President Trump has an option that is less polite than using the courts.

Donald Trump is the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces and he doesn’t have to use the United States court system to address and repair election frauds in 2020 even if it is possible to do that in our court system. What this could mean is war. But what kind of war?

I have hated wars all my life because I hate to waste the good things that could have happened instead of warfare. When you spend money on violence, it’s money that you can’t spend on something good. And I hate the losses of life and human potential that happen during wartime.

If it were possible to live without violence in every circumstance without sacrificing a moral and just existence I would do it. I have never struck a person in anger. But I have done some self defense training. Why would such a peaceful person do that? Because I believe that each of us is responsible for our own life and our own defense.

Now we face overwhelming evidence of election fraud which is a form of political violence.

In a just nation, the perpetrators of this election fraud would have already been arrested. Why haven’t they been arrested? In a properly run country, the voting machines would have been impounded by now. Why haven’t they been impounded? Because of corruption in a power game between political factions.

Neoliberalism in the United States has created more political factions than what we saw in earlier political periods. Some of these factions are vying for power without boundary. So many of today’s political actors want to chuck the United States Constitution, believing that they would be able to get more of what they want if people would stop telling them that the Constitution says they can’t do something. They want to obtain their offices in government that require an election by using voter fraud to cheat their way in. And then probably more voter fraud to remain in the office they never earned.

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They are creating disorder in our elections in order to seize power from our elected President and from the voting public. These fraud perpetrators want to install an alternative power group in a Biden Administration that will siphon political power right out of the United States and destroy our nation.

The destruction is already underway in our nation’s monetary and fiscal policy where we are printing money in excess of our GDP. Bad fiscal and monetary policy has been going on since the Clinton Administration’s removal of Glass Steagall restrictions that once separated commercial and investment banking. The invention and ongoing development of derivatives unbalanced the monetary system and all the Federal Reserve experiments to cope with the 2008 Great Recession have failed to repair the damage from 2008. The current money overprinting under the flimsy covid excuse will eventually destroy our monetary system and undermine the property rights of all Americans.

Who knew as we watched the unfolding of this long standing fiscal recklessness that it would eventually lead to this moment?

President Donald Trump won the election. He is being pushed right out of an election that he won. Who is pushing? The media is pushing and Biden is enjoying that. And some state Governors are pushing and some state Secretaries of State are pushing.

Should President Trump go along with this push or does his oath require him to act? Will he declare that our nation is under attack?

Congress is mostly silent as though their interests are helped by this political election fraud. If voting machines have altered previous elections, then some of our Congress members may have been placed into office without the will of the voters and under foriegn influences. Do these Congress members feel that they have something in common with Biden? Are stolen elections part of their own success stories? Their behavior seems all wrong in the context of election fraud.

It is Congress that declares war. Will Congess support a declaration of national emergency with a further declaration of war? How can Congress or the President define a cyberwar that crosses several national boundaries? Does cyberwar vie for power that is independent of a national territory? Certainly in this instance of cyberwarfare the election is a prize worth cheating for.

What will President Donald Trump do if he can’t get satisfaction in the court system? Will it be a National Emergency or a war? That may be one appropriate response for a cyberwarfare attack on our elections. Why? Because foreign actors have been implicated in 2020 election frauds which have been reported from some sources to have included computer voting machine connections to servers in foreign nations.

Collectivist systems always devolve eventually toward totalitarianism. They do that because they scramble control mechanisms that help to balance political and economic interests that don’t agree. Neoliberalism is a form of collectivism. Constant warfare in the Middle East, irrational banking, a gross over-muliplication of laws have now created enough instability and chaos that our nation is in danger of being destroyed. Whether President Trump declares a National Emergency or Congress declares a war or a new imposter president Biden is installed, it looks like we are headed for stormy political circumstances.

Whatever happens, I think that the political and economic struggles in this 2020 year and later for an unknown period of time will only increase all of our worries.

Addendum: According to Bill Binney at, “My understanding is all ballots are numbered. So if the AG or FBI want to find ballot stufing all they have to do is look for sequential/blocked ballot NRS in input sequence.” He wrote this comment in response to Attorney General Barr’s statement that he hasn’t seen evidence of fraud in the 2020 election that would alter the counts enough to change the election result. Binney asks the question of Barr and the FBI “why don’t you try to find evidence?” We Americans who don’t live in Washington D.C. can all see evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. Trying to pretend in Congress or in the office of the A.G. that evidence doesn’t exist abundantly and in obvious heaps is not working to convince the voting public that this election was within legal boundaries. The media’s contempt for an investigation into election fraud won’t work to convince us either. Binney, a former NSA member, in this view is like a lot of other Americans. Later, on 2nd December 2020, Barr stated that his investigation is not yet complete.

Addendum: Lin Wood in an interview on The John Fredericks Show on December 1st, said that there is more evidence that is coming out over the next days and weeks in addition to the affadavits that have been collected (some of which have been presented to the public as video and audio as the witnesses read them aloud). Recently Lin won the opportunity from a Georgia court to impound voting machines in 3 Georgia counties which are being examined for rogue algorithms that could affect election counts. A report will be generated shortly describing the findings. Lin also mentioned an executive order, Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election, from September, 2018. That order lists sanctions that will be applied against Americans who collude with foreign powers to damage our election processes in an effort to steal an election. That order also calls for sanctions against such foreign actors. President Trump wrote this executive order to help the United States proceed legally and efficiently to address election fraud similar to what we see now. Lin suggests that we all hold on to our hats and watch what happens as the evidence is presented. Lin declared that President Trump won the 2020 election and after the evidence is reviewed, he will get another four years in office.

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