Impatience for a court ruling on computer software vote alterations.

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know what kinds of legal arguments and legal evidence our courts will consider with regard to vote cheating by algorithm. I feel impatient for our courts to rule on voter machine election fraud because I’m hoping that the courts will be able to rule in a way that restores the public’s confidence in our voter processes and puts election fakers in federal prison. That’s a reasonable thing to hope for but will our courts achieve it? And I hope that we can prevent voter fraud in the future despite the number of people in government who seem to hunger for it.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s presentation,”Mathematical Analysis of Trump-Biden 2020 Election Vote Counts in Four Counties in the state of Michigan,” (see: ) convinced me that voter machine fraud has really happened. His scatterplots tell a story of how to use a computer to fake an election outcome. In fact, I’m worried about all the races, not just the Presidential race and even races in previous election years.

Meanwhile, I’m hearing some wild stories. I’ve heard two stories in different cities about how a person uploaded a memory card or inserted a thumb drive into a voting machine to alter the outcome of a political race by adding thousands of votes. That’s different from what I would expect to happen during the tally phase of voting.

I’ve heard of improper updates performed on voter machines illegally during a vote count or right before the counting started even though the machines had already been inspected and no other vote programming updates were allowed at those times. Some of these updates were blamed for vote machine crashes that happened during the count.

And I’ve read about routers that connected voting machines to the internet illegally. The voting machines aren’t just suspected now of fraud. They stink to high heaven of fraud, and the response in the press and in Washington D.C. seems to be one of quiet restraint or even disinformation that may show both collusion and foreknowledge. But there’s still more to trigger vote suspicions.

In several battleground states that were counting votes in the middle of the night, the vote count was stopped and then resumed in a way that looks like an improper procedure. Some people assume that the stoppage allowed a vote inventory so that more fake votes of a necessary but not excessive amount could be added to change the election result.

I’ve read that U.S. vote tally information was sent across our national border to vote control centers that adjusted the votes in Barcelona and Frankfurt to accomplish an inauthentic vote count total.

Today I read about another memory card in Georgia with untallied votes that was discovered, “look what I found,” and those votes were just added to the vote tally there during a recount two weeks after the vote time deadline. That sounds wrong to me too. Supposedly that card was there all along and it failed to be loaded on vote day. That doesn’t sound within the bounds of appropriate voting rules. Georgia seems hell-bent on doing the same wrong voting practices that were seen during the official vote counting period. Georgia’s procedures are so flawed that people have lost confidence in the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State.

In the meantime, I hear a lot of radio conversations about the element of human error instead of the element of human fraud. The fraud seems no accident to me and human error doesn’t satisfy as any kind of explanation for the wrongdoing that has become widely known across the nation.

I don’t know if all the stories I read are true but there are sure a lot of them that sound similar.

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What do I think? I think that computer mediated vote tallies with algorithms that make cheating easy can lead to dystopia. A dystopic form of government is one that gives perks to people with the most power and that doesn’t repair harms to others who have little power. When you by-pass the feed-back loop of voter approval and a voter’s power to vote against bad governance, you destroy the human mediated control of governance. This bypass breeds tyrants.

Because an algorithm doesn’t care about voters. And before you know it, instead of good governance, we have government corruption and predation. And we already see that. We’ve seen Obamacare with mandates and shorter American lifespans and doctors committing suicide and healthcare inflation. We’ve seen covid restrictions of ordinary people to keep them from earning money in jobs outside government in the ordinary commerce of life. We’ve seen covid restrictions of natural rights, like the right for healthy people to go to church and to gather together. So many hungry kids–I hear between 20% and 35% of children are hungry. Not enough jobs for those who want one. People losing ground economically. And now with voter fraud, people losing ground politically. So how long has this kind of voter fraud been going on?

Another thought: if our votes don’t count because an algorithm can intervene and change vote counts, who is choosing our election results and if not the interest of voters, than what interest is at play? If our votes don’t count then this is cyber warfare. And it may involve enemies of the United States at home or abroad. Can we stop this war with the technologies of the past? Perhaps we must all fight against computer mediated tyranny with computers. According to Sidney Powell, the algorithm that was used to alter the election result has been elucidated. Will this discovery be enough to restore authenticity and fight off this cyber-warfare attack? Are our courts ready for the 21st century?

ADDENDUM: Here’s a source just published on 18 Nov 2020, at We Love Trump by Travis, “2020 Election Truth Voter Fraud: “Sidney Powell on President Trump’s Vote Total After Investigations: “I think Well Find He Had at Least 80 Million Votes,” Sidney Powell: “The only reason the glitches happened in the system is because he was so, had so far many more votes than they had calculated in advance.”;, accessed 18 Nov 2020.

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