America’s monuments are part of our history.

Neoliberals want to destroy American history by destroying our monuments that tell the story of our past.  These monuments have little to do with venerating slavery.  On the contrary, they speak to us about people who were alive when we changed from a slave nation to a free one.  That was a costly decision.  And although Americans continue to suffer from the legacy of slavery, destroying the past isn’t in our better interests.

I realize that some people want to cast our economic problems as being against certain groups.  Identity politics frames our political troubles in that way.  But it should be obvious to all of us that many Americans in many groups suffer in this terrible economy that reduces opportunities for most Americans.  I would like our political leaders to address the economy’s problems instead of destroying our Civil War monuments that commemorate our courageous past.  Both sides fought for what they wanted and slavery lost.  The Civil War led to a lot of suffering and then much later to days of greater social equity and greater economic opportunities.  If you want to learn more about neoliberalism and how we got to our political and economic present-day, read Political Catsup with Economy Fries, available at

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