What do you know that’s good?

I know we still can’t stop the common cold but luckily, most of us will get over it. Even the novel coronavirus.
I know that police can only do so much and when you ask them to follow up on what isn’t a crime against property or people, they can’t be safe or keep the peace.
I know that police aren’t supposed to be revenue generators and making them meaner with military tools won’t help anyone.
I know that people like to work when work expectations are reasonable and when they can get ahead by working.
I know that the Federal Reserve doesn’t stimulate the economy but instead can only limit opportunities for some people or groups relative to others.
I know that politics is more than force and repairing harm is a worthy political goal.
I know that politics has a moral side because legislators are meant to legislate for the sake of happiness and security.
I know that deregulating banking has caused malinvestments and fraud to grow.
I know that the economy consists of mutually beneficial exchanges and our government doesn’t have much influence over what people think of as beneficial.
I know that some people suffer from mental illness and those people need compassion.
I know that ignoring mental illness leads to more suffering.
I know that ignoring our economic and political problems is making them worse.
I know that humanity shares opportunities best when everyone can develop into their best self with their own realized talents and abilities.
I know that both organizations and individuals have important roles to play in society.
I know that most people hope that tomorrow will be better than today even if they have to work toward an improvement.

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