Get your news directly from the source.

If you’re tired of bias and errors in the media’s reporting,  you have an alternative.  You can still be a responsible citizen monitoring the news of the nation.  Just go to Visitor Access Records/, where you can find rebuttals to phony press coverage and you can also get details on what’s really happening and what’s new under the new Presidential administration.   You can discover the latest news about executive orders.  You can keep up on what President Trump is saying and doing.  So far, it seems that he’s keeping his campaign promises in his early executive actions.  And he’s directing his comments to the American worker and not-working-citizen who would be working if a job were available for them.  So you’ll know what’s happening in your country.  So far, President Donald Trump has his feet on the ground and his feet are in motion.  Go Trump, Go!  It’s such a relief as compared with the frozen policies under the last president.

I have visited to catch up on what President Trump is doing.  I am hoping that the economy can improve under his leadership.  He is appears to be a neoliberal from the corporate group instead of one from the political/lawyer group.  Neoliberalism is government sponsored corporatism.  It remains to be seen whether he will stick to neoliberal tools that strive to control and manipulate economic outcomes.  Those very same tools haven’t been working well for the United States or for the rest of the globe.  Will a better trade balance be enough to restore prosperity?  Stay up to date by visiting this site.  And for more information about how we got to our current political and economic reality, buy a copy of Political Catsup with Economy Fries available at

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