Now we see what happens.

Donald Trump will be the forty-fifth President of the United States and he isn’t what the establishment wants.  There are some establishment tantrums happening today, November 9th.  Long faces peer out from the news-desks.  And there are some doom-sayers who want to frown on the mere possibility of real change.  Change is what neoliberals hate and resist.  Will Washington D.C.’s corruption diminish now?  Here we are waiting to see what will happen.  Will Donald Trump disappoint us or will he be a catalyst for needed change?

Dr. Ben Carson said that change won’t come easy with so much debt everywhere you look. From the federal government to the state governments to the municipal governments, and among corporations, banks and individuals, debt is easy to find.  And debt has been the heavy and large stone that stands in the middle of the road for change that we now embark upon.  Change is needed because neoliberal public private partnerships invite economic inefficiencies that are destroying the nation. A centralized economy is an inefficient one.

As with Brexit, the media ignores the real problems in our economy.  These problems  gathered momentum after banking deregulation.  Wall Street preferred Hilary Clinton because she supported their continuance of business as usual.  Will Donald Trump appreciate that banking deregulation has caused imbalances?  Banking and government can’t create prosperity by using zero interest rate policy.  The usual rate of interest in the U.S. over its history has been about 5%.  Zero interest rate policy punishes savers instead of letting interest rates incentivize more savings.  Savings that can be used for investing, for charity, for taking care of people who are too old to work by letting them live off the interest that grows from money they have saved for their later life.  And deregulation has led to all kinds of mal-investments.

The energy of change will necessarily affect the banking industry because it has been “easy money” that has created our current economic imbalances.  Here it comes again: Federal Reserve Policy Failure.   Federal Reserve policies have failed to protect prosperity.  Government statistics have been misrepresenting economic suffering and disguising the need for change.  But change is on its way.  And change would come even without Donald Trump.  But maybe Mr. Trump can give us an easier road.  I am hoping today for an economic road that takes a turn for the better before a complete economic failure strips away what’s left of America’s hard-won past prosperity and know-how.

Let’s be kind to each other during the stressful changes that await us all.  Let’s hope that change through policy reforms can get us on a better path that leads to economic production instead of speculation.  Let’s put an end to hot money migration.  Lets reform the work environment by incentivizing the good worker to work well.  Let’s improve the economy and end pressure on American labor.  Let an end come to de-skilling the workplace.  Let an end come to bullying American workers with lower wages, layoffs and flexibilization.  It’s been wrong to externalize corporate losses to the poorest and most vulnerable capital holders.  Since 2007, risk has pervaded every American’s economic decisions.  Prosperity has evaded the hardest workers.  People can’t find a way to plug into the merciless neoliberal economy where all the rewards go to the people at the top in a rigged system.  Enough already.

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