The list of those fighting 2020 election fraud is growing.

Seven members of the Security Operations Group in Michigan

William Bailey, citizen fighting in Michigan

Rudi Juliani, attorney fighting in Michigan and elsewhere

Sidney Powell, attorney fighting in Georgia and elsewhere with cases pending in Supreme Court

Matthew DePerno, attorney fighting in Michigan

General Michael Flynn, still fighting after his Pardon of Innocence

Lin Wood, attorney fighting in Georgia

Jenna Ellis, constitutional attorney, author

John Ratcliff (?) Director of National Intelligence, report on foreign interference in 2020 election due 18 Dec; he failed to issue the report, saying that other agencies weren’t ready because of new information.

Ken Paxton, attorney Texas, part of Texas Lawsuit with support from 17 other states

Judge Kevin A. Eisenheimer Michigan 13th Circuit Court Judge

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator-elect Tommy Tubberville, Representative Mo Brooks Representative Paul Gosar, Representative Lance Gooden, Representative Bob Gibbs, Representative David Rouzer, Representative Brian Babin, Representative Ted Budd, Representative Ralph Norman, Representative Andy Biggs, Representative Jody Hice, Representative Jeff Duncan, Representative Greg Steube, Representative Mike Garcia, Representative Scott DesJarlais, Representative Randy Weber, Representative Mike Kelly, Representative Mike Rogers, Representative Louie Gohmert; (According to the National File, as of 16 Dec, these members of Congress have indicated an interest in signing a letter calling for election integrity hearings to investigate 2020 election fraud.”

Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona GOP Chair

Lauren Witzke, previous candidate for Delaware Senate

Jerome Bell, candidate for Second Senate Seat Virginia

Patrick Colbeck, engineer and former Michigan State Senator, and Poll Watcher: he has signed an affadavit that states that Michigan voting systems in Wayne County Detroit were connected to the internet

There are more people fighting 2020 election fraud and I will try to add them as I find them.

There’s a world of difference between an authentic vote tally and a fake one. The vote has repercussions for all Americans.

I expect this list of defenders and fighters to grow now that Dominion Machines in Michigan were found to have produced 68% errors. 68.05 % of ballots were sent for adjudication even though that number of ballots certainly would not require adjudication. During adjudication, the ballots can be altered. The report came out yesterday morning. It concludes that Dominion machine errors invalidate the certification of the 2020 election in Antrim Michigan.

That means that Michigan Democrat electors may not be valid if they are based on the bad tally. An alternate set of Republican electors are already waiting in the wings in seven states to cast their votes if the Democrat electors are cast out. The states that are sending two slates of electors to Congress are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

On Friday the 18th, the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe may have more to contribute. Under the 13848 Executive Order that President Trump passed in 2018, he is required to submit a report evaluating foreign election interference 45 days after the election. We are eagerly awaiting the report to find out if the 2020 election was affected by foreign influences that may have precipitated fraud.

Meanwhile, Sidney Powell is still fighting by filing four cases with the Supreme Court. Some have said that the Supreme Court isn’t the best venue because Justices there aren’t elected. But in the context of on-going election frauds involving voting machine ballot processing that alters vote totals, perhaps over many years, it may be that the Supremes are a better choice right now than the legislature. In election fraud cases, courts do offer remedy from time to time. Come on Supremes, let me see you come up to the plate and bat. Hear the evidence with your own ears.

According to, in Clark County Nevada a similar number of ballot scanning errors, (about 70 %) was found. About 70% of ballots in Nevada were sent for adjudication where they can be altered. Once again there certainly weren’t truly a total of 70% invalid ballots. Similar fraud in Clark County Nevada Dominion machines has been observed as what was seen in Antrim Michigan. I expect this information and more election fraud information to snowball even though the mainsteam media is neglecting to cover it.

ADDENDUM 17 Dec 2020: There’s an online thread reporting that Sidney Powell’s Michigan lawsuit has made it onto the Supreme Court docket. I haven’t heard a date yet, but hopefully there will be more information soon.

ADDENDUM 15 Feb 2021: Mr. Biden was inuagurated into the office of President on the 20th of January after the Supreme Court refused to review the merits of fraud cases against his election prior to the inauguration. This happened after almost all of Congress refused to consider evidence of fraud on the 6th of January 2021. The wholesale refusal of the Congress to hear evidence of fraud demonstrates a one party political action in Congress that is not usually so blatant. John Ratcliffe, prior to leaving his office as Director of National Intelligence in Washington D.C., as part of the Trump Administration, stated that evidence of foreign interference in the 2021 election was found. Excessive money printing continues which is undermining the value of the dollar.

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