Press hype implies no end in sight for covid-19.

Press coverage continues to blather about increasing virus risks.

It’s time to notice that these arguments aren’t rational.

There’s no science behind them.

There’s no scientific method in the definition of death or even illness by covid-19/ SARS-2/novel coronavirus.

A person who has antibodies to the novel coronavirus is counted as a new infection and not an old one.

Tests have never been reliable.

Multiple tests each count as a new positive case of covid-19 even when they come from the same patient.

If you have already gotten over an infection with SARS-2, no one will say that you should stop being afraid.

Quarantine powers will never end according to some.

The emergency will continue screaming into the future.

It’s up to you to decide what you think about this.

How much influence do you want these fear-managers to have over you?

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