Broken simulacrum.

More people all the time believe that Joe Biden’s election numbers were cheated and that President Trump won the election. I hear and read a lot of on-line chatter and hear a lot of radio chatter about how there isn’t really proof of a stolen election because the proof isn’t perfect enough. But evidence is already substantial enough to convince most of us despite the deleted logs in the Michigan Dominion machines. The question is what will happen now.

The make-believe world where Americans lose more of their freedoms when Joe Biden is inaugurated is one that most people don’t want any part of.

President Trump isn’t a perfect candidate. He’s not trying to convince anyone that he is perfect. Instead he has shown us again and again that he is fighting for Americans against the globalists. The globalists offer Americans gradual decline but President Donald Trump offers us what we’ve always wanted…a Great Nation under God.

What differentiates President Trump from most of Washington’s politicians is that he tries to follow-through on whatever he can that he has promised Americans that he will do. Some are mad because he didn’t meet every goal that he talked about during the campaign running up to 2016. But running politics isn’t like writing a screenplay. It isn’t so easy these days to get something done in Washington D.C.

President Trump cares about your vote while Joe Biden said in an on-line video I saw that he didn’t care about your vote because he has had a fraud team in place to take care of the election. And many are fighting now trying to stop the steal. Will we succeed?

We have all watched President Trump battle on in Washington for four years. He deserves another term as has been validated by the vote even though others have tried to cheat him out of it. He deserves another four years and they deserve a jail cell.

I know there is an illusion from massive voting fraud that America is split down the middle in a close election. But there are so many holes in that illusion that it has mostly frayed away. We can see right through it and we know that Joe Biden doesn’t have half of the nation standing up for him. Instead, the United States went for another President Trump term.

I’ve been reading a book published in 1997, titled, Imagined Worlds, by Freeman Dyson, the famous scientist. He recently died only just this year and lived into his late nineties. He said that when Hitler invited Churchill to make peace after France was invaded, Churchill said, “What kind of people do they think we are?” I’ve been thinking the same thing.

When Americans see the amount of fraud in our 2020 election and some of us collect an enormous amount of evidence to fight against the fraud, we aren’t giving up no matter what Mitch McConnell says. Do globalists think that our nation can just go back to what it was before we knew that our voting systems are completely untrustworthy? Just what kind of people do the globalists think we are?

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