Waiting for the Dominion evidence.

I’ve been waiting. I’m waiting for the Dominion machine fraud evidence to become public knowledge. Will it? I’ve been hearing that the evidence has been collected but is being withheld. It’s easy to imagine why.

There are a lot of people who would suffer harm to their reputation as elected officials if it could be proven that their office was awarded based on a fee they paid to a company that would fix the vote and guarantee a win. When I think of that, I imagine that this could be the outcome of true globalism. Instead of authentic representation, offices would be awarded on a cash and bargain basis to global interests.

What kind of world would that mean for all of us Americans and would it look like what we see now?

If you look back at the time before electronic voting, it’s probably true that most Americans respected elected officials in the legislature or some other elected office more than they do now. The voting public had a relationship with elected politicians based on the knowledge that votes got elected officials into office and would either keep them or remove them from that office. That kept channels of communication open because elected officials needed to know what the electorate needed from them. How could they do a good job representing the home constituency? There was energy flow of information and intention between the electorate and the candidates that won an office.

I think that it feels different today. I feel that there’s a sort of panic to discover what people want from legislators today. There are myriad surveys. There are townhall meetings. There are polls. But these words that we say about what we want (among those of us willing to be interviewed) are only rhetoric and we know that what we say doesn’t affect outcomes or intentions or plans in Washington D.C. We all know that whatever we want, it won’t make a difference to what happens in Washington D.C. because federal government has become concerned with global and not local goals. Overspending for local favors might happen but not a real plan where local economic health really matters.

Global opportunities instead of opportunities in the United States occupy the most time and attention of our legislators. And though I have read many times that legislators are busy meeting with lobbyists and others to insure their reelection, I’m not so sure they do that with the idea of being re-elected. At least some may be pursuing new opportunities for themselves on a global stage. I’m amazed when I hear that they don’t even read the legislation that they sign but I’m guessing that they don’t have to read or do anything for me and you if their election has already been purchased. Maybe many of them aren’t busy working for me and you at all.

If the voting machines have been fixing vote outcomes, it would be much easier to pursue global goals even when those goals harm Americans. All kinds of harmful policies could come into consideration. And that would make a lot of global deals less risky to politicians setting global policies. It would open up new avenues of deal making in foreign nations, as we hear has been happening in the Biden family. But we’d heard of that in the Clinton family and probably in a lot of other political families and political groups. A legislator could pursue any gain without having to worry about getting voted out of office if electronic voting insured re-election.

Not that long ago I read about an experiment to guess the number of marbles in a jar. You might have heard about it. If you collect a whole lot of guesses from a lot of people and take their average you’ll get close to the right answer for the number of marbles. Even when some guesses are way out of range. A large group’s average guess is often better than one person’s guess. And that’s why one politician’s gamut based on his or her opinion or avarice or crazy political goal isn’t as good as hearing from a lot of constituents about what they want and then making a political guess about what to do to benefit more people. And caring about the home constituency may be exactly what hasn’t been happening if voting machines have been altering the vote totals in elections.

Maybe. We’re waiting for evidence.

When I look at the public’s fondness for President Trump, it’s kind of amazing. There’s been years of press attacks and fake reports. Even an impeachment effort. There’s a site called welovetrump.com. I bet there’s no welovepelosi.com or weloveschiff.com. When I compare people’s response to President Trump with the lack of love garnered by other politicians, I think that many politicians must feel empty inside to know that no one loves them. This is what our other politicians have been missing out on.

I’ve heard that Trump won his first election by targeting his efforts and campaigning harder in the states that he needed to win. It had been a long time since Americans had seen this kind of effort. And this year of 2020 saw an indefatigable President Trump campaining like crazy. President Trump was trying to win the vote and he apparently did win an amazing number of votes from Americans. His vote total was so high that the Biden campaign cheated in every way to phony up their vote totals and defeat the true champion. But there’s a world of difference between real votes and fake votes. Trump’s votes were from real Americans. A lot of Biden’s votes were from fake ballots… gathered from cheaters for a cheater who isn’t for America at all and from algorithms that don’t even have a beating heart.

If our electronic voting machines have been fixing our elections over the last 10 or 20 years, it would explain why no one gives love or even respect to politicians anymore. It would explain how Congress continues with many of the same people at 3% approval ratings. It would explain the heavy handed covid nonsense. It would explain the politics of the cold shoulder and un-Americanisms. And if electronic voting machines have been fixing election outcomes which have become progressively more independent of voter choices, that would be unethical. That would be immoral and unjust. And that’s another reason why it maybe feels bad for politicians to do that and to live with it. It is a really bad thing to do. What if cheating in elections is how most elections are won in America all the time?

I’m waiting for the Dominion evidence. I hope that it comes soon because while I wait, I’m wondering about what it might be. I’m looking for signs of what cheating has already meant for America.

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ADDENDUM: 14 Dec 2020: Some forensic results from Antrim County have been publicly reported. A Michigan judge ordered release of the information at 8:30 this morning, that was previously gathered by IT pros and blocked from release by the state’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel. The evidence shows that the Dominion machines were programmed to create errors. Dominion voting machines in Antrim County MI show an error rate thousands of times the allowed error margin. The actual rate of error is 68.5%. This large error margin wasn’t the result of human error but instead was deliberately programmed in. According to IT forensic analysis, Dominion machines can’t relate an accurate count and the votes tabulated by them can’t be certified.

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