The Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow personify how we feel.

I’ve been watching reporting about the Federal Reserve that tells me that it’s printing trillions of dollars and not telling us in any kind of audit where all that fake fiat money is going as it robs us of our savings by devaluing our currency. It was once considered treason to debase the currency and it still should be. There is no excuse for overprinting currency in the way that is happening everyday now in billions of dollars. In fact it is an attack on the monetary system that we all rely upon. It’s an attack against savers… people who put money away for when they were old and can’t work anymore (and what will happen to them with no money when they are too old to work?). It’s an attack on all of us in our family and in our community.

It’s time to shut down the Federal Reserve. It’s time to end the experiments of the Federal Reserve and to stop experimenting with the monetary system.

Some don’t want to shut down the Federal Reserve because they imagine that it has solutions to economic problems. They pretend the Federal Reserve can fix the economy. Pretending that the Federal Reserve is fixing anything ignores the fact that the fix is already in, everywhere you care to look.

Look at the shut down economy–that’s part of the fix. Look at the requirement to have a cell phone in order to get a job through a text alert…that’s part of the fix. The ongoing destruction of social security and medicare through government debt and fiscal abuse, that’s part of the fix. Social media rage, that’s part of the fix. Algorithms that exclude people from employment and never explain why they can’t have a job, that’s part of the fix. The spread of despair as people face overwhelming economic poverty, that’s part of the fix. On-line tele-medicine to destroy doctor’s private practices and close down their offices during the covid-19 scare, that’s part of the fix. Leveraging people’s retirement stocks in the stock market along with Federal Reserve stock purchases that allow night-time stock selling and daytime buying, that’s part of the fix (it’s the magic money machine). People in the news crow about 5G being a good invention while others worry that it may harm all living things, but 5G is also part of the fix. Mergers and acquisitions that displace American workers combined with importing foreign workers, that’s part of the fix. Overly specific job description and absurd claims that American workers aren’t the best candidate for all kinds of jobs, that’s part of the fix. The requirement to wear a mask and stay away from other people may be nothing more or less than just another part of the fix.

Is another Great Depression also part of the Federal Reserve’s fix? It looks like it is.

The Wizard of Oz was written in response to the Great Depression. A good resource to read about how people experienced the Great Depression is Hard Times by Studs Terkel. This book explores people’s recollections about the Great Depression in interviews conducted well after it was part of the past. Interviews show that the Great Depression affected groups of people in different ways depending upon their class and their economic resources. Some people had to struggle into a new profession by actually inventing it. Some just gave up. Some starved to death. People felt all kinds of different ways. Some felt afraid like the Lion who believed that if he could just find some courage, if he were only brave enough everything would be ok. Some felt broken-hearted, like the Tin Man, not knowing how to help anyone in order to prevent suffering, or how to find a way to love again towards happiness. Some felt, like the Scarecrow, that if only they were smart enough to understand the whole world they could fix it and life would somehow make sense again.

How are you feeling? Do you feel like the Lion, the Tin-Man and the Scarecrow? Do you want to let the Federal Reserve keep fixing us? If you want to learn more about the specific policies that our government has been following to get us into this fix, get a copy of Political Catsup with Economy Fries and

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