding the duties and obligations of governing.

“How can we get rid of government’s entanglement in our opportunities?” Stop rewarding people in government jobs that are regulating and spying on American businesses. End those jobs. I heard that Anthony Fauci makes $419,000 per year and he shouldn’t make that money. Fire him and all of the others like him.

“How did we get to the place we are where government makes our choices for us without regard for the consequences?” We let the government grow incrementally larger as a sign of progress until it has now eclipsed all other incremental growth in the nation. Cutting back the government by firing most government employees, returning to certifiable voting systems so that bad actors in Congress can be removed, reforming the monetary system and getting rid of financialization so that money can return to productive investments, reducing taxes on work that reduces the incentive to work, all of these things would return us to greater opportunity in America.

Non-performance of Constitutionally mandated Congressional duties; breach of contract.

Remember when Newt Gingrich publicized his Contract with America? At the time, I thought that the language was just a publicity stunt. Back then, I was focused on the idea that the Constitution limits the powers of Congress and I wasn’t thinking about their having a contract with America under the Constitution that describes duties that they must perform. When Congress fails to perform its duties, is it in breach of contract? Can Congress be prosecuted for non-performance?

The neoliberal era that we live in has become a litigious era. In fact it’s so legally busy that many political attacks happen in the courts. You can notice this when you consider the legal attack of Leutenant General Michael Flynn, for example. You can also see it in the examples of legal hoaxes and made up charges against President Donald Trump. If legal attacks have replaced assasination as a prerogative of political power, that’s probably a good thing. The unfortunate mess that our legal system is in, its various failures to act within the bounds of justice, are however, really a bad thing. Since what comes around goes around I can’t help but wonder. When you consider Congress’s actions and failures to act appropriately, is Congress vulnerable to legal charges of non-performance and breach of contract?

Many witnesses came forward during the 2020 election to write legal affadavits describing what they believed was election fraud. The FBI turned away from claims that fraud happened and failed to follow-up with appropriate investigations. There were other examples where courts turned away from the material merits of cases being made about election fraud and the material evidence was not heard in court. Court cases were denied based on standing. But does America have standing in a court of law to insist that Congress is failing us? Can we use the Department of Justice to make a claim of non-performance or breach of contract? Since we have DOJ failures and FBI failures, can we use common law expectations for Congress to perform its duties to charge them with non-performance or malfeasance?

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If a class action lawsuit were filed on behalf people who want Congress to do its job, who would hear the lawsuit? Can America censure Congress and declare that it is in non-performance?

When you look at the proscribed duties of Congress listed in the United States Constitution, Congress is in breach-of-contract in Article 1, Section 5: “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections…” because they refused to hear evidence or do an investigation of election fraud in 2020. Some members of Congress opposed validating the elections and wanted to do an investigation. Those few Congress members have been harried and attacked. That puts most of Congress in breach of contract and a few Congressional heroes in a compromised position from which they should be rescued for trying to do the right thing.

Congress is in breach of contract in Article 1, Section 8, “The Congress shall have the Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the Untied States…”; the covid restrictions clearly have harmed the welfare of the United States and Congress is failing to pay debts as it inflates the U.S. dollar through its various monetary policy experiments.

Congress is in breach of contract in Article 1, Section 8, “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…” because they have failed to control the U.S. border and prevent illegal immigrations.

Congress is in breach of contract in Article 1, Section 8 for failures “To coin Money, and regulate the value thereof…” continually deferring to the Federal Reserve as it destroys the value of the dollar, instead of stopping monetary abuses that have continued since the Great Recession and that have harmed American families and especially the elderly.

Congress is in breach of contract in the same Article 1, Section 8, for failing “To Provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.” Printing dollars beyond the productivity of the nation and locking down “non-essential” business to furthur impair production is breach of contract by failing to protect the general welfare.

Congress is in breach of contract for Article 1, Section 8, “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations.” Covid restrictions especially in the context of what some claim is an engineered virus and an unnecessary follow-up with m-RNA vaccine experimentation on Americans is against the Law of Nations with respect to offenses against the United States and also other Nations. A failure to recognize or investigate the possibility of biowarfare is breach of contract.

