Living in the time of dollar devaluation: by permission only.

The dollar continues losing its value and its power.

It had already lost more than 90% of its value before the Great Recession 2008 which was caused by derivatives in real estate.

Overprinting dollars well beyond national productivity in the context of financialization continues harming our economy by decreasing the power of the dollar and by creating huge amounts of unpayable debt in governments, in corporations and among individuals.

This insolvency caused by unpayable debt has the ability to break the monetary system and destroy our economy.

Our economy is stuck: high centered over failures of Federal Reserve and Treasury policy. They refuse to stop their harmful policies.

As economic harms unfold, there has been an increase in state barriers to people’s opportunity.

First were price increases in everyone’s expenses for food, cars, houses, healthcare and education.

Then, pandemic declarations were made before anyone knew how dangerous a laboratory-made virus would become.

A lot of workers were prohibited from working at their jobs.

It proved out that most people aren’t endangered by that new virus because they already have natural immunity.

Prohibiting work was unnecessary and harmful.

Leftover restrictions are barriers without a purpose or even a rationale.

There’s talk of restrictions for anyone without an mRNA innoculation.

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are safe alternatives to the experimental mRNA shot in treating the virus if a person were to become sickened by it.

A lot of people have been harmed by the mRNA shot and ongoing harms may continue.

Barriers will stand in your way if you don’t allow experimentation on your body with mRNA. According to the press barriers to travel, education, and social security stipends are being considered.

In a working monetary system, dollars hold value. As our monetary system is destroyed it appears that government permission is meant to take the place of money.

Our voting system has been compromised and now permitted people are perhaps meant to take the place of voters.

Yet, any kind of pandemic emergency is done because the virus ran its course already.

The notion that you require permission to educate yourself, travel or receive social security payments is a wrong notion.

The notion that you can’t say no to mRNA is a wrong notion.

There’s malfeasance in the way that our politics and economy are being run.

How can we stop it?

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