A better world…

Do you find this to be a better world?  Is it better with a more centralized economy where corporations and government try and fail to control outcomes?  Is it a better world where a job can be obtained only by meeting the requirements of an algorithm (40% of applicants are excluded right now)?  Is it better to have fewer health care options (as the ACA whittles away at your disposable income through increased taxes for decreased care)?  Is it better to try to get a job online (where you may never know why you can’t get hired)?  Is it better to pay double for anything you need like a house or a prescription or an education, or a car even though inflation is listed as below 3%?  Is it better with almost no interest on your savings and high interest on your debt?  After longterm war in the Middle East is it better now to watch the federal government shop for a new war in North Korea or Moscow?  Is this better?

If you see neoliberalism as a failed experiment that harms your interests, but you don’t understand how we find ourselves living this way, buy a copy of Political Catsup with Economy Fries: Liberalism, Pragmatism, Opportunism at Amazon.com., and learn about the three political ideologies that have influenced our U.S. history.

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