Good will and ill will: telling the difference matters.

Hello out there and welcome to 2022. Have you ever wondered why you have a big brain? One of the reasons is because you have a need to discern the difference between people of goodwill and people of ill will. Human beings are a predatory species and sometimes we prey upon each other while at other times we cooperate and support each other. Humans are thought to evolve faster than some other species because we compete against and with each other.

According to my copy of the Webster’s New World Dictionary, goodwill is a “friendly and benevolent attitude,” or having “a cheerful consent or readiness,” or at the organizational level, the “positive reputation” of a business or group “beyond its tangible assets.” To have ill will is to have “ill intention, an unfriendliness, hatred or dislike.”

Considering the times we are living in, it seems that discerning whether someone has a friendly or unfriendly intention matters a lot. It matters who your friends are. What about organizations? Don’t they also have good will or ill will toward you and others? Look carefully and don’t assume that an organization that says it has your welfare in mind really does.

You can tell the difference between good will and ill will by seeing what comes out of the actions of organizations and individuals. Do they help others or cause harm to them? Will they help you or hurt you? Are they an ally or an enemy? Will they have an impact on your life or are they of little importance to you? How will you affect them? Will you be a helpful influence?

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