How to satisfy a spiritual appetite.

When I look at today’s political problems I can’t help but notice that our leaders have destroyed their souls. Why would I notice that? Well, I think that when a person becomes powerful there is usually the possibility for them to transition from physical power, from intellectual power to finally a kind of spiritual power. What if our leaders have become spiritually bankrupt and they can no longer make that transition? What I’m seeing around us all in the year 2021 can be easily explained when you realize that our leaders have lost their soul’s connection to a life of the spirit that would serve to connect them to the world with a sense of what’s valuable.

I got on this train of thought when I noticed Congress’s loss of power. Congress is supposed to do tasks assigned to this body by our Constitution. I’ve noticed that Congress as a body isn’t doing its job. Members of Congress aren’t taking care of the way our nation spends money. They aren’t overseeing our voting systems to make sure they have fidelity. They aren’t writing legislation that nurtures our country. They aren’t solving problems. They are a group of people presiding over a wasteland of failed projects. They fight and bicker and threaten. The longer they stay in power, the more disconnected all of them seem from all of us. How sad. They exist in a land without a spiritual connection to all of the valuable things in life. It isn’t hell but it’s a place where none of them can make good things happen anymore.

Let me make this a little less woo woo for you. Think of the covid restrictions. None of them accomplished the stated goal of preventing infection. When infection wasn’t prevented, the restrictions should have been removed. Instead they were increased. Even now they continue as a form of compliance without belief. This makes people in politics feel powerful as they fail to create social value with their decrees. See…no spiritual transition to a simple question like “What good thing can be done now?” Instead we continue under bad leadership toward processes that create no value. Only control without value.

You would be technically correct to point out that covid restrictions have been put into effect mostly by governors after President Trump said it was up to them to decide what to do on a state by state basis. Governors aren’t in Congress. Treasury policy isn’t Congress either. Abuse of the monetary system in the Treasury and Federal Reserve is overseen by Congress but it isn’t done by Congress. Yet, Congress is the sovereign body of the United States. Corrupt tyrant sovereigns own responsibility for mismanagement more than any other body in governance.

So what I’ll say is that our leaders now serve as an example of what not to do…what not to become. Perhaps not every member of Congress is soulless. But Congress as a body isn’t soulful. Don’t you go that way. Just because Congress has given up most of its cosmic sovereign purpose doesn’t mean that you should do likewise. Keep in mind the importance of our fellow men and women and the importance of our natural rights. Remember that Congress is supposed to protect the life, liberty and property of its citizens. It’s failing us.

Congress has lost a connection to bringing value into the world. They are destroyers of value instead. When Congress promises you a new healthcare program, imagine looking into their soulless eyes when they tell you that. Say no. When Congress promises you an experimental mrna vaccine supposedly to save you from an illness, imagine their empty vacuum filled hearts and say no to that. Get some exercise and good nutritious food instead. When Congress promises to give you money after they destroy your ability to make a living, I know you might have to cash a check or two from them, but don’t plan on it becoming permanent. Someday soon the checks from Congress will all bounce. Because Congress lost its soul and without having a spiritual connection to what human beings value, Congress can no longer lead the nation toward anything of value. Whatever Congress promises to do for you, hear them with the knowledge that they are destroyers now. Not builders. Say no to that world of destruction.

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You can turn away from that soullessness. Humans know what is valuable because we are born with that knowledge and many are nurtured in that knowledge. Were you? Don’t make deals that lose for you your connection to others and to our beautiful living world. Keep your soul healthy. Look at religions and find the technologies that can save your soul’s connections to what is really of value. Put your life’s energy into those kinds of connections. Don’t get talked out of having a spiritual life by a Congress that’s multiplying money without installing any value in it or in anything they are doing. Congress is destroying our nation. When Congress acts scary, remember that their behavior doesn’t recommend itself to you. Because having a soul matters.

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