A constitutionally illegal mandate for income taxation was passed by Washington’s legislature.

According to Hannah Arrendt’s book, The Origins of Totalitarianism, governments moving towards a totalitarian future secure their move to totalitarianism by ignoring the rules by which people have agreed to govern their society. Totalitarian governance proceeds by ignoring Constitutions. A recent move by the Legislature of Washington to tax the income of people residing in Washington state is alarming because the Washington State Consitution forbids the state to charge income taxes. Governor Inslee wants this bill and he along with the Democrat majority in the Washington legislature is ignoring the Washington State Constitution.

A power grab in politics is scary anytime. Since January 6th when Congress refused to investigate well documented election fraud attested by numerous witnesses, it has been clear that the public’s vote may not be able to influence American politics through elections. Elections seem already to be illegitimate. What murky forces are guiding our politics are not clear.

Governor Inslee has decided that he doesn’t need to pay attention to the Washington Constitution. It bodes ill for our state of Washington to codify laws that go against our written Constitution. Was Governor Inslee even elected into his office or did digital voting count him into office without a real tally of support from Washington’s residents? Is he working for the state of Washington or is he working for a new global power group that doesn’t follow any agreed upon rules at all?

Meanwhile, Governor Inslee has refused to open the state of Washington for ordinary business without quarantine restrictions in a way that is also a power grab that stands independent of reasonableness. He’s held out as long as he can (I think until June 20th). The deathrate from covid-19 was never enough to require a quarantine, and the restrictions on people’s freedoms weren’t necessary and they weren’t effective at stopping the spread or changing outcomes for the better. PCR testing produced mostly false positive results so we may never know the real number of illnesses or the real number of deaths. Shutting down economic activity in many businesses allowed global interests to reshape society. Or maybe it was an illegal criminal syndicate that organized our politics around deception and fraud. In either case, someone or some group is trying to reshape American society against the wishes and desires of most Americans.

Many workplaces now forbid their employees to express any opinion about covid rules, or about gender pronoun reform or crime and the police, or really about any American issue. Everyone is just supposed to go along to get along at the workplace and that means keeping silent. People can’t say what they believe about controversial topics and remain employed. Interestingly, what this has caused isn’t widespread acceptance of media stated positions. Instead, people wait to state their opinions only when speaking one-on-one with someone who isn’t a workmate or their boss. People are more secretive in the workplace. But they still don’t agree with a lot that’s happening around America.

Media is trying to convince us all that there’s a huge divide between the left Democrats and the right Republicans, but we all saw Congress’s united resistance to an investigation of voter fraud. I don’t believe that there’s any difference between the powerful Democrats and powerful Republicans. They are playing politics by a new set of rules that are unknown to most of us.

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