Ignore the media until we get to election fraud resolution.

I think that there’s a lot of harm in how our media is talking about or denying the various instances of election fraud that are now common knowledge but that still remain to be addressed in our courts.


Every time an American looks to on-line media to find out what’s happening there’s some source that claims that Biden will ascend to the Presidency and reinstall Obama-like strategies and there’s another source that claims that Trump will continue fighting and possibly remain for a second term continuing Trump Administration strategies.

It is painful to be pulled in such opposite directions with rhetorical positions that are creating discord and discomfort in a lot of hearts and minds with an unknown outcome that will impact our lives so differently.

I am hoping that our elections can be counted-on to be fair and to reflect the American voter’s choice. If they haven’t been fair this time, they might not have been fair for a while. And if they aren’t fair then they need to be fixed.

I wish that our media would focus more on how our elections are being maintained or repaired so that they can truly represent the people’s will. Our media sounds so much like propaganda and psychological warfare as it fails to address issues of concern to us all regarding the integrity of our voting system. The activist media is a terrible thing to listen to. I don’t trust them.

I recently read an argument where someone said that cheating an election to get a phony result could be moral. The argument was that if you knew that cheating would prevent a Hitler, then cheating would be ok. Knowing the future will only happen in a Stephen King screenplay like the one for The Dead Zone. But that’s fiction not politics in the real world. And it isn’t moral in The Dead Zone, it’s supernatural.

In real world politics, we keep good governance with the nation state system’s constitutions in each nation. Instead of relying on foreknowledge, we rely on a represenatative vote and the power of voters to remove an elected official if they fail to serve the public’s interest. When they fail us, we vote them out of office.

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Some people say that election fraud is common and nothing to worry about. But if our votes are being changed by algorithm to completely alter election results, that’s a bigger problem than what we have seen before. It’s big enough to ruin us all and the nation state system as well.

Some assert that Real Politik requires politics by any method. I don’t think that’s better in the long run. What we see with neoliberal methods is destruction instead of growth. We get better politics with bounded instead of unlimited power options and we then get a better run social system.

Fair and representative elections are an important characteristic of American government. Authentic votes to determine winners and losers prevents tyranny. A representative vote matters everywhere in every voting nation.

There’s only a few weeks before we will know how this election fraud will shake out. I suggest we should all tune out the media most of the time as a saner choice. It’s important to keep political concerns from being overwhelming. Soon we will reach a condition of political resolution. I hope that it will allow us to understand and address the fraud that has happened.

Addendum: According to Sidney Powell in an interview on Newsmax, Nov 21st, claims of election fraud will be filed in court in several states on Wed or Fri of Thanksgiving week. Fraud was observed in several states and each one is slightly different in terms of the evidence collected. According to Powell it is completely reasonable for lawyers to take the amount of time necessary to prove fraud in court where evidence will be shown to prove the case. In no way does Powell believe that she owes evidence presentation to the media before the court date. Many await these court cases to discover more about fraud in the 2020 election. Election race outcomes of other candidates besides the Presidential candidates, according to Powell, may be affected.

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