Fake vs. real.

Why is Congress unconcerned with fake ballot drops? Why isn’t every member of our nation’s Congress fighting tooth and nail to defend people’s right to vote in a fair election? They have defended the right to fair elections in foreign countries. What’s different now? Do Congress members who refuse to fight on behalf of fair elections deserve to remain in office?

Is it maybe the case that Congress wants to be done with Maverick Trump? Do they prefer a Biden presidency enough to ignore the fake ballot drops? How about the barring of Republican polling center observers in Detroit? An arrest should have already been made there of the county clerk. Those ballots should be processed again by a fresh group of poll observers and counters.

Many people have tried to revoke the 2016 election over the four years of the Trump Administration. The Steele Dossier was fake. Impeachment failed. And now even though Biden appears to have used his office as Vice President in the Obama Administration as an opportunity to rake in huge amounts of money from foreign governments for himself and his son, Congress prefers him to Donald Trump? What does that say about Congress?

How many nefarious money-making deals have been going on in Congress? Are Americans a captive people to a government that is totally corrupt? I hope not.

Why not support fairness in the 2020 election? Even if that means another Trump Administration over the next four years? Why not use those street cameras installed everywhere to identify and interview the drivers of cars delivering stacks of late and illegal election ballots? Why not recheck the names and addresses of people who voted in Detroit and Philadelphia. Why were activists allowed to dominate and bully Republican poll watchers? That shouldn’t have happened.

Free and fair elections are the standard under which all voting has value. With fake ballots being called real, the vote is undermined and the mandate of the people is gone.

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Addendum: According to a story at NaturalNews.com, listed below, a computer glitch changed some votes from Trump to Biden in the swing states. This would be in addition to problems in vote counting that were reported by poll watchers that were banned from the counting room in Detroit, for example. If this report is accurate, a manual ballot count of ballots by impartial counters will fix this problem and may lead to a Trump win. Without all of the other cheating this vote fraud may have gone undetected. Here’s the link:

Mike Adams, Natural News, “Breaking: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state…”glitches” switched votes from Trump to Biden, Nov 6, 2020, NaturalNews.com, accessed 7 Nov 2020.

Addendum: According to Rudi Juliani, several lawsuits will be filed on Monday in response to ballot drops and Republican poll watchers being prevented from validating ballots. A court order to allow access was circumvented and that’s illegal. Other lawsuits may also be filed at that time. Altering election results is a federal crime and that’s why the courts will have a say about it. According to Juliani, unvalidated ballots are invalidated ballots. Will the court agree? We shall see. Since Congress as a body hasn’t spoken out against fraud in the 2020 election, it may be that the courts can offer some remedy to Americans who expect fairness in American elections.

Addendum: Lindsay Graham Head of the Judiciary Committee says that “all credible threats of election fraud” will be investigated.

Addendum: The Dominion Voting Systems in 29 states have been implicated in vast errors crediting Republican votes to the Democratic contender. Two races have been reversed after these errors were discovered. Will there be more? Are these errors a crime?

In a surprising development there’s a report of an illegal router that has been discovered by Patrick Colbeck, “a poll challenger”, connecting voting machines to the internet in Detroit. On the same page, there’s also a report that Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, is a majority stock holder of Dominion Voting systems. These two reports seem to connect some of the dots for our election fraud this 2020 election. I don’t know if these reports are true , but here’s the address: bobpowell.blogspot.com/2020/11/electron-fraud-illegal-router.html?m=1

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