Congress is in breach of contract in Article 1, Section 8, “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.” Antifa and BLM have been attacking American cities in 2020 and have been linked to the attack on the Capital building. Congress has failed to do its duty to defend the United States in two ways: by falsely claiming in their recent impeachment trial that President Trump caused the Capital attack and also their 2020 claims that Antifa/BLM city riots were a kind of free speech.

Many people see Congress is failing the nation. There are legal remedies for a failure to perform and breach of contract. Even Congress should be called to account for itself.

No friendly voices on the radio this morning.

This morning for my exercise period on the stationary bike, I turned on the radio. Just for company. As an alternative to radio broadcasting, this week I’ve been listening to a David Sedaris CD set for some humor. But I’ve pretty much exhausted it now. So back to the radio I went. I was disappointed. It was just nonsense and propaganda. Fake stories about the Trump phony impeachment trial lacked any truth telling anywhere to be found. Too bad. Truth always gives us opportunities while propaganda doesn’t do anything but waste our listening time.

I haven’t heard any progress toward changing from electronic voting to a reliable system of voting like with paper ballots. I still hear radio stories about how Americans can address political rascals by voting them out of office. Of course, that is clearly no longer true. Too bad about that. Tragedy stalks us all because of fraudulent voting.

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I have heard more information about m-RNA vaccines posing a variety of threats. It seems that the jab may be more than a mere inconvenience. Encountering a wild type virus after priming the body to recognize viral spike proteins may lead to a quick and fatal end from something called antibody or immunity enhancement. M-RNA codes for proteins, and is usually present in small quantities in our cells. Our body has t-RNA and r-RNA also. M-RNA is usually around only 10% of all RNA in the body–a relatively small amount that is deactivated after the protein is made. Many animals in earlier pre-Covid m-RNA vaccine studies died after getting a vaccine of m-RNA after they later encountered a wild virus (some studies had 20% death rate, some 50% death rate and some as high as a 100% death rate). Death happens because the spike protein expressed in cells causes the immune system to attack the body’s cells that express that spike protein. Since coronaviruses are so common, it is risky to jab m-RNA into the arms of people to cause their cells to express a viral protein.

Of course we are already hearing of quicker fatalities of through other fatal mechanisms caused by the M-RNA jab. Some people are dying before they encounter wild-type viruses. We hear of death a few hours or days after a person has been injected with the m-RNA jab. We also hear of autoimmune disorders that develop hours, days or weeks later and complicate people’s lives with life-changing illnesses. We know from animal studies that imune enhancement caused deaths in animals that were in other m-RNA studies. And we don’t hear that the m-RNA jab does what vaccines are supposed to do. At best we hear that it may shorten illness time with covid-19 which is already mild or unsymptomatic in most people. That it may shorten illness by killing the m-RNA recipient isn’t emphasized.

If a lot of old people died after getting the jab, they couldn’t cash out their retirement investments and medicare wouldn’t be charged for late-life care. That would shift money away from going to pensioners. I wonder if that would be celebrated by money managers and insurance brokers in some circles. It would take some pressure off of Wall Street, currently being propped up by the money-printers. It would take pressure off the medical system, too. Murder through medical mishap isn’t supposed to be the recipe for enhancing national prosperity. It’s a kind of malfeasance when officials tell people they should get a dangerous m-RNA jab when ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine and zinc are already a safe and proven effective treatment.

So if you are old and you’re thinking, “All of my friends are getting the jab, and I can’t imagine living without these wonderful friends so why shouldn’t I get the jab too?” I hope that you will change your mind. And talk to them and try to change their minds. In America, we have FDA approval procedures for vaccines and although the FDA studies lack long-term rigor and are in some cases already recommending dangerous medical procedures, at least the FDA can usually stop medical abuse like we are seeing with the m-RNA jab.

The m-RNA jab is experimental. It isn’t FDA approved. It requires the Covid emergency to continue excusing it even though there’s no need for a declared emergency now. No animal studies were done for the covid-19 m-RNA jab even though earlier animal studies after m-RNA exposure proved significantly deadly because of immune enhancement. Healthy people have already died from getting the m-RNA jab. Don’t get it and risk joining them.