Juliani and Powell present outline of election fraud.

Thank you to Rudi Juliani and to Sidney Powell for coming forward on a rushed schedule to tell Americans about election fraud. Many Americans have felt uneasy about the obvious cheating that occurred in 2020’s presidential election. Many realize that cheating in the election is an attack against our representative government. These attacks are a grave and terrible danger to the people of the United States.

Covid fear declarations continue to wail at all times during our daily public service announcements as radio broadcasting does what it can to distract Americans from the recent attack against the authentic vote, for which there is abundant evidence. There’s evidence through legal afidavits signed by witnesses of election fraud in counting rooms. There’s evidence of wrongdoing through mathematical analysis of vote trends over time. And there’s observations by experts in voting machine hacking and programming who can recognize the tell tale signs of fraud by algorithm. Some witnesses working for Dominion Voting Machines have come forward with testimony about vote fraud using Dominion machines. Several witnesses have said that Dominion machines were illegally connected to the internet. Dominion offices have been abandoned and a Dominion lawyer refused to meet with an investigative committee in Pennsylvania.

Juliani and Powell have already performed astonishing feats of evidentiary analysis as they race to assemble evidence to prove election fraud in court while they are budgeting their analysis to meet the Electoral College deadline. Media sources ridiculed Juliani’s appearance rather than commenting on cyberwarfare in our elections. Cyberwarfare should be the headlining story to cover because it affects all Americans.

President Trump fired the head of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security Expert, Chris Krebs on Nov 17. Krebs had claimed there’s no evidence of election fraud despite the Head of the Federal Election Commission stating that there’s election fraud. Even I, a person far from the election fracas in election vote counting rooms have to ignore claims by Krebs because I saw evidence of fraud in Michigan in Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s presentation, “Mathematical Analysis of Trump-Biden 2020 Election Vote Counts in Four Counties in the State of Michigan,” where three software engineers showed scatterplot graphs revealing vote switching (https://www.iceagenow.info/mit-statistician-shows-certainty-of-massive-computer-voter-fraud-in-2020-presidential-election/). I think that Krebs must have known about election fraud and lied to us, hence his dismissal. Despite Krebs dismissal, I heard a radio announcer today declare that the Department of Homeland Security says there’s no fraud, probably quoting Krebs without saying that he’s been fired. We obviously can’t rely on many U.S. media sources to keep us informed about the 2020 election.

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Our nation is under attack in our 2020 elections. I hope our attackers are arrested and get the penalty that they deserve for voter fraud which is a federal crime. According to an attorney who is an expert in election fraud, Trump’s legal team has already met the minimum standard for election fraud worthy of a trial. That minimum standard is having enough provable fraud to change the election result. There’s plenty of that. The attorney specializing in election fraud also said that when Republican Election Observers were banished from counting rooms that was illegal and of great concern. Congress has signed a declaration that at this time, there’s no President-elect because the election has yet to be certified.

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