Making an mRNA innoculation mandatory at work harms profitability.

M-RNA innoculations have terrible potential side effects both long-term and short-term. So why would any company mandate their employees to participate in an experiment that can harm employees? What do they have to gain? Certainly not stability through immunity, since a person is still suceptible to coronavirus after the m-RNA innoculation. Do you believe that it is your employer’s business to mind whatever health choices you make? Most Americans haven’t advocated for that kind of employer oversight in the past, so why now?

Further, why would an employer make it a requirement for employment when the m-RNA innoculation doesn’t directly contribute to whatever the job is? Aren’t some jobs already short of employees? Why create more ways to exclude potential employees? Unless more exclusion is the point—as a strong-arm tactic to get rid of independent minded people.

Why would an experimental vaccine be mandated at all? This mandate is a malaise eating at the core benefit of American natural rights under the U.S. Constitution. Natural rights safeguard us all. Shame on all the people who advocate this. If you are advocating this you are hurting and harming others.

Attacking people’s employment if they choose to avoid this experimental treatment is offensive. When a list is provided of the companies that require this innoculation for employment’s sake, I will take a look and consider choosing an alternative service or product supplier wherever I can. Perhaps others will do likewise and a germination of better companies will begin; we need better policies regarding what employers have leaway to expect of their employees.

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This innoculation is all about coercion and it isn’t about health. It may be harming people’s longterm health. It has already killed a lot of people. It’s much more harmful than the worst of traditional vaccines. It is an attack on wellness since natural immunity is superior to the m-RNA innoculation which isn’t any kind of vaccine. It doesn’t train your immune system to be better at all.

Now we see what the “emergency” is really about. It is an act of stealthy warfare against a person’s ability to say no.

Say no anyway. There are doctors and nurses being dismissed for saying no already. Also, some teachers are being dismissed for saying no. And now others. As they leave their jobs they will stop supporting the Biden Administration’s economy. That will enhance the Biden Train Wreck. Of course their somewhat inevitable exit may be the whole point in an American economy being run by a Manchurian President.

Nevertheless, I welcome them in joining me in resisting this unreasonable mandate. Everyone has a right to make choices about their own health. You have that right too.

The war against all freedom continues. I cannot support this.

ADDENDUM: I wrote this post today after hearing two or three intercom calls for mask wearing while I was shopping for groceries. Masks don’t protect people from airborne viruses, of course. Then I went on-line a spied a post claiming that 52% of businesses will be requiring an mRNA innoculation as a requirement for employment. Both of these two encounters I had today offend me because I wish for a world that is striving for what is good for all of us. Neither mask wearing or an m-RNA innoculation, in my opinion, is a good thing for people to do.

After writing this post, I have to confess that I haven’t verified whether 52% of businesses will be requiring an mRNA innoculation. But I can attest without a doubt that our press misleads us all the time. And I can say that social media and blogs deliberately mislead readers in order to bring about more attention to whatever ridiculous things they claim. Perhaps I should continue, as I have for a while now, just trying to make sense of my own life the best I can while I hope that all of us will move closer to a sensible world sooner rather than later.

ADDENDUM: 25th Sept 2021: Please go to to see what Lieutenant Colonel THeresa Long, MD, MPH, FS has said about the m-RNA innoculation and its high risk to service personnel under her care. She recommends grounding all aviation personnel that have been given the m-RNA innoculation because it significantly increases their risk of sudden death.

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