Politicization of covid-19 continues.

I usually turn the radio on to hear the news while I ride my stationary bicycle for exercise, early every morning. There’s a lot of propaganda every day still telling us it’s good that we’re staying in and staying safe. Reporters still are eager to tell you whenever there are some more positive tests that show infections. The infection rate is so small right now that they make it sound scarier by presenting numbers in percentages. If there are only 7 people in the hospital and 2 more with covid-19 come in, how many scary percents is that?
What they aren’t saying is that most people who come in contact with the virus don’t get sick. They also don’t tell you how many people have fully recovered. They have been happy today to talk about dexamethazone’s effectiveness at reducing ventilator fatalities by about 20% but they won’t admit that hydroxychloroquine works well against covid-19 to eliminate the disease and to moderate the immune response. They absolutely won’t admit that it’s safe in careful dosages.
The recent press attacks claiming that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work were based on a study that was done so poorly that it has been retracted. Too bad that they fail to mention that to you. The strategy to isolate healthy people has wasted a lot of money and destroyed a lot of jobs, but the press is eager to say to people who have lost their work that we are all in this together. That is a meaningless quip. I see a lot of informational efforts to continue economic disruption. Don’t you want to know why that is happening?
It may be happening in order to put more downward pressure on wages. Labor costs abroad are still cheaper and it would delight many employers if Americans got paid a lot less. Some businesses call that being more competitive. Monopoly enterprises that have high prices which don’t reflect market conditions keep causing a demand gap. You’d think employers would recognise that the demand gap is a growing problem. Perhaps the solution to small demand is to force people to buy like Congress tried to make everyone buy Obamacare. I hope not.
Prolonging the economic shut-down may also be happening as a political effort to destroy economic prosperity before the coming election–making President Trump look bad. It may also be happening so that an unnecessary vaccine can be marketed for release this fall.
Blacklistednews.com has a feature titled, “Ron Paul: is the second wave another covid-19 hoax?” According to this feature, covid-19 propaganda has nothing to do with healthcare at this point in time. Other online sources suggest that covid-19 and riots are just a distraction designed to help corrupt money handlers advance a new global money system. The old money system is being destroyed on purpose. This destruction will priviledge a new class of winners and make losers of everyone else.
So much of every day since the 2008 Great Recession seems unlikely—like it doesn’t make sense if you compare it with historical models that worked to advance American prosperity in the past. Why would covid-19 have been exploited in order to print trillions of new dollars unless it is a deliberate effort to wreck the United States monetary system? What do you think?
If you’d like to learn more about American history, about the relationship between politics and economics, and even about our current economic and political mess, buy a copy of Political Catsup with Economy Fries available at Amazon.com.

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