Georgia officials prevented from wiping data from Dominion Machines; a subsequent forensic examination reveals algorithm cheating.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood arguing in front of Judge Timothy C. Batten Sr., on November 29th, in the Northern District of Georgia, convinced the judge to prevent data from being changed in a machine reset in some Dominion machines that were used in the Nov 3rd election in at least three Georgia counties. Powell and Lin said the Fulton County machines had already been reset for no known reason and that they want to preserve the data in as many as 10 other counties.

Powell claims that her team has surmised that Dominion machines weighted votes illegally to favor a Biden win in Georgia. Every 100 votes for President Trump were recorded as 78 and every 100 votes for Biden were recorded as 122. The margin of .44 was necessary to insure Biden’s dominance. If something like that is found to be true in the other counties it will mean that Joe Biden didn’t win in Georgia and it will also prove some serious monkey-business with the 2020 election.

When Judge Batten said that Powell was arguing without evidence to show him, she said that when she examinined a voting machine in Michigan that was used in the 2020 election, a weighted voting algorithm was discovered. The examination of Georgia voting machines would perhaps shed light on whether similar cheating happened there.

Powell says that she has 3 teams of experts ready to examine the Dominion machines without harming them or revealing trade secrets. The lawyer team in opposition to Powell and Lin, claimed that examining those machines would give Powell’s team the “keys to the software kingdom.” The opposition had claimed that examining those 3 counties’s machines would delay a subsequent run-off election. The judge granted the stay to prevent a machine reset.

From a later source, a Ware County Georgia test of a Dominion voting machine showed that for every 100 votes entered for President Trump in the test, he was credited with only 87 and for every 100 Biden votes entered in the test, Biden was given credit for 113. This test implies voter fraud ocurred in Georgia due to a weighted vote algorithm. The spread here was .26. The source is listed below.

Source: Aaron Keller, Law and Crime: A Dan Abrams Production, “Georgia Argued Sidney Powell Is a ‘Security Risk’ Who Can’t Get the ‘Keys to the Software Kingdom,, Nov 29,2020, accessed 7 Dec 2020.

Source: Scott Boyd, NOQ Report, “Ware County tested Dominion tabulators: Equal number of votes yielded 26% ‘lead’ for Joe Biden,” , NOQreport.comDec 6th, 2020, accessed 7 Dec 2020.

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Here’s another posting by Edward Solomon who is trying to understand how Dominion algorithms were working to alter the vote in Philadelphia. This is a complicated manipulation of data. I don’t know if it will hold up but here is the source. Noah, We Love Trump, “Genius Patriot Edward Solomon Discovered The Exact Dominion Algorithm That Transferred MILLIONS of Votes!”,, Nov 20, 2020, accessed 7th Dec 2020.

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