Witness testimony convinces me of fraud.

I spent a lot of time today, three and a half hours, listening to witness testimony at the Michigan House Oversight Committee. I heard 5 witnesses. They were all credible and they were all caring Americans who came forward because they felt that they couldn’t do otherwise. One of them, Melissa Carrone, said that she and her children had been threatened. All five witnesses signed legal written affadavits that they were telling the truth. I feel tremendous admiration for them because many of them volunteered and then even continued to generously support our nation by giving testimony. I’m so proud of them and honored to have heard what they needed to tell Americans everywhere.

Jessy Jacobs testified at the Michigan House Oversight Committee as a ballot processor in Detroit at two different locations. She began by saying that she and others were told to backdate thousands of ballots. She also said her supervisors overseeing her job in ballot processing wanted her to pass through ballots that had unmatching signatures in absentee ballots when compared with voter signatures in the computer. She was also told to not ask voters who voted in person to present ID but she asked for ID anyway she said for her own peace of mind. She had worked in Detroit as an engineer for thirty four years and with her careful mind, she was offended by these policies to circumvent processes meant to guarantee vote integrity. As a devout Catholic, and American citizen who immigrated from India in 1986, she prayed about what would be the right thing to do. She gave long careful testimony that showed that the processes she witnessed were not in accord with the written manual of official procedures for ballot processing. One of the MI House Oversight Committe members told her that it isn’t a requirement for an in-person voter to present a driver’s license ID. He said that it isn’t necessary, but Jessy had read the manual and said that although other forms of ID can be presented, signatures on the external ballot envelope must match whatever ID is used for comparison. She also testified that she was presented with opened ballots that she didn’t know the origin of, at the TCF Center. They had already been opened improperly because they are supposed to be signature verified by the ballot processor who opens the ballot as soon as they are opened. The ballot processor is required to initial in two places showing that they confirmed the signature but these had not been initialed. Her supervisors wanted her to pass through everything without qualification.

Melissa Carrone was hired as an IT specialist from a temp agency. She has two degrees to help her solve computer problems. Her job was to do adjudication and tabulation processing using 20 – 24 Dominion voting machines. She said ballots were processed in groups of 50 and that there were 3 or 4 ballot jams per hour. When the group of 50 ballots jammed, Carrone said that the recommended procedure would be to identify the ballot that caused the jam and discard the scan of that batch that had been scored prior to the jam. The offending ballot would be removed because the computer would identify the number on the ballot. Then the ballots were released for rescan. Carrone said that people were failing to discard the already scanned ballots during the reload and that she saw batches rescanned enough to count more ballots than 50. She recalled rescans that totaled in hundreds even though each batch was only of 50. She said that ballots were being rescanned 10 times. She also said that ballots were being brought into the counting center from white vans that were supposed to be bringing food but instead were loaded with boxes of ballots. She was working at the TCF Center and she logged 27 hours. She had refused to work at the Chicago Warehouse where more illegal balloting processes were underway that she heard from a friend who saw them. She estimated at least 30,000 improper ballot totals from the machines that she was overseeing. She said her supervisors knew about the problems and would not help. She saw multiple instances of obvious cheating. Two other witnesses corroborated her story about reloaded ballots.

A retired Colonel with IT experience and training in cyberwarfare was also present and gave testimony. He was asked if the problems with Dominion machines are real. One of the members of the Michigan House Oversight Committee said that he’d heard news reports that said Dominion problems had been bunk. But the Colonel said that just the fact that fractional vote totals are present coming from Dominion machines is proof that algorithms are altering the votes because a vote total should be a whole number unless an algorithm has changed it. He said that an operative can easily insert a USB drive into a Dominion machine, activate an algorithm to change the vote total and remove the USB drive which hides fact that an alteration was made. He said that a retally of votes was done using Dominion machines in one county and that it showed an error rate thousands of times in excess of what is allowed. That error rate changed the outcome of school board elections in that county. The audience is left to wonder what caused the tally to change so much from Nov 3rd when the first tally was done compared to Nov 8th when the second tally was done.

I still can’t tell you or even myself what will happen next, but I sense that the narrative claiming that Joe Biden will be President because he earned the most votes is falling apart as more and more people continue to act as witnesses of improper balloting proceedures, and frauds. President Trump gave a speech on Dec 2nd outlining these frauds and I can tell from what he said that he is aware of the stories that I have just related to you. At the end of his Dec. 2nd speech he says that protecting voter integrity is the most important goal of his entire littany of accomplishments during his first term as our President.

If you want to learn more about kinds of election fraud and how election frauds can be prosecuted, there’s a good resource at https://www.heritage.org/voterfraud, “A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States.” It has a state by state sample listing of kinds of frauds and how they were processed as crimes.

On https://visiontimes.com/2020/12/02/election-fraud-evidence-disguising-residential-addresses-and-fraudulent-mail-in-ballots.html, I read about Matt Braynard’s Voter Integrity Project (VIP). The article is, “Election Fraud Evidence: Invalid Residential Addresses and Fraudulent Mail-In Ballots.” It is from the Vision Times Staff on Dec 2, 2020. He and his researchers discovered many instances of voter fraud after looking for it in Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

On https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/no-one-had-done-data-expert-details-major-effort-investigate-2020-voter, you can read, “‘No one had done this before: Data expert details major push to investigate 2020 voter fraud,” where there’s video of ballot stuffing after hours at the State Farm Arena in Georgia on election night.

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