Election fog.

Today, the election fog was thick.

Many sources continue to claim there is no evidence of fraud despite several legal affidavits which describe particular instances of fraud. They are a form of evidence. When a video surfaced in Georgia showing ballot stuffing, it was purported to have been debunked and then the debunker was debunked. Is that video now bunk or not bunk…probably not bunk. Were there any arrests for that ballot stuffing?

In spite of Dominion machines failing to pass tests measuring fidelity, Georgia officials continue to pursue election certification. Where is the FBI and why aren’t they arresting anyone for the federal crime of defrauding an election? I hear of Dominion machine findings that show algorithms at work cheating the election yet I don’t hear about any arrests. Why are there no arrests of the people in charge of certifying the machines? Dominion failed to attend a fact finding trial in Pennsylvania. Are the owners of Dominion under arrest?

Judges and lawyers continue to squabble about legal details. Widespread reports are making fun of various actors in this harlequin election dance. We seem to be moving away from real issues and true information. Jesters get your hats in order, put bells on your shoes because there’s no sign of sanity in the narrative. There’s no orderliness in the legal processes and there many not be any time soon.

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ADDENDUM: 08 Dec 2020: The Supreme Court has primary jurisdiction when one state sues one or more other states. In the nick of time, Texas has just filed suit against Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan and subsequently, Louisiana joined in that suit. Their suit is based on the idea that election frauds in other states damage the votes of Texans and Louisianans. There are two parts of the suits and both argue that the four Battleground states listed in the suit performed voting that was unconstitutional. The first part is the accusation that improper voting procedures outside the state legislature’s requirements were instituted as prompted by the executive or judicial in those Battleground states when the legislature has the only valid standing to change election procedures. That makes the new procedures invalid according to the suit. The other part of the suit is a 14th Amendment Equal Protection argument that says that procedures must be consistent in each county but during the 2020 election, different standards of care were implemented in some counties as compared to others over issues such as signature verification and absentee ballot processing. The Supremes have agreed to take arguments for the lawsuit into consideration. So now election wrangling has another avenue of exploration which may lead eventually to some sort of repair for reported election frauds. Hopefully the Supremes will accomplish it without too many more jester hats and bells from the media.

ADDENDUM: 10 Dec 2020, right now there are 17 states that have joined in the Texas lawsuit. For now, the defendant states have been told to submit their replies to the lawsuit by Thursday afternoon. What will be the outcome? We all shall soon know. Meanwhile, the results of Dominion voting machine forensic investigations are still pending and we all await their announcement which could come at any time. Will these efforts help us to have more honest elections in the future? Will they resolve the election troubles of 2020? I hope so.

ADDENDUM: 11 Dec; the Supreme Court decided that the Texas lawsuit didn’t have standing to be heard. A lot of evidence has yet to make a court appearance because no court has yet heard evidence of fraud and all of the court cases to date have been rejected not on the merits of the cases but rather on issues only of standing. Will a more aggressive lawsuit that directly addresses fraud be more successful? Perhaps that will be the next step. Perhaps also, state legislatures will intervene because issues of fraud are becoming known by the public more widely.

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