Why Dominion votes going awry matters.

There’s already a lot riding on the outcome of the 2020 election. Two candidates each have their supporters, even though right now we don’t know how many of them there are.

More than a week after the election, the presidential race outcome has been deliberately forestalled by several voting scandals of different kinds. Just about every kind of voting fraud that a person can imagine has been used in the 2020 election in specific battleground districts. There are so many scandals that the appearance of impropriety has now been widely accepted across America.

It matters a great deal to our country who wins the presidential race. It matters to people whether American votes are correctly tabulated to reflect the one person one vote standard. It matters whether ballots are authentically cast by a living voter registered in that state where the vote is tabulated. It matters whether observers are able to confirm voter signatures, and accurate vote transcription when a ballot is recopied because it was stained or disfigured. It matters whether voting machines tally votes accurately.

The policy package of each candidate seems to be drastically different from the other candidate’s policies. The road to our American tomorrow in the U.S. is now overshadowed by this massive attempt to thwart an honest voter tally. And a deadline approaches that will lead to a conclusion that is presently unknown. It seems that the legal avenues of remedy are choked with obstacles and that resolving this election to a fair and true outcome may not be possible either because of time constraints or because only some categories of fraud are easy to prove.

People shopping at the grocery store or doing their jobs in their working places have worried expressions today and a sense of unease. But even though the presidential election outcome is a lot to worry about, there’s even more to worry about.

Think about the potential for mass voter fraud in Dominion Voting machines. That Dominion Voting machines have ties in their purchase to the Clinton Foundation might raise an eyebrow. Ownership in the Dominion business among Congress members or close relatives of Congress members would raise the potential specter of nationwide voter fraud on a massive scale and perhaps over a long period. There are on-line reports of Congress members being affiliated with the voting company through ownership of Dominion.

I have read statements made by programmers that the kind of error that switched 3000 votes from Trump to Biden would only happen with programming. A few days later I read that that mistake was caused by human error, but I still don’t believe that human error would cause that kind of error.

The story was that a clerk entered an update at the wrong time, that the results of that update lagged behind. But that explanation doesn’t say how the vote went over to the wrong candidate. That’s the crux of the matter. I keep hearing attempts to minimize problems with the Dominion machines. They worry me because I don’t want programming fraud to ruin free and fair elections.

What kind of stakes and potential outcomes could erupt from massive voter fraud caused by rogue programming? Would Congressional races and Presidential races over several years in the past be proven to have been altered away from the will of the authentic vote? How much could this hurt the reputation of politicians in charge of the vote or in office now because of an inauthentic vote tally in the past? Would the courts or the legislature have the courage to be honest about rogue programming? Would steps be taken in remedy or would politicians prefer a cover-up? Would anyone go to jail? Where would the blame rest? Maybe elected politicians see it as a huge advantage that votes can be ignored so that they can have the power to pursue policies that harm their voting constituency without the voter having any recourse. If that advantage is held by some and not others, it would enhance the power of that political group.

What a tangled nest of problems.

If real votes are being manipulated by programming to steal elections, then voters don’t matter. That’s important because our nation supposes that votes matter in choosing the outcome of elections. Our system relies on the removal from office of representatives that don’t do the will of the people. That’s the system’s feedback loop to control bad governance. It is natural to assume that if a legislator or other elected person doesn’t serve their constituents then the electorate would replace them by voting for someone who would be a better representative of the will of the voting public in that district. If Dominion Machines can keep an inauthentic office holder in office without voter support, then there’s no way to remedy the problem of bad legislators and bad office holders.

Several states have been so unhappy with their legislators in Congress that don’t seem to do the will of the people in their state and yet that stay in office term after term that they have proposed amending state constitutions to limit Congressional terms of office. The Supreme Court has ruled that only by changing the U.S. Constitution can the terms of legislators become limited ones. Changing the U.S. Constitution is harder to do than changing a state constitution, so it hasn’t happened yet. The Supreme Court’s ruling assumes that voters can remove a bad legislator by voting them out of office. It has seemed completely inexplicable why our Congress with such a constantly low voter approval continues to field the same group of elected officials year after year. If it’s caused by a rogue algorithm, then the long tenures of Congress members who are disfavored by voters may be easily accounted for. That worries me.

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On November 6th, Sidney Powell gave an interview where she said that Dominion machines fidelity in tabulating votes is now in question. Sidney Powell is looking into it and I hope that she has a lot of help. Let’s all send positive wishes to her and carry on ourselves this week with this refrain…GoSidneyGoSidneyGoSidneyGoSidneyGoSidney………

Here’s a good source for more details about Dominion Voting Machines and why they have garnered so much suspicion:

Jeanne McKinney, Lawyer Sidney Powell: Democrats used Dominion Machines to Steal Votes,”Communities Digital News, https://www.commdiginews.com/patriot-profiles-jeanne-mckinney/trump-lawyer-sidney-powell-says-democrats-used-dominion-machines-to-steal-votes-133921/, 10 Nov 2020, accessed 12 Nov 2020.

Addendum: Apparently, there are two vote machine companies in the 2020 U.S. election that have been associated with voter fraud. One is Dominion and another is Scytl, a vote machine company headquartered in Spain that according to the following reference, has been associated with election frauds in Australia, Ecuador, Norway and Switzerland. Here’s the source:

Great Game India, “Why 2020 US Election Votes Were Counted By A Bankrupted Spanish Company Scytl,” Nov 13 2020, accessed Nov 13, 2020, https://greatgameindia.com/us-election-bankrupted-spanish-scytl/ .

Addendum: According to Patty McMurray, writing from 100PercentFedUp.com, Scytl counts Dominion collected votes. Also according to McMurray, at 100PercentFedUp.com, Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp’s previous chief of staff has worked as a lobbyist for Dominion, and according to McMurray, Rudi Juliani says that Dominion voting machines were designed to cheat elections in Venezuela. And finally, the Executive Board Member, William Kennard, who bought the company that supplies Dominion Voting Machines was a former EU ambassador in the Obama administration. Here’s the source: https://100percentfedup.com/exec-board–member-of-private-equity-firm-that-acquired-dominion-voting-systems-in-2018-is-barack-obamas-former-eu-ambassador/, Nov 13, 2020.

Addendum (13 Nov 2020): I just watched a long video on iceagenow.info with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, and two others speaking about pattern analysis scatterplot graphs that demonstrate election fraud in thousands of votes in several counties in Michigan in 2020. That’s the state that he’s talking about in his presentation but there may be similar stories in other states. His presentation is long because he takes time to carefully explain the graphs. It is worth every minute because it can provide to you an opportunity to understand more about our election processes and their problems. Please set aside some time to watch this video where you can get into the nuts and bolts of our election voting system problems and discover his suggested solutions to those problems: https://www.iceagenow.info/mit-statistician-shows-certainty-of-massive-computer-vote-fraud-in-2020-presidential-election/, Nov 13, 2020.

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