Public service health and broadcasting aren’t helping.

Before I get going on this topic, I should pause and admit that most of the information that I have garnered about covid has been found on-line. It could be of questionable veracity because it’s easy to fake audio, video and information that is available on-line. I try to double check where I can by getting more information from other sources. I don’t work in healthcare right now but I once did. I have an education in microbiology and genetics and that also informs my on-line source materials. I have new books and old textbooks that help me to understand. I think that covid is being used to serve political and economic interests that mostly aren’t aligned with actual healthcare that helps people. What is their true purpose?

It looks like the purpose is economic disruption and political power grabbing.

It has become obvious lately that public service announcements and public health departments aren’t serving the public anymore. They blare, they distract, they engineer fearfulness but they serve no other purpose with regard to covid. They no longer satisfy their original purposes to inform and guide the public to help people stay healthy. They ignore information from real doctors and real patients. And there’s no reason to keep them operating today in this new context. Covid restrictions are unwarranted.

I heard an audio clip of people in Idaho a few days ago. Some people in Idaho on the clip are saying we should shut-down public health offices because those offices aren’t serving the public’s interest. They want to close down the offices and chain the doors. Do you agree?

Many people consider covid restrictions to be tyranny. Why?

Because officials that say masks are necessary to prevent infections are lying to the public. Because the PCR test for covid infection has been deliberately misused to create 90% false positive results which then lead to unnecessary quarantines. Because covid tests are fraudulent. Because a vaccine against covid isn’t necessary when the disease deathrate peaked in April. Because the covid deathrate is much lower than it was once thought to be and for most people represents a low risk. Because effective outpatient therapies would be available using hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin or ivermectin, except that doctors have been prevented from using these drugs.

Because our lives and families have been harmed by these covid public service antics. Because no one in history has isolated healthy people instead of people with active symptoms. Because, according to a Johns Hopkins economic analyst, covid hasn’t raised the overall deathrate this year.

Because a quarantine restriction isn’t indicated as a policy priority when a disease shows that it can’t be contained by a quarantine. Covid hasn’t been contained. Because a positive covid test is meaningless. Because a lot of people are immune and can’t get sick from covid.

Because such illnesses have always been a part of life on earth and restricting people’s livelihoods is wrong. Because all professions are essential and arbitrary restrictions of some professions and not others are unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment. Because in the U.S. federal and state governments aren’t supposed to be all-powerful and they are overstepping their allowed powers.

Because these covid fear mongering public servants don’t serve our interests or help people to be healthy. Because covid may have been used to initiate other tyrannies like election fraud. Because tyranny always has its reasons but none of them are adequate to continue tyranny.

Public service announcements should be informative. But covid announcement aren’t informing the public about facts. Instead they are supporting testing fraud and policies that aren’t based on health rationale.

Some would say that it isn’t the employees of these facilities that are at fault. Why should their jobs be lost for doing what they were told to do?

We saw something like that with Arthur Andersen. At Arthur Andersen when accountants failed to follow generally accepted accounting principles, hiding Enron’s bankruptcy, they undermined their own employment. That destroyed the retirement incomes of many. Arthur Andersen employees, once highly admired and successful, lost their jobs because they didn’t serve to protect the public as they were expected to do. We see a similar circumstance with covid policies that don’t support the public’s health and welfare.

Close all the public health offices down. Chain the doors.

End free public broadcasting: charge a fee for that propaganda.

Fire Fauci and Birx and all the other tyrannical mouthpieces.

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