Politics isn’t a game for sissies.

What is politics? Politics is who gets what. What has gone wrong with our politics that has led us to despair for our republic? The answer isn’t all that hard to understand. Here are some perspectives that you can use to look at our problems from a useful and strategic angle.

We started as a republic under an ideology called classical liberalism. It is the ideology that believes that political freedom requires economic freedom. Contrast that with today’s neoliberal ideology where the government is constantly interfering with our nation’s economy. The idea that the federal government should pick economic winners and losers is something that would have left the Founding Fathers fuming and warning us not to do that. Look at the results.

Look at all the businesses that governors are mandating closure of. Covid restrictions are attacking all of us for no reason except spitefulness. These governors making up oppressive rules should be recalled right out of office. I’ve read that a signature campaign to get rid of Governor Newsom is well underway.

We have abuse of the monetary and financial systems to the point of national and state insolvency. We have abuse of the legal system, for instance the Covid relief bill that’s over 5000 pages long and no one has time to read it. We have abuse of the military with military bases scattered all over the world and never-ending conflicts in the Middle East. We see expanding abuses of your money (printing beyond real production), your job (closing some businesses), your opportunity (outsourcing jobs or bringing cheaper labor from abroad), your President (phony investigations, groundless impeachment), your right to have your vote counted (cheater voting machines and ballot stuffing), your freedom to choose whether to wear a pointless mask or get a vaccine (when covid isn’t more deadly than other illnesses we have encountered that we never needed oppressive rules to deal with), healthcare mandates (because they want to hurt and humiliate you). Washington D.C. is full of people who want to tell you where to go and what to do even though it’s not supposed to be any of their business.

We have constant mockery these days when we encounter a free press that gives us fake news all the time. We have fearful reports of ordinary illnesses that are blown out of all proportion. Humans have lived with illness for our whole history and the level of real illness with covid isn’t as large or as severe what it’s cracked up to be under PCR testing that produces 90% fake positives. Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake Russia interfering with the election stories. Fake global warming/climate change stories. Fake covid-is-killing-even-more people stories.

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Politicians have too much power over us and it’s time to end it. Deregulation started this kind of politics that is now a ball rolling towards the precipice of infinite capital and infinite stupidity and infinite destruction.

What can be done to fix our nation and put it back together? End deregulation of banking, communications, transportation and energy. Re-regulate. Re-institute Glass Steagall separation of investment and commercial banking. End derivatives trading. Require fair and balanced reporting or remove the license to broadcast. Regulate energy as a public utility. Regulate transportation for commercial ends and not environmental goals. End monopoly medicine and stop advertising medical drugs on the public airwaves. Stop broadcasting public service announcements that are unveiled propaganda–end free public service broadcasting. Rein in over-zealous prosecutors, end plea bargains, reduce sentence lengths for crimes. Make voting audits commonplace and get rid of electronic voting. All of these changes require a Congress that cares about the voter. It requires Congress to retreat from neoliberal deregulation and legislate to restore common-sense government regulation. What if Congress doesn’t care?

Washington D.C. can’t be the center of our politics. Local politics matters more. We the People are supposed to run our own lives. We don’t need Washington or State government to close businesses so that Washington can pass a trillion dollar aid package to prove to us how helpful they can be in Washington D. C. (as they destroy the dollar). People have natural rights. A lot of today’s political mixture is evil and destructive to ordinary people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Congress doesn’t seem to care about America. Whatever promises are being made by the globalists, they’re lies. Enemies have come to occupy positions in our state and federal government and valiant President Trump has been fighting the swamp for four years. Will he prevail in his fight to be recognized as the winner of the election of 2020? I hope so. But I don’t imagine that he alone can save the republic. What’s needed? Our nation needs to address voting fraud. If electronic voting fraud has provided voting insurance keeping bad government elected officials in office, it has hurt us and it needs to end.

More and more people are saying that the swamp can’t be drained. Restoring fidelity in voting is a step towards having a legislature that responds to the voters. Just as Sidney Powell has stated, a full inquiry into election fraud should be made (and possibly an historical inquiry). Changes should be implemented to restore confidence in the ability of citizens to remove bad actors by using their vote. A full revamp of voting methods is needed. Whenever ballots are processed electronically a full audit should be administered every time including statistical methods to suss out fraud (as Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai suggested in an earlier post). Records of the vote should be kept for 2 years as required by law. Paper ballots might be best.

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