Impossible futures.

Impossible futures are today’s topic. What is necessary for future events to unfold? The whole world is poised to move onto whatever comes next. What will that be? What ideas and what goals inform our trajectory? Who will lead us and where are we going?

Ever since computers started writing the news, it seems to me that there are fewer human centered ideas in everyday reporting. There are certain views, however, that have now become realizable to a lot of people. A loss of sovereignty in government is one of them.

This notion isn’t all that surprising if you remember reading that the global financial world was buoyed up with US dollars transferred abroad during the Great Recession. That movement of finance has had lingering consequences which are ongoing. With regard to sovereignty, I heard Catherine Austin Fitts say on that Congress has lost its sovereignty to banks. Could that be true? Is it true that deregulation of banks (which was completed in the US with the final death of Glass Steagall regulations during the Clinton Administration) has now made banks sovereign? Congress is of course supposed to be the sovereign US government body because it writes federal laws. Has Congress lost its sovereign power to the power of money and influence wielded by untethered banks? Maybe it has.

Austin Fitts’s argument that Congress is no longer sovereign goes back to failures to prosecute bank frauds and RICO frauds that happened during the Great Recession. Banks were allowed to get away with massive fraud in real estate loans and in derivative misrepresentations to their clients that caused a failure of liquidity that crashed and destroyed hundreds of banks all across the nation, as well as causing a 30-40% crash in real estate value. Our nation’s prosperity has been declining ever since.

Now of course, many real estate properties are owned and their price elevated and maintained by investors who have moved money into real estate holdings. Investors aren’t living in the homes; they are holding them and supposedly selling them even when the price is unaffordable. That’s probably what is keeping the real estate market from crashing. (American housing is also declining in real value. Many properties are now offered “as is” sometimes with unfinished flooring except for a cement foundation in several rooms and leaking roofs, yet still at a premium price. Investors owning real estate at high prices to elevate and maintain the price isn’t working to maintain the use-value of American homes).

Also, observe that those computer news-making algorithms aren’t very inventive if they had anything to do with naming the Great Recession and the Great Reset: the acronym GR could stand for either or both. The Great Reset has been the reach for global power through covid WHO sponsored plague-law rules (like the ones the Medici’s used to sieze power in 14th century pre-Italy). Covid was engineered in a lab and it was supposed to make way for plague-law hegemonies and the supposedly inevitable sequelae of utopian outcomes for everyday people when their governments would stop being important and Charles Schwab and his acolytes could run the world in a new improved way without pesky laws, or voters or markets. Of course the Great Reset seems now to be an impossible future for many reasons not least of which is the historical importance of voters, markets and rule of law.

Voters, markets and rule of law have been useful influences that have been making sense of the world filled with complexity and billions of people. People are happy when they are safe, sheltered, well fed, healthy, family centered, employed with useful tasks. All of that is enabled with rule of law, markets and voters. No ruling group is able to interpret the complexity of all that is happening in the world without voting which makes sense of what people want politically, markets which makes sense of what people want economically and rule of law which makes sense of what people think of as justice. Deregulation has been a mistake that is now carried even further by the Great Reset which is a colossal disaster that looks more and more like a death cult.

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The Great Reset in a sense has been born from failures to prosecute during the Great Recession, therefore a failure in the Rule of Law generally. I myself have observed that Congress seemed to have lost its soul after it failed to meet the challenges posed by a stolen election season in 2020, but Congressional failure is like other governance failures that have supported globalization profitting economically without any political globalization governance. What was missing during this romantic foray was the rubric of global legal oversight. The whole push for globalization seems to have more in common with criminal desire to get more through whatever means, than it does with governance. Many are now observing that our government looks more like a crime syndicate run by a grifting fake President than it resembles an elected Chief Executive enforcing our nation’s laws. Is it any wonder that so many can now imagine that enemies have been holding the strings of the US Presidency?

Impossible futures have little to offer anyone. What is possible? We can go back to what works: rule of law. We can go back to legitimate voting (paper ballots at election centers). We can pause the globalization project because what has been done started as a romantic goal of uniting the world through trade but now, because of lacking a legal structure, it is only wrecking the world. One thing that we can do to reign in corporate crimes is we can get rid of holding companies and start holding corporations accountable instead of letting them wiggle free into new enterprises to escape reasonable reprisals for reprehensible acts that harm others.

Impossible futures are today’s topic. What is necessary for future events to unfold for a better outcome? We can do what works. Consensus through voting. Rule of law where we respect and apply the law equally. We need rule of law to be applied even to banks and officials in government and large corporations. We need rule of law to apply in civil and criminal court cases involving even ordinary people but without the steep price tag that ordinary people can’t pay.

The whole world is poised to move onto whatever comes next. What will that be? Opportunities that nurture human potential for good would be a step in the right direction. What ideas and what goals inform our trajectory? We are better served by informed consent in healthcare instead of mandatory injections. We are better served by education that enriches people’s potentials and aptitudes and doesn’t indoctrinate. We are better served by regulated and decentralized banking.

If the people behind the Great Reset continue in their project, if governments around the world continue to tolerate usurpers of the rule of law, the vote and the operation of markets, then I suspect that an explosion of violence and death will be inevitable. Unfortunately.

Who will lead us to a better place and what good end can we get to? We need to end secresy in government. The alphabet soup of secret organizations haven’t been answering to a standard that protects human life. Also, organizations like the CDC that have departed from their public service role through regulatory capture and politicization can be shut down. Public private partnerships fail to serve public interests and get taken over by greed. Get government out of regulatory roles that interfere with people’s lives. Hold agencies accountable for harms they are causing and shut them down. Human beings behave better when they are held responsible for harms they cause others and when they have freedom to make good choices for themselves without co-opting the public’s purse to accomplish personal gains. Also, federal interventionism in our economy where the government decides economic winners and losers needs to end. It leads to collectivism that serves an elite cadre that stives for domination that only ends in destruction and death. Vaccine manufacturer’s immunity needs to end.

Copernicus and others have said, “Bad money drives out the good money”. Easy money low interest rate financialization has run its course and it is ending. Investments in the 3-D world are on their way. Malfeasance and malinvestment can end when losses are realized and not ignored or subsidized by our federal government. Losses are real and have to be realized. Good leaders will come back into prominence when the corruption stops paying and criminal networks shut down. You can’t have crime and good leadership at the same time. Lots of good people want to lead the nation. We should restore the rule of law so that they can.