Dismay at Supreme’s decision to deny standing to Texas election lawsuit.

The Supreme Court, much like many other courts across the nation, today refused to hear the merits of the Texas lawsuit. Other lawsuits also have been refused in our nation’s lower courts without evidence and not on their merits. The harmful consequences of fraud committed against the nation’s electorate based on improper election vote procedures will not be heard in the Supreme Court nor apparently in any other lower court in the land. How can this be?

Perhaps part of the answer lies in President Trump’s strategy to have isssues surrounding election fraud be heard by the Supreme Court. Rudi Juliani didn’t allege fraud. Instead he tried to get his cases addressed on the basis of recent inappropriate changes to election procedure and 14th Amendment equal protection concerns stemming from inconsistent county to county election procedures. This strategy of attacking the fraud indirectly through procedures was expected to demand less from the courts because the court wouldn’t have to rule directly upon the direct evidence of fraud. Was an opportunity missed by not alleging fraud early in these cases? Maybe. But the courts don’t seem to be disposed to rule on inappropriate election procedures.

Will they be willing to address fraud if that is charged directly? I wonder if that strategy could succeed.

What’s left? I’ve heard witness testimony on-line of fraud and I’ve become convinced that fraud happened in the 2020 election. I believe that a court should hear this evidence of crime. More than half the nation believes that fraud happened during the 2020 election. I’ve read computer expert’s affadavits on-line saying that there was fraud in the Dominion voting machine tally. I’ve read that foreign nations influenced our 2020 election vote counts through nodes in the Dominion machines. I’ve heard from witnesses about USB drives that were used to alter vote counting algorithms illegally. I’ve read about illegal modems and illegal routers that connected Dominion machines to the internet illegally. How can these legitimate concerns and multiple kinds of damning evidence of fraud continue to be ignored?

Is a different strategy still available and where should this fraud evidence be addressed? Can the Trump team more aggressively attack frauds by a series of direct accusations of fraud in a court of law?

We know the judicial system hasn’t helped us so far to get faulty election procedures addressed. And it would be proper to address election fraud as a crime. But if a state’s Attorney General won’t address state fraud, how can it be rectified?

If states won’t prosecute fraud, can it be addressed in military courts when it involves foreign interference in U.S. election infrastructure? Election infrastructure has been classified as critical to national security. Perhaps the military will address foreign election interference.

Where can Americans turn to right this wrong?

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ADDENDUM: 12 Dec 2020: According to the National File, Sidney Powell has filed four more cases with the Supreme Court in which her plaintiffs have standing. These cases involve four state elections in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin. She continues to fight the fraudulent election votes tallied by Dominion voting machines in algorithm directed error.

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