Three easy steps to beat back negative messaging.

First, stop listening to scary messaging. I know that it’s almost Halloween but internet and media have been doomsday messaging non-stop for years now. When the media makes you feel bad, notice that. Put your attention elsewhere. Perhaps you have unrealized depths of talent to produce something wonderful in your spare time. If you replace passive viewing of your television and internet with an activity that produces a bonified bonus for you and your family, you will win twice. You’ll win better feelings and better attitudes that include more optimism and you’ll produce something wonderful. During the Great Depression, my Grandmother made beautiful quilts that are still admired now. You can make something too.

Second, create your own messaging by doing select readings silently or aloud of uplifting stories or watch your favorite CD’s that provide encouraging messages. There are hundreds of authors who have written about almost any topic you are interested in. Even if you decide to watch a scary CD now because it’s almost Halloween, it reminds you that you aren’t in that scary situation. Your old movies are familiar and they aren’t quite the same as the media’s brainwashing. If you can’t stop thinking about messaging that makes you feel afraid about the economy or a virus then focus on something else, like how you might remodel your bathroom someday. Spend a lot of time pricing out and selecting the components. There are many websites that you can visit to imagine what you might like in the future. Focus and imagine what you might do later. You’ll find that this concentration on a future project will reprogram your dreams and banish negative concepts that the media has been feeding you for years. And it’s a positive image for a future improvement. Make a positive future your new focus in whatever way encourages you.

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Third, take back your health by eating well and exercising well. The banishment of the best doctors and nurses in our medical system because they resisted taking the m-RNA innoculation shows that your healthcare will be mostly up to you. There are critical shortages of qualified care givers because of tyranny afoot in our nation. Whatever isn’t specified in the law is tyranny. Take positive steps to insure your wellness by taking the best care of yourself that you can. Look at books on nutrition and exercise. Find out more about natural immunity and how to boost it. Do it when you are well and do it even if you are sick. Respect your wonderful body. Improvements are possible by taking gradual steps to move and stretch and eat nutritious foods. Plant your own fruit trees and do some gardening. Fresh tomatoes and lettuces are so much more flavorful. The bees and the birds will flock to your garden in droves when they see all the blooming that you make possible by planting what grows and feeds you.

Aeschylus (b. 525 BC, Greek writer) wrote “Against necessity, against its strength, no one can fight and win.” Do what is necessary for your happiness and you will make progress and leave negative messaging behind.

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