Are you happy enough with the response to SARS2 to do this again with SARS3?

I’m taking a survey. What do you think? Was it the right choice to isolate healthy people and close businesses in response to SARS2 (covid-19)? If there were another novel coronavirus of unknown infectious potential, say SARS3, should we follow this policy set again? Send me a comment and tell me what you think.

Addendum: See this source about false positive test results discovered in Conneticut testing for covid-19. The test that tested with so many false positives is one that has been widely used across the U.S.:

Conneticut State Department of Public Health, Press Release, July 20th, 2020—2020/Connecticut-State-Public-Health-Lab-Discovers-False-Positive-COVID-19-Test-Results, accessed 22nd July 2020.

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