Truth will come to dinner.

What is true? Where can anyone go to find out what is true? Is a story we hear only a matter of who pays more to the media to say whatever? As we face conflicting stories in media, as our friends and family adopt whatever story-of-the-moment seems true to their own opinions and sensibilities, we all wait for that dinner meal where truth sits at the table with all of us. Pass the peas or the bread, we will sit in the company of no mysteries when we see whatever has transpired in an uncontroversial way.

It may happen later this year or perhaps next year. I don’t know when exactly. Eventually, the information waterfall of fake news will be over. Dead or alive when that day arrives, eventually those who remain will know the score. Existential fears will end, we’ll stop being afraid of losing our place; we’ll find our place again and stand firm and we’ll face whatever comes with whatever courage we can muster. In the meantime, hold your fears at bay because they can’t help you.

Only the truth after it becomes clear to us, only the move from it towards a better pathway to progress will satisfy us after we know. And this truth won’t come from politicians or from media but from our own lived experiences. We will stand on common ground. Then, we will look over at stolen elections and laboratory designed virus and a longstanding labor blockade, to manipulated stocks and currencies, biowarfare, cyberwarfare, information warfare and various crimes against us and we will recognize that the aggression was both purposeful and harmful. We will eventually know who, what, where, when, how and why it all happened. Then it will be time to start again to rebuild a society that is stable and that respects human dignity.

I know that truth doesn’t automatically banish aggression. But when lies are no longer good camouflage and chaos doesn’t rule the day, powerful people can’t hide anymore from the harms that they have caused. They will no longer hold sway and they will gradually slink into the shadows. At last, the aggressors who have caused so much trouble for so many will be gone or at least silent. In the meantime gather together your own sense of what you value most in life and hold on tight. A reckoning is on the way.

Political Catsup with Economy Fries: Liberalism, Pragmatism, Opportunism, is a book I wrote to show our political journey in the United States from one political philosophy to another. It maps out the ideas and people that moved us from one policy set to the next one and then it tracks the outcomes of those policies to help us all to understand better how we got to this place in history. What happens, for example, under the idea that political freedom requires economic freedom and what happens subsequently under income taxation? This is one of many examples of political policy that I explain so that our national experiences become less mysterious. Looking at what happened in history is a great way to understand the present and plan a better future. Buy a copy of Political Catsup with Economy Fries at

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