Ramping up for totalitarianism.

Vote tampering to steal the 2020 election marks another step towards an unfree America. The globalists have struck blood in this assault on our freedom.

Part of what has caused a power imbalance in our nation is the advance of IT. The Clinton Foundation reportedly bought a lot of Dominion Voting machines that have been installed in many states, both before and after Hillary Clinton’s run for the Presidency. I have read reports that Dominion machines can connect to the internet and yesterday I read that an illegal router connecting Dominion machines to the internet was found in Detroit. A router connection would allow voter fraud to be carefully coordinated. Those machines have been shown to glitch in specific ways that favor the illegitimate candidate. It is through them that voter fraud may have advanced in America. Dominion Machines causing voting errors now show us that voter fraud may have been set up and in play for decades.

Many who want to prevent inaccurate vote counts are now calling for a change back to manual vote counting. That shows growing distrust for digital voting systems. It shows that people believe now that IT can be abused to steal an election. And of course, remedying the inaccuracies caused by Dominion machines in 2020 calls for a manual recount right now in every state that has Dominion machines.

Several kinds of election fraud have been identified in 2020. Examples of fraud include hundreds of thousands (I read over 450,000) of mostly blank ballots marked only with Joe Biden’s name dropped off in the middle of the night in Detroit. There were several instances where vote tally observers were banished from vote counting rooms so that they couldn’t verify vote authenticity. Another likely source of fraud, as already mentioned, is the use of Dominion Voting machines in several states. The state of Texas decided not to use Dominion Voting machines because they didn’t like the machine’s ability to connect to the internet. One of those machines has been found by a careful county clerk to have removed 3000 Trump votes and put them on the Biden side giving Biden a 6000 undeserved vote difference. Thanks to that vigilant county clerk, those inaccuracies were fixed to award Trump a win in that county. Where’s the follow-up with other Dominion Machines? There should be follow-up. Another voting fraud has been backdating late ballots at the post office which is being investigated where whistle-blowers sounded an alarm. But wait, there’s more. There were four arrests in Texas for false ballots being filed from retirement centers where caretakers were filling them out under the names of senile elderly residents. And of course much has been said of zombie votes by deceased people.

Numerous civil and criminal lawsuits are being filed today.

I’ve been an Independent voter most of my voting life. I decided long ago that picking a party wouldn’t be wise because neither party had a platform that I agreed with completely. For many years, I’ve been carefully reading what each Republican and Democrat candidate says that they favor in terms of policies that I can support. Then I pick the best one that suits my policy preferences. But how can anyone, any Democrat, any Republican or any Independent voter favor fraud in an election? How can I trust anyone in politics if this is the new way to play? Politicians that support this outcome without question and say that it’s already in the rearview mirror, betray us all.

What’s the take-away?

On the bright side, this felonious cheating shows me that most Americans want something different than the Totalitarian Democrats current program. The Totalitarian Democrats seem to see this election as their only chance to participate in politics of the sort they prefer…a political plan which deviates from American culture.

I have read that both Trump and Biden beat Obama’s voter turnout. That’s obviously false. We know from the level of cheating on the Biden side that he didn’t break Obama’s vote popularity record. Only Trump did. In fact, a huge amount of cheating was the only chance to advance the Democrat party agenda by getting Biden into office.

Cheating is how totalitarian systems advance to harm republics. It’s why people who’ve immigrated from socialist and communist countries to the U.S. are so frightened today in America. Anyone with sense should be frightened by this.

So even though the press has continued all year to describe a divided America with 50% on either side of the 2020 Presidential vote, that’s probably not a true representation. In fact, there are far fewer Americans that support the New Totalitarian Democrats. That’s why the Democratic Party is willing to commit fraud to stay in the game.

There’s another take away from the 2020 election’s rampant fraud that involves not just the hidden fraud of IT where digital voting machines have been inaccurately reporting votes, but also old obvious methods of filling out blank ballots illegitimately, backdating late and probably phony ballots, filling out ballots for senile retirement home residents and for the dead. That is this: Hillary Clinton’s failure to be installed as President in 2016 shows that Dominion machines aren’t always enough to phoney up an election. More cheating has been required in 2020 because so many don’t like the Democrat Party’s plan. And the notion that Hillary Clinton barely missed the Presidency because of the Electoral College isn’t true and she also didn’t win in terms of the 2016 popular vote. Her popular vote tally may have appeared large only bacause of Dominion Machine innaccuracies that affected the voting totals in 2016. No wonder Hillary Cinton was so surprised that she lost. Her Presidency was supposed to be in the bag!

We are waiting to see justice done in the courts to address the obvious frauds in the 2020 election. If they are addressed, I think it likely that the 2020 election result is Trump as the legitimate president by an overwhelming vote majority.

I hope the courts do a better job this time than they did in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case of 1857 which precipitated the Civil War. Courts often choose wrongly and when they do that, tragedy sometimes follows.

America is bleeding now, but we are also waiting for this phony election to be restored to Trump, the real winner. December 8th is the deadline. That’s less than a month away. Will our courts deliver an honest election or will they favor the fakers?

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Addendum: According to Rose Taylor, writing for newrightnetwork.com, another ballot “glitch” , now in Wisconsin has been corrected. The correction moves 19,500 back onto Trump vote totals. Here’s the reference:

Rose Taylor, “Dominion voting systems, Hammer and Scorecard And the US General Election,” 11/dominion-voting-systems-hammer-scorecard.html, Nov 9th, 2020, accessed 10 November 2020.

Addendum: According to Sydney Powell, in an interview at conservativetreehouse.com, the pre-election digital count may have been altered in states using Dominion Voting Machine. The algorithm altering votes may have corrected votes to give Biden a 3% vote majority in some precincts resulting in numerous balloting errors. A full hand audit is now needed to suss out the real results of elections wherever Dominion Voting Machines have been used including all the key battleground states. Specific states mentioned included Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina. According to Powell, specific programming is required to cause such balloting errors. It isn’t just a “glitch”; instead it’s part of a plan to steal the election. Here’s the reference:


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