Justice Alito believes covid overreach is bad for the U.S.

The Federalist Society recently hosted Justice Alito as a speaker and he gave a virtual speech. Alito says in his speech that covid overreach harms the American way of life including a number of our natural rights.

He expresses hope that such power overreach can be prevented in the future by changing state statutes that gave overly generous emergency powers to Governors and too much credence by far to scientists and so-called experts. Alito believes that legislators act more responsibly at the federal level than technocrats do.

He does not support lockdowns in the current period, but he says that we all await the end of the pandemic so that legal change can revise and reduce the powers that have been over-used to hurt the U.S. economy and restrict people’s freedoms.

Meanwhile some media outlets suggest that covid restrictions should become permanent.

Even the CDC has suggested that quarantine restrictions should be abandoned after an infectious agent proves uncontainable.

Historically, quarantines have isolated only sick people with sick symptoms, not healthy people.

The death rate for covid peaked in April and has been declining despite rumors of increased infections. After hospitals opened their doors to inpatient surgery and other emergency hospitalizations, their patients undergoing emergency care increased by as much as 60% according to one source, but only a small percentage of them, 3%, are sick from having covid.

Despite Doctor testimonials about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, people can’t always get access to those helpful medicines early in the course of their covid illness when those drugs can do the most good.

Recent news of vaccines becoming ready for people who want a vaccination against covid have raised hopes that covid restrictions will end sooner rather than later.

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