Peaceful snow day.

Today I noticed the media trying to pull us in opposite directions with opposing claims. On one hand, Biden is calling us to be vaccinated or die and on the other hand, others are saying that vaccines cause fatalities and you should not get even one let alone boosters which may kill you. Opposing viewpoints being presented simultaneously can make you feel less able to make a decision. It can be a technique to bamboozle you.

Whoever is making these opposing claims, you don’t have to jump onto their wagon. Although it has been said that people tend to believe either what they most fear or what they most desire, at times like these it may be better to focus on a more natural timeline. An easy choice instead of feeling pulled in two instant-by-instant is to remember time also exists at a geologic or an evolutionary pace. Instead of panicking in the moment, remember the slow pace of gradual change over the span of human evolution. Remember that many illnesses have come and gone and humanity continued trudging along with or without whatever remedies. We will continue. Ignore the carnival-like atmosphere in the media coverage.

Look instead at the natural world. Where I live there is a beautiful snowfall today. It has snowed like this for millions of years. It is a far better kind of snow than the media snow-job.

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