Trying to blame the CDC or WHO or the President for a pandemic is silly.

Not that long ago, people would often say, “There’s no cure for the common cold.” That quip was supposed to remind us that people and organizations have limited power. It isn’t surprising that a highly contagious and somewhat deadly flu-like illness can’t be stopped. Many examples from history show us that this outcome isn’t something new. Airplanes in the context of global trade have just made the spread of such a virus much faster.

It isn’t that we took a misstep somewhere in the line of contagion. Please don’t blame the CDC, the WHO or the President. There just isn’t a procedure to stop the spread of nCoV coronavirus 2019 once it’s in the population. That’s because it’s an airborne contagion that people can transmit before they have symptoms of any illness. It is an invisible menace that we will all have to face up to with steady courage.

We can only try to slow it down. How can we slow its spread? Make some washable masks (see previous posting). Stock up your pantry and eat at home. Reduce unnecessary public outings. Buy extra toilet paper and other supplies to enhance your resilience in the face of this challenge in case you become ill. Get some gatoraide. Make sure you have analgesic medicine (aspirin, ibuprofen, acetominophen) to lower a fever. Stay home when you can…read a book, watch a movie, make some art, play your guitar or listen to music, read your favorite on-line posts, talk with your family.

As this virus makes its way through our cities remember to be kind to the sick and grateful if you remain well. Human beings have limited powers and so do human organizations and they still can’t cure the common cold or even the uncommon new cold. You can cope.

